When Should You Check Your Car Brakes?

By Stephen M

Routine car maintenance is crucial in ensuring your safety and that of other road users. You should visit a mechanic occasionally to check some vital car parts, especially the brakes. Brake-related issues cause around 20% of accidents in the US. Therefore, anything that goes wrong with your brakes can be fatal. So, when should you go for brake maintenance?

Photo credit: engineeringlearn.com

Worn brake pads

As the brake pads wear out due to friction between the pads and the rotor, it becomes less effective. This reduces the level of the impact; hence, the car takes too long to stop after applying breaks. By checking their thickness, you can easily determine if your pads are worn out. It should be around 0.25 inches; anything below that means you need a replacement.


If you continue to witness a vibrating steering wheel or pulsating brake paddle on normal brake applications, then you have a problem. This typically happens when you have damaged rotors. In such cases, whenever the brake paddle encounters the rough surface of the rotor, it produces a vibrating effect. You will have to correct this defect as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration.

Unusual sound

When you hear strange sounds after applying your brakes, your brakes may need servicing. It is, therefore, important to reduce stereo volume and pay attention to sounds coming from the car. When you continue to hear strange sounds when applying brakes, your brake pads may need replacement.

Photo credit: @ben_brunner / Unsplash

Always remember that your brake system is one of the critical parts of your vehicle that need constant checks. Any fault from that end can be fatal or disastrous, so always ensure routine maintenance.