Vital Car Tune-Ups That Every Car Owner Should Perform Each year

By Anthony K

Vehicles came to change our lives and made our means of movement easier. Thanks to the geniuses who tinkered with Horse buggies and brought the rolling engines to our roads. It’s true to say every person has a personal relationship with their car and would do whatever they can to keep it up running. We have a few extra tips for the next time you decide to take your car to get “its nails done.”

Oil and Antifreeze Fluid Levels

Image courtesy of hanohiki/Shutterstock

On occasion, every veteran driver pops their hood and tends to check their oil and coolant levels. A wise veteran driver would always want a pro’s opinion so that they may not be doing something.

Check Your Hoses And Belts

If you’re like me, you always listen to your car’s noises when we first get into them. If you get a whistling high pitch sound, it’s wise to get your hoses and belts checked and replace worn-out ones. It could get quite dangerous if one snapped when you’re in the middle of the highway.

Cabin Air Filters

Image Courtesy of Premium Guard Filters

Air filters are meant to trap and protect your engine parts; a clogged one is just starving your engine of vital air necessary for it to function at optimal condition. Your pro mechanic will be able to diagnose the filters and advise you if they need replacing.

Your Ignition System

The system, according to manufacturers, is one of the most important in a car’s health. The system is an amalgamation of the ignition coil, spark plug, and distributor cap that holds everything in place. Damage to this system will cause your car to come to a standstill when you least expect it. Make sure that your mechanic checks under the hood and always listen to weird behavior when driving, especially when ascending up a hill.