Underrated 6-Cylinder Engines That Deserve More Attention

By Anthony K

When it comes to automobiles, we have seen this world evolve from car engines running on steam eons and eons ago to today’s engines running on gasoline. As man evolved, so did his big toys (vehicles).

When it comes to vehicle engines, you have probably heard a V6 Or a V8 engine being mentioned, right? Let me pull you in the loop; if you do not know what a 6-cylinder engine is, don’t worry because you will be a genius after this read.

Image courtesy of Arcansel/Shutterstock

A 6-cylinder or what you commonly know as a V6 engine is an engine that contains 6-cylinders which makes the engine. The higher the number, the bigger the engine. That’s it! The downside is the more extensive the engine, the higher the amount of gasoline consumption. Now let’s look at some of the most underrated V6 engines.

Jaguar AJ126

When it comes to sporty, luxurious, and quiet, the AJ126 has made quite a mark. The V8 version of the Jaguar normal makes some noise that could sometimes be off-putting; the V6 has a quiet feel to it even when driving through a quiet neighborhood. The AJ126 has not gone from supercharges to the usual turbocharge cliche in most sports cars. Kudos to the brand!

Honda C32B

Since we are looking at the 6-cylinder engines, The Honda C32B has something going on under its hood. Compared to the C30B, they modified only a few tweaks to give it a more different feel and performance; these would include the larger intake valves, head gaskets, and fiber-reinforced cylinders bored to a smaller diameter.

Alfa Romeo ‘Busso’ V6

Image courtesy of Mateusz Rostek/Shutterstock

The legend ‘Busso’ made noise in the automobile evolution. The last production was in 2005, but the legend still lives on. The Alfa Romeo Engine displacement grew from 2 Liters to 3.2 liters, showing its dynamic growth. ‘Busso’ has made its name by effective performance, good low-end power delivery, and the uniqueness of its engine.