The Reason Behind Calls For The Great American Station Wagon To Return

By Goodness M

Most of the American Station Wagons were produced in Detroit. People used these best-selling cars for family road trips in the summer. However, the 1970s and 1980s were terrible for the American wagon. The economic climate contributed to its fast fall. Till today the production of station wagons in America is at a standstill. Therefore, this article will reveal why the American station wagon should return.

Icon Of American History

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American cultural history without the station wagon is not complete. The station wagon was built in the 1950s. It became an instant hit with American families who valued traveling in style. Their popularity increased by the day. As a result, this influenced Ford to make a weaponized version of the Mustang. The nation was practically obsessed with station wagons.

What Went Wrong?

The economic and environmental climate of the late 1970s contributed to the demise of the American station wagon. The oil crisis of 1973 negatively affected the car industry. The wagon was not spared either. This setback was made worse by the enforcement of environmental standards. As a result, the production of the station wagon suffered a great deal.

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Minivans and SUVs were introduced in the 1980s. They took advantage of the loophole in the new regulatory standards. These allowed light trucks to be manufactured. They performed similar roles to those of family wagons. Therefore, this accelerated the fall of the American wagon as we knew it.

Bring Back Our Station Wagons

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The crossovers are a new version of station wagons. However, they are not as cool as the authentic station wagons. The crossovers are filling the gap in the market need that was created during the wagon era. This has increased the popularity of crossovers such as the Audi Q5 and the Toyota RAV4.

However, they are still far from cool when compared with the authentic station wagons. People want crossovers to fulfill the need left by the wagons. Therefore, this is motive enough for Detroit to start producing those great American station wagons. Drivers are yearning for cars with plenty of storage space, such as wagons.