The Intriguing World Of Aussie Car Culture

By Anthony K

When you think about Australia, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s Kangaroos. Do the Aussies have kangaroos as pets? Do they ride them like we usually ride horses? These are some of the weird questions we typically ask ourselves. Oh wait, we just asked ourselves out loud, didn’t we? Now that you are with us, let us take you through some facts; you did not know about the Australian car culture.

Image Courtesy of Car Throttle

We recently realized that Australia is not all about Kangaroos, but they have an incredible car culture. After Australia’s car industry hit rock bottom back in 2017 due to heavy taxation and strict government regulations, the world might have thought that the party was over for the Aussies. To our surprise, the car culture even grew more robust and continues to grow.

When you talk about car enthusiasts, Australians are top list. One of the most common and favorite spots of the Aussies is motor racing. I am not talking about your usual economic go-to daily car. Am talking about V8 machine beasts! You read that right. Their love for the V8 supercars made them have a restriction on stock car racing; if your car isn’t a V8, you belong to the watching lanes, not the racing lane.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

When you think about car party meets, think about Australia, it might be smaller than the U.S and the U.K, but boy, aren’t these Aussies crazy! You know how wild these parties are when you hear their authorities complaining and hunting down what they call the ”Hoons.” We’re sure you have seen some bad press on social media about these car meets.