The Ford Mustang Logo’s Fascinating History

By Goodness M

The pony logo of the Ford Mustang is classic and legendary, just like the car itself. This article will scrutinize this famous logo’s origins, transformation, and future.

1. Ford Mustang I Pony Concept

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California race car constructors Troutman and Barnes built the Mustang I, but there was no logo. Therefore, to showcase the Americanness of the car, the manufacturers embraced Phil Clark’s horse design as the logo. The initial logo was of a horse facing the viewer’s direction angularly. This differentiates it from the modern pony, which has since transformed with time.

2.1962 Ford Cougar Concept

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The Cougar’s design surpassed other designs with its sophistication that gave birth to the Mustang. Ford designer Gale Halderman championed this stunning design. The Cougar badge was placed on the grill, which influenced the positioning of the pony logo on the Mustang.

3. Transformation of The logo

The horse logo was now engraved in Ford’s mindset. With that in mind, the team of designers brainstormed on the transformation and improvement of the logo. The direction of Clark’s pony was changed, and it faced left. Placing the head of the pony in a square box made it look like a knight in a game of chess. After all this deliberation and experimenting, Lee Loccoca and Halderman reached a decision whereby the pony was portrayed as running to the viewer’s left. This complemented the car’s sporting nature.

4. Wood Pony Design

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Waino Kangas and Charles Keresztes, design-studio modelers, took the final badge design and carved it in wood. This gave it a bold and improved appearance. However, the sculpture’s edges did not make it to the final badge production, but the concept remains.