Switching To Electric Cars: The Effect On The American Workforce 

By Toby T May 19, 2022

It is becoming clear that we will switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric-powered vehicles in the coming years. However, while this may be greeted by excitement, experts have pointed out that the transition will not be as smooth as many envisage. 

Image credit: cars.com

Experts clarify that the transition to electric cars will seriously impact specific industries. For instance, electric vehicles use far fewer parts than gas-powered cars, which will deal a significant blow to those who produce parts for gas-powered cars- metal forger. According to some reports, the metal forging industry would lose about $90 billion in revenue. Those in this industry are then left with two options. Either to adapt to electric vehicles or to go out of business. 

Another industry that will be affected is the automotive service industry, that is, those involved in repairing cars. This category will also have to find ways to provide solutions to electric vehicles that are quite different from the issues affecting gas-powered cars. For instance, electric vehicles will not have problems relating to oil changing, transmission fluids, etc. 

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Lastly, those who build the cars themselves will be affected. Autoworkers will have to be specially trained on the dynamics of creating electric cars that are quite different from the conventional engines they are used to. 

Whichever way, what is coming will come, and the nation will find a way to adapt, just like it did with the shift from steam power to electric power.