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45 Funny-Looking Cars That People Stumbled Upon In The Street And Just Had To Take Pics Of

If we had a chance to name one car that looks bizarre, we’d say the winner is the Fiat Multipla without any hesitation. For those who don’t know about this funny-looking car, it has quite a cult status. These six-seater cars were on the market from 1998 to 2010. Despite its short 12-year run, its legend still goes on.

Although the Fiat Multipla is one funny-looking car, it isn’t the only car that will make you do a double-take while you’re on the road. Many of us are known to modify our automobiles, and some of us change them to such an extent that they start to look amusing.

On that note, we created a list of 45 funny-looking cars that would make you chuckle if you see them on the road. Brace yourselves!

All wrapped-up

Doesn’t it look like someone wrapped this car as if it was for a child’s birthday present? If you look closely it’s more than just some wrapping. The car has little cars all over it! And that’s not a design; there are actual cars on it.

Image: Reddit/Mrg220t

Someone used Hot Wheels wrapping paper, which is a unique design. That’s a car on a car. We can’t imagine how it would look in reality, but we can imagine a group of children trying to scrape the little cars off it with a sharp object.

A beast

We’d never want to come anywhere near those gnashing teeth. Although they are fake, they look real, so we’ll give that to the person who designed them. Those razor-sharp teeth make this otherwise-average car look like a very mean-looking Nissan.


You could call it anything from a mean-looking Nissan to a monster Nissan to a shark Nissan. The meaning is the same. Also, something tells us that this car will undoubtedly need a garage bigger than what we see in the background.

Not doing good

Somebody needs to check up on this car because it looks as if it’s going through some severe depression. Look at those tires. We doubt it could even drive straight for a while. That’s one depressed transformer-looking car that needs some attention.

Image: Reddit/EMPEROR_****_STAB_69

Maybe this photo was taken when Optimus passed his prime! See what we did there? This design is called Bosozuku styling, and it comes from Japan. Those guys take the design of a car to the extreme, as you can see.

Superstar car

Just when we thought these designs couldn’t get any more unique and funny, there you go—a car after Liam Neeson. Oh, wait. A Nissan car after Liam Neeson, that’s called the Liam Nissan. Wow. It doesn’t end there. As you can see, there’s his name and face all over the car.

Image: Reddit/thecrunchcrew

We’re sure Liam Neeson is going to be like, “I will find you, and I will kill you.” Or, if he’s in a good mood and likes what he sees, he could say something like, “I will find you, and I will drive you.”

Seriously shiny

You can look at this car’s exterior as a mirror if you are in a hurry and you need to set your hair or something. But, we’d advise you not to do that under the sun when it’s sweltering outside.

Image: Reddit/yupyup98765

The reasons behind that are apparent. The reflection could completely blind you. Also, the number plate is the second best thing about this car after the shiny wrap. YEEET! It’s evident from the license plate that the driver likely doesn’t care about how the wrap reflects the sun.

Gone wrong?

We’re not sure whether the owner of this car asked for this design, or if it is a botched modification and the guy wanted something different. If that’s the design he asked for; we don’t get it. What’s the point of this?

Image: Reddit/Uxinator

It sure does look funny, but we imagine it’s going to be an uncomfortable ride while driving. Also, we know what everybody’s thinking: Yes, it does look like an implant surgery gone wrong, which is the hilarious thing about this car.

Comfortable from the outside

This car’s soft design looks to be inspired either by some sort of a dressing style or by those soft doormats you keep outside of a house. We also love the fantastic cheetah design right below the headlights. What do you think about it?

Image: Reddit/Gj404

We know it looks good, but there’s the thing: It’s all good-looking and unique, and it’s probably fun to ride…until it rains. Once it rains, you can kiss your nice wrapping goodbye. That’s going to be purple rain for the car. So, whoever’s driving this car needs to be careful about staying dry.

Hippo car

This is probably the cutest car we have seen till now. We just love the hippo design, and the little hippopotamus on the top of the vehicle is like icing on the cake because it makes everhything look so much cuter!

Image: Reddit/codydingle

Also, don’t forget to look at those hippo eyes above the headlights. There’s also a set of lips down in the middle, and while not hippo lips per se, they sure look great for an exaggeration! We’re glad we came across this car.

Snake car

After looking at this car and the previous one, if there’s one thing we can say, it’s that there are a lot of funny-looking cars with animal designs. This one has a snake design and would look exactly like a snake if it weren’t a car.

Image: Reddit/pjaxon

This is a fine-looking Mercedes Benz, and if we were in this guy’s place, we’d try not to make such a beautiful car look like a snake. A snake is lovely, but when you mix it together with a car, you don’t get the most beautiful by-product, as you can see.

What about this one?

We need some time to get a good look at this vehicle and understand what it actually is. Also, is it even street legal? That’s rhetorical. We don’t know for sure, but we can surely tell that it’s nothing close to legal.

Image: Reddit/reversehindsight

Firstly, is that a car trying hard to look like a colorful lorry? Or, if not that, is this thing from this world at all? We think there is a chance that this vehicle’s being something an alien could drive.

Watermelon Mobile

We don’t know if that’s this car’s official name, but that’s we’d like to call it. It’s a really cool name for a car that looks like a watermelon. Could you imagine if this car’s exterior was made of watermelons?

Image: Reddit/sergeyuf

We’re just kidding; that makes no sense and isn’t possible. It looks edible, though. Do you know how else it looks apart from edible? A bit seedy (pun intended)! Jokes aside, the red interior does look pretty neat, in our opinion.


From the looks of it, this is the modern version of Cinderella’s carriage. We aren’t sure how durable this car could be, because its light and feathery design gives us the feeling that a strong wind could blow the car away!

Image: Reddit/Mr-Klaus

Nor do we think that this car can offer protection from the weather. The rain will fall right through the design, and if it’s very hot or cold outside, you won’t feel particularly comfortable. But it’s all about looking funny here, and this car does that pretty well.

Glow in dark

Irrespective of how funny it looks, this car has one good thing going for it: It is at least visible clearly at night because of its glowing properties! It’s a slick and sexy sports car, and many people would also call the design cool.

Image: Reddit/JKang99

Here’s another good thing about the car: No matter when or where you’re driving it, if anybody accidentally rams into the car, they can never give the excuse that they didn’t see you coming! This car stands out. What do you think about it?

Holographic view

We just saw a car that glows in the dark. This time, you’ll be looking at a car that glows in the day as well! Just look at the bright shine on that car! It’s a modified BMW with some lustrous properties.

Image: Reddit/kpmeowww

This prismatic design is called a chrome hologram wrap. It could burn a hole in your pocket if you opt for it, but it will surely turn heads when you’re on the road! It’s best not to get the car dirty, because that would make it stand out even more.


That was the first word that came out of our mouths after looking at this car, and we’re still trying to figure out why. This car looks like it had been put in the dryer and has just been taken out.

Image: Reddit/turtlenator

The least the guy could’ve done was make it a tad bigger. Just a little bit, because at this size, anybody could mistake it for a dummy or something, and if you just see the image, you’d be inclined to think it’s a toy car.

Legendary car

Nope, this car is not transporting that statue anywhere. Although it’s tough to believe, that’s actually how the vehicle owner chose to modify their vehicle. We don’t think you’d see many of these. Almost nobody courageous enough to seat a whole dragon on their car.

Image: Reddit/basshead541

We won’t lie, though; it does look pretty royal. The guy must have known that if he got this modification, he’d never be able to park in a closed space or a garage. Yet, he decided to give that luxury up for this particular design.

That’s an antique

Wow. There’s so much copper on this car; we hope it doesn’t corrode. We don’t even think it’s possible that a person can see outside of this car when they sit in it. It would be neat if those horns work. What’s the point of steampunk if it isn’t functional as well?

Image: Reddit/LondonBoogard

We’d say that this cruiser is dangerous to drive because of all the blocked vision. We don’t even think that level of modification is legal, so unless it’s in a parade or something, this car is just begging to be towed.

An edible car

We wish this car were as edible as it is drivable. The person who posted this image captioned it by saying, “Avocardo.” That’s some great, accurate wordplay! Tell you what; we want to take that pun to the next level.

Image: Reddit/jaykirsch

So, if that’s an Avocardo, what happens when there’s an accident? What happens to the Avocardo then? Any guesses? Wait for it…It becomes a Gua-car-mole! Ok, but on a more serious note, we’d love to take a look inside the car.

Turtle Mobile

This one involves some math, so, without further ado, let us get right into it and explain. You see, that’s a turtle. The car is a Volkswagen Beetle. So, can you guess what people would call this car?

Image: Reddit/Codyc541

It would be called a Burtle! It’s easy: You take turtle and Beetle, mix and combine the words, and you’ll get Burtle, which is what this car is! That design is so realistic that it almost feels like a real turtle.

Car on Quack

Drivers beware; this car is on quack. It looks like something a famous cartoon character would drive. If you look closely at the image, you’ll also notice that those aren’t your average, everyday rubber duckies. They are all very different and very stylish!

Image: Reddit/george_s_4

RIght in the front of the vehicle there’s a huge toy duck wearing glasses. Besides that, there’s a tiny duck wearing a cute suit. And just like that, the front and top of this Toyota are full of squeaky toy ducks. Weird, but cute.

Pretty tidy

Okay, this one. This car looks like something. We don’t know what exactly, but we’re telling you that it definitely looks like something. See, the problem here is that we tend to forget what it looks like the moment we look at it.

Image: Reddit/cdog1196

We assume that could be happening to many of you as well. It’s weird, right? This car just has a confusing vibe. It’s the kind of thing you’d see in your dreams. At this point, we can’t even tell which side is the front and which is the back.


This car has more of a DIY design. It is completely covered in tires, and they’re all cut and shaped to make the car look like a dinosaur. To be more specific, we’d say stegosaurus by looking at the top of the car.

Image: Reddit/JoeinJapan

A stegosaurus that had those kinds of ridges on its back. We assume that this entire design might have made the car way heavier than it usually is. We wonder how it could be affecting the performance? Stegosaurus wasn’t known for its speed.

Looks tasty

First of all, this car is a Corvette. The fact that it has been designed like a pizza is almost criminal, in our opinion. It hurts us to see that design on this car, but then again, what can we do about it?

Image: Reddit/shanlw99

The damage has already been done. All we can do is embrace the pizza design on such a beautiful car. We wonder how the owner of this sports car roams around the city while sporting that look? It’s painful to see.

Cow car

You know what? Maybe this design isn’t as funny or embarrassing as the other ones. It looks good, and it’s pretty normal as well. You commonly see cars with such designsi n zoos and national parks, although we’re not sure if the models match the one in the picture.

Image: Reddit/ShinyDisc0Balls

So, yes, it does look a bit like a cow. We don’t know why it has been tied up; it could be because of some technical stuff, but even that makes this car look more like a cow. It just gets weirder and weirder.

Looks classy

With all that has been going on with this car, we wouldn’t be surprised to know if it’s heading for a fancy dress competition for vehicles. If one of those existed, and if this car participated in it, we wouldn’t be surprised if it won.

Image: Reddit/OkayfinePeter

For one, it has a unique design. There’s fake grass all over the car, but the highlight is those hands. Also, let’s not forget the clown nose! This car looks like a weird mix between grass and a clown. Either way, it wins the fancy dress competition.

Scaling the car

Look at all those scales on the car. To us, it looks like a wrap, and a bad one at that. This majestic sports car that has been ruined because of the reptilian design, as far as looks are concerned.

Image: Reddit/AllanJS

This guy wanted that reptilian touch for this car, and he has paid attention to the details: If you look closely, you’ll find the same design on the tires as well, which is weird! But, it shows how much this man desired this apperance.

Spoiler alert

We have a question for the people who have massive spoilers on their cars. Have you ever thought of sitting under the spoilers when it started raining? It’s a weird question, but hear us out. Either way, try it it out and let us know how it goes.

Image: Reddit/Deep_Fixed_Twinkies

There you go, with this kind of design, you can not only sit, but you can nap under your spoilers because the bumpers are super comfortable. We know that the car looks horrible, perhaps, the ugliest of them all, but it’s about the spoiler comfort.

A bit too glossy

This car is elusive. Also, we assure you that there will be an annoying sound when you touch that design. It’s bizarre, and we suggest that it’s better look at it from a distance in case it’s fragile. The design is the kind of stuff you find at music festivals.

Image: Reddit/Telefunkin

If we were to judge, we’d say that this car has come straight from a music festival. We don’t know why, but it just feels like it. We wonder what kind of fuel this Honda van runs on or if there’s a modification there.


We are amazed by the amount of creativity we are seeing in these images. This time, it’s a car designed like a shoe. We know that there’s no windshield visible, but we think there it is there if you look clearly near the shoelaces.

Image: Reddit/flush_7th

It looks more like a shoe or a giant roller skate. We’re curious to see how this car drives and performs in real life. It will undoubtedly turn every person’s head on the road, no matter how uninterested they might be.

That’s a toy

It’svery difficult to believe that this is a real car and not one of those you used to sling on your Hot Wheels track as a little kid back in the day. Although the design looks complex and modern, overall, we think it falls a bit to the uglier side in terms of appearance.

Image: Reddit/Car_Nerd_87

On the other hand, a bit of tweaking could make this car look like a blue Batmobile. From the looks of it, we think it could go fast and perform well. It looks like a Transformer car, and we badly want to see it transform.

A lot of holes

This car is something that you should only drive in clear weather. We don’t need to state that it cannot withstand even the slightest harsh weather conditions. Rain’s going to get right through it, and it’s going to be uncomfortable.

Image: Reddit/Isku_StillWinning

We think that this car design has been inspired by some sort of Swiss cheese by the looks of the color and those holes. Our opinion is that this car has been messed up in order to achieve that design.

Dragon car

Sometimes, we fail to understand why people have to go for such extreme designs for their beautiful cars. They could just keep it simple with a matte wrap or some tinted windows. This one is honestly a bit too much.

Image: Reddit/[deleted]

Firstly, it’s a BMW sports car. It’s gold in color, so just that would’ve looked amazing. But, the person decided to make it look as if it just ran over a white-colored toilet-paper dragon. Finally, what’s the bicycle doing there?

Turf car

As the famous saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” We think this vehicle embodies what those people meant. We’re glad that it’s fake grass and not actual grass. If it were, it would’ve been horrible.

Image: Reddit/Cubican

There would’ve been a lot of “mowing the truck” if the grass were real! That’s a Dodge truck. Well, technically, it’s a Dodge moving-astro-turf now, but from the looks of it, it seems like an eco-friendly vehicle, although can’t confirm if that’s true.

A fancy Audi

Take a look at this hairy Audi. It looks like it just came out of a refreshing spa session. Again, this car looks all nice and fancy with that aesthetic wrap, but the fun and games only last till it starts raining.

Image: Reddit/smallsqueakytoy

Once it starts raining, all hell breaks loose. Also, it’s strange to believe that this is an NH Services car. We think it kind of looks looks like Chewbacca! Doesn’t it, though? Hopefully it doesn’t smell as bad as a Wookie.


Now that’s what you call a unique car design! We bet this car is the only one in the world with that kind of mosaic. We’re confident about this. You may see other vehicles with simple paintings of Homer Simpson.

Image: Reddit/nickkom

However, we’re sure you won’t ever see another car adorned with little keyboard keys laid out in such a way that they paint an image of Homer Simpson right in the middle of the front part of the car! Doh!

Simple design

Let us give you some insight into this design. For starters, you’d need to look closer at the car to see what’s happening because, unlike with other vehicles, there’s no wrapping, paint, sticky toys, or keyboard keys on this car.

Image: Reddit/jimmyjoejohnston

Although it’s different, it’s equally weird compared to the stuff we have seen earlier, if not more bizarre. Let’s address the elephant in the room: That thong is enormous, and we think it was custom-made just for this Beetle. Did someone say “don’t drop that dun-da-dun?”

Hide it

This car looks so gorgeous that its owner needs to use a tarp as a partial cover so that it doesn’t gain any unwanted attention. Of course, it’s a golden Hummer, so it’s understandable that the owner would want to protect it from the elements and fingerprints.

Image: Reddit/xsnyder

From the inside of the car, we can read that it’s from Texas, and let us not forget how shiny the car looks. It’s all right in our faces! Those wheels are a huge highlight of this golden Hummer. Stunning.

Umm… what?

Is this car a part of a prank or is this a genius-but-risky marketing move? And if it’s a the latter, what are they even marketing? The church? How does that monetarily help anybody? So many questions. What would Jesus do?

Image: Reddit/bizzyj93

It seems like an awful lot of work to take two cars and stack them on top of each other with the top car upside-down if your only goal is to provide a call-to-action. Hopefully Jesus knows a good mechanic.

All in one

Please don’t tell us that this vehicle could seriously take you from point A to point B. It looks like something you’d see as a statue outside a park or at a museum! But, truth be told, this vehicle is the embodiment of London transport.

Image: Reddit/savrox

As you can see, it’s half bullet-train and half double-decker bus. That’s what most of London transport is! It’s a great message in that sense, but to be honest, we’d be pretty shocked if this thing could drive at all.

Crossed the limits here

This vehicle has officially reached the limits of design and modification, and it’s pushing on them hard. That police car might win the prize for the creepiest modification design of all time. The bottom of the truck reads, “Toronto Police.”

Image: Reddit/inhumanantsar

The car is apparently named Blinky, the Creeptastic Police Car. Oh, lord; it has a name. We didn’t have to say anything; those eyes on that car speak for themselves. They tell us this vehicle has also had enough. Surely this violates some sort of law?

Love the theme

You’ll notice there’s a pattern in the design. It probably took a lot of dedication and time to get that pattern right. It might have taken hours of precision to achieve. We think the result was worth it. For once, a sensible modification!

Image: Reddit/grobocop891

We don’t think this four-seater is a race car, but the design makes it look like one from the future. We must say we are looking at the work of skilled designer. We want to find them and give them a hug.

Party tonight

This car is definitely a party vehicle. It has an amazing disco vibe, which surely has a lot to do with that disco wrap. The photo is giving us that authentic 70’s and 80’s disco feel. What do you think about this car?

Image: Reddit/[deleted]

It’s pitch black inside the car because the windows have been tinted. You can’t really see what’s happening in there no matter how much you try to peek inside. There’ll be a lot of privacy along with the disco vibe!

What just happened

We apologize to all of you because after looking at the image of this car, we are all at a loss for words. We can’t begin to imagine what happened to this car and how or why it was designed this way.

Image: Reddit/fox_wid_it

How many of you have seen the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Even if you haven’t, you’ll understand when we say this car looks like it has been through the Multiverse of Madness! Thsi is probably the fastest tricycle in the world.

Another party tonight

We have seen many party vehicles up to this point. Some of them have an authentic disco vibe, and we think this van is one. The color, the design, the purple lighting, and the additional elements have a lot to do with that.

Image: Reddit/effspot

It’s not simply the purple lighting; there are more colors . There’s blue, there’s red, and there’s also white. This car looks like it’s going to start hovering any second! That’s believable for this water-Pokemon-like car! We can’t wait to see what it looks like once it evolves.

It has teeth

Beware; this car has teeth and you need to keep your distance, because it could bite if things go south. Kidding! Cars with teeth look great and scary at the same time. Earlier, we saw an angry Nissan, and this car is no less so.

Image: Reddit/zanthony_

Those are chrome teeth, so there’s no way this would’ve been easy on the pockets to build. It must have cost a pretty penny, but car modders will do it for the fun! When you love a hobby, you’re willing to spend the big bucks.