Highway Hilarity: 35+ Tales of Unusual And Intriguing Moments Captured On The Road

By Jishnu B

Ah, the open road. Wide, liberating, and on some occasions, very busy. We’ve been on it countless times, either as drivers or passengers. There you were, minding your business, head bobbing to great music, and suddenly something captured your attention. A clown on stilts on its way to the circus, or a humungous ice cream cone blocking the road? At this point, we’re not about to discount anything.

We’re confident that you’ve come across odd, hilarious, and somewhat concerning things while moving or being stuck in traffic. Some are so unbelievable that photos were needed to document them. Just when you think you’ve seen enough, we’re here to prove you wrong. Buckle up your seat belts for exciting moments on the highway caught on camera.


Titanic (1997) will forever be iconic. Those who watched the movie tried recreating this pose at least once. Thankfully for these two gentlemen, there is no risk of drowning on dry land (unless they decide to drive the jeep into a river). 

Image Credit: NismoJase/Reddit

For once, we are sad that pictures cannot make sounds. We are dying to know if Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” played in the background while these two were posing. Bromancing like this is risky. Thankfully, they prepared crutches just in case. 

Rose Gold

Remember in 2017, when every brand suddenly became obsessed with rose gold? Almost everything had a limited edition rose gold version. Owning a rose gold iPhone became the ultimate status symbol. Imagine the waves this car would have made back in those days. 

Image Credit: deleted/Reddit

That is one gorgeous car, and we wouldn’t even drive it. We would keep it in our garage and admire it every morning. This must be a nightmare for other drivers. When you flash your headlight at it, it will flash it back to you. 

Ice Cream

Our doctor said we can have only one ice cream cone monthly since we have diabetes. Jokes on them; this is the ice cream cone we will eat. We almost mistook this photo for a scene from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009). 

Image Credit: tburns1469/Reddit

Although, we doubt that even the “Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator” could produce such colossal ice cream. The only thing that could have improved this ice cream is some sprinkles. However, we are not complaining. We’d scream in joy either way (no pun intended). 


Modern problems require modern solutions. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Uhaul for a one-bed frame when you could make wise decisions like this? You could use that money wisely for renovations or buying new sheets. 

Image Credit: abe17124/Reddit

This is also the ultimate device in road accident prevention. Because the frame surrounds the driver, any other car wouldn’t be able to get too close. This would have worked like magic during the pandemic when social distancing was at its height.


We sincerely feel bad for those who have nut allergies because nuts are delightful. You can roast or fry and eat them plain or with salt. Let’s not forget PB&J sandwiches. Nostalgia is what peanut butter sandwiches are made of.

Image Credit: Ambulldogmama/Reddit

Sadly, the number of people with nut allergies is only getting bigger. Some folks are so sensitive that the sight of this vehicle might give them an allergic reaction. This is an excellent reason to always carry an EpiPen, even on the road.


Had we still been clueless teens, we would have rebuked this makeshift vehicle to the ends of the earth. Sadly, we grew up. Hence, we face adult problems such as paying bills and taxes, and we now understand why this guy had to resort to such a thing.

Image Credit: d0ppelgangr2/Reddit

The only thing stopping us from doing something like this is our dignity. However, just like the money in our bank account, it’s also fading rapidly. If you see us in the streets with a mattress cart, know it happened because of the ridiculous gas prices. 


Even if they did not explicitly stamp the “Made in USA,” we would have still figured out this was an American creation. We don’t mean to be offensive when we say you only see nonsense like this in the streets of the United States.

Image Credit: radioheadbabe/Reddit

Had we seen this car while driving, we might have crashed our vehicle into a pole or something. The car owner could have gone with a plethora of other modification options. However, they chose a dry piece of toast for reasons only they know.

Sandwich Police

You have heard of the fashion police. However, it is time you meet the magnificent sandwich police. Whenever you are reported for making an atrocious sandwich combo, these elite forces will get a warrant and arrest you. So think twice before you commit a crime.

Image Credit: Artistic-Confection7/Reddit

According to the sandwich commandment, you cannot put pineapple in a Cuban sandwich. The commandment also states that focaccia is superior to ciabatta when making a sandwich. You will receive capital punishment while listening to Gordon Ramsey calling you an ‘idiot sandwich’ if you insist hot dogs are sandwiches.


June is the best month to see this beautiful rainbow road. However, we are sad to report that the road does not have any resemblance to a rainbow. It’s merely an optical illusion caused by the sun and polarized lenses. 

Image Credit: kenziemonsterrawr/Reddit

Even if this road cannot be associated with pride month, you might link it to Mario Kart 64 — Nintendo’s hit release from the mid-90s. If nostalgia could slap, most kids from the 90s would have swollen faces after seeing this photo.

Hot Dogs

We love hot dogs and sausages just as much as the next person. What’s not to like about them? When cooked right, they are savory and juicy food. Did you ever spare a thought as to how they are made?

Image Credit: Jzimm25/Reddit

You have to literally season and repackage an animal into a tube. However, as much as we love hot dogs and sausages, we must draw a fine line. A real hotdog this size is too much. We should be happy that this abomination is only for drumming up publicity and getting more customers in the door.


Had we seen this man in the streets, we would have called the cops ourselves and done a roadside drug test. There is no way you see things like these while you are sober. We would rather believe we were committing a DUI. 

Image Credit: blakekb77/Reddit

We cannot tell where this man’s shoulder ends and neck begins. He looks like a suspicious brew of a man, a turtle, and a plastic bag. However, our criticism is pointless. This man knows he is okay. Look at his smirk. His ego is just as inflated as his jacket. 


Someone once anonymously tweeted, “Dear lord, please take Justin Bieber and give 2pac back to us”. We think about that tweet a lot. Poor Justin cannot catch a break. However, it is indeed true that he cannot rival 2pac. It doesn’t matter that 2pac died even before he was born.

Image Credit: Fptmike/Reddit

2pac is a legendary figure in music. He revolutionized hip-hop and made it more popular. He was also an intelligent man whose thoughts and beliefs were ahead of his time. It is a shame that he was taken away so young.


There can be two explanations for this phenomenon. The owner of this Mini Cooper probably dreamt of being a pilot during their childhood. However, they must have failed the pilot test. Hence, they are living out their pilot dreams on land. 

Image Credit: uoYredruM/Reddit

The explanation is that this person has some beef with mainstream airlines. The flight attendants probably lost their luggage, or his flight got delayed by 20 hours. Either way, more power to this person. At least this modification is not as cringy as the other vehicles on this list. 


Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear. We said something about the previous car not being cringy, and the next thing we see is this. The only explanation for this tragedy of an automobile is we’ve been jinxed.

Image Credit: pacexmaker/Reddit

Contrary to popular belief, there is a time and place for everything. You go to the disco at night. Speaking of discos, that must have been the inspo behind this bedazzled vehicle. RIP to the other drivers who had the misfortune of driving in the same lane as this car during the day. They must have been blinded.


Hyper-realistic art, in our opinion, is one of the highest forms of art. Accurately portraying a real object is no joke. That being said, this art style is also a menace to society because it can give you heart attacks. 

Image Credit: FreddiePrinzeJr4Life/Reddit

You must have seen the weird videos of people cutting hyper-realistic cakes. Those make us feel queasy. The painter of the back of this van must have had sadistic humor and wanted to troll robbers with the temptation of easy loot. 


As much as we adore bananas, this is something we disapprove of. There are other ways of making your love for your favorite fruits known. Please do not make cars like these and drive them in the streets. We got secondhand embarrassment on the driver’s behalf. 

Image Credit: DorShow/Reddit

We would have been more accepting of this car if it was a prop of the new Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) movie. Everyone knows how much those little yellow critters adore ripe bananas. However, it isn’t, so it’s got no business on the roads.


Maintaining a car is more expensive than buying a car — we wish someone had pitied us and given us this crucial life advice while we were young. You have to, of course, pay for gas too if you want to drive your car.

Image Credit: reddit.com

You must pay taxes (it may vary depending on where you live) and the repair and maintenance it requires. At this point, we might start using skeleton cars like this. The next time gas price hikes up, you’ll see us in the streets like this.


Many car designs have come and gone over the last century. However, it’s safe to say that no other car can beat the charm of a Delorean. This vehicle is timeless due to being featured in the 1985 cult classic Back to the Future. 

Image Credit: Itsnottuna/Reddit

Sure, your new Lambo is quite shiny. Your new self-driving Tesla is also quite sleek. However, can they travel through time like a Delorean? The answer is no. Finding one of them on the highway is rare enough. Finding three at the same time is a miracle. 


We never thought we would see the day when we would find a man casually driving by with a sneaker in their mouth —- yet here we are, currently traumatized. We have many questions. However, we’re not sure if we want them answered.

Image Credit: mcnugglet/Reddit

This great country has so much food. Why must you insist on chewing a smelly shoe? Have you got any idea how many dirty surfaces that shoe walked on? Jokes aside, we hope this person is doing okay. Something tells us he is having a mental breakdown.


Being stuck in traffic is the most annoying thing aside from that obnoxious kid who reminded teachers of homework. Jonny, if you are reading this, please know you were very uncool. You were boring and unpleasant, just like the traffic.

Image Credit: schottslc/Reddit

A concerning survey says the average person spends eight months stuck in traffic. That’s a lot of time. If you cannot avoid traffic, you might as well utilize that time well. Hence, this person started his own jam in a traffic jam.


A picture can have hundred unTOWled stories (apologies for the pun). Thankfully for us, this picture has only three tow trucks. Yet they are just as indecipherable. Imagine seeing this while driving home. We’d start brainstorming for an answer the whole way.

Image Credit: Sinnedbackwards/Reddit

It looks like a stack of dominoes toppled over each other in perfect order. The only problem is that we cannot tell which tow truck is in the vanguard for the formation. Is it even safe to carry so much load? 


At this point, it’s the law of nature: when you need something, you will never get it. That’s what happened with this car owner’s local DMV. As someone who also experiences seeing their local DMV shut down at inconvenient times, we understand their pain. 

Image Credit: aarkrye/Reddit

The funny thing is the DMV may be closed; however, the jail is open 24/7. Cops strolling the streets are also working 24/7. Therefore, good luck to this car owner. They will need it to get home without a ticket from an unreasonable cop. 


If this is not the most relatable moment, we do not know what is. Do not judge this person. We have all had silly moments like these when we’ve forgotten the groceries. These are just little things about life that are better enjoyed while they last. 

Image Credit: OpalOnyxObsidian/Reddit

Hopefully, the car owner will have a good laugh after finding the meat. Jokes aside, we are impressed with the meat packages’ affinity to stay in play. Despite taking such a long ride, the pack has yet to fall off. 


This is an accurate representation of all the emotional baggage that we are carrying at the moment. We are determining if therapy can heal us, but we will try our best. Until then, let’s discuss the impressive abilities of this driver. 

Image Credit: _B2W_/Reddit

This person had no intention of handing over their hard-earned money to another capitalist venture by renting a U-haul. Why get a U-haul when you could get an I-Haul, get it? We are rooting for this person. We hope they carried everything safely to wherever they’re going. 


Humanity is doomed. However, we will never stop appreciating our ancestors for domesticating certain animals. Pets give us joy, and they are the perfect confidantes; they won’t reveal your secrets to anyone. We think that every person should have pets to learn responsibility. 

Image Credit: galaxzii/Reddit

Besides, if you are going driving, taking your parrot along might be fun (assuming your parrot is tamed and loyal to you). Pets are better company than others because they don’t butt in when you’re talking your head off.


This car must be the spirit brother/ sister/ sibling of the person who made themselves an I-Haul for carrying an obscene amount of baggage. Kudos to these people for using their brains correctly. We have neither the guts nor the smarts to come up with this. 

Image Credit: reddit.com

We don’t know if we should thank them for coming up with this brilliant but dangerous idea. Hiring a truck for this should cost hundreds of dollars. Why make the rich richer when you could do it yourself? Just be careful not to crash into any other car. 


Do you remember the scarecrows we used on the farms to scare off birds that devoured the crops? This reminded us of that, except it’s a scarecrow on wheels and used to scare humans — both with law and horror.

Image Credit: GiantBeef/Reddit

We could not tell this was not a real person. From afar, it looks like just another white cop and not a plastic dummy. However, do not try to deceive the doll. It might be recording all of your wrongdoings. 


It is incredible how crustaceans were once only fed to prisoners. Today, it has elevated itself to the status of a delicacy. We have never met anyone who hates lobster. Those who do probably never got to the point of affording it. 

Image Credit: MassGootz/Reddit

This humongous lobster statue is probably meant for a seafood restaurant. Watching this pass by on the highway must have made many mouths water. Sadly, at this point, we might not taste any lobster meat in the upcoming decade.

Fuzzy 33

We just want to invite the owner of this car over for some tea and ask them some questions. We are curious to know what on earth prompted them to make this decision. Why ruin a perfectly good car with an offensive modification like this?

Image Credit: Ryanfunroe/Reddit

This is what we imagine kidnappers drive in while trying to lure in children. Aside from how horrid it looks, we are curious how this car is protected from dust and rain. We also want to know if the owner is doing well mentally. 


Sometimes poverty provokes the most creativity (we should know this a little too well). If you cannot afford something, make the illusion of having it. As we’ve been told many times, the rule of succeeding in life is to fake it till you make it.

Image Credit: IndrawnCliff442/Reddit

This car owner made an artwork depicting what would have been visible had a glass window been installed in the rear. We are pretty sure this is illegal. However, as fellow broke people, we have no authority to judge. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get caught by cops. 


The more you live, the more you see. We never thought we would witness a ship on wheels, yet here we are. We are also wondering if this ship wants to hire some crewmates because we are eager to volunteer. 

Image Credit: ceqwz/Reddit

We are terrified of the ocean. This might be our only chance to ride a ship without the risk of drowning. Someone commented that this might be one of the live-action props of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015). 


This gets an 11 out of 10 from us! By now, you might have sensed that we are not the best fans of car mods. We think that simplicity and functionality are vital while driving. However, this motorcycle just stole our hearts.

Image Credit: sambran414/Reddit

It may be our fascination with dragons (on account of Games of Thrones) or our love for motorcycles. All we know is that we must ride this beauty; these two gentlemen look like they’re having the time of their life. 


This is not the first odd, oversized cargo in this listicle. However, this is undoubtedly the one that puzzled us most. What on earth is under that tarp? We only have a vague idea and can only sleep when we find out what is there. 

Image Credit: cantread4content007/Reddit

It looked like a whale at first. However, we realized that whales do not have many sharp edges (we know it very well since we are also land whales). It also looks like a dinosaur or helicopter from certain angles. 


Now, this one is just mean (and also ugly). The upside-down look of this vehicle makes folks on the road question their sobriety. Had we been the ones to see that wretched upside-down car in real life, we would have called the cops. 

Image Credit: thestorysoclose/Reddit

This is one of the reasons we do not like car mods. They are too distracting and put people at risk of crashing and dying. We know we will die one day, but we don’t want our lives to end in a fiery car crash.


Sometimes the universe aligns perfectly, and you see things like this. Car modification is a booming business because nowadays, almost everyone likes to stand out. However, there is no doubt that people with white cars simply don’t give a damn. 

Image Credit: maxistellar/Reddit

Dare we say, they are mildly dull. It seems the universe arranged an impromptu meetup for white car owners in the city. It’s so white that Nazis are shedding tears of joy. Meanwhile, we keep weeping while wondering when we’ll be able to purchase our own car.


There is a good reason why The Price Is Right is still going strong despite it being several decades old. It started in the early 90s and has continued in entertainment value. No wonder TV Guide calls it the “greatest game show of all time.”

Image Credit: ottolotto1/Reddit

You have to basically guess the price of a given item correctly. It seems the OP came across one of the winners of the show. How can we say such a thing? The license plate thanked Drew, the host of the show. 


For a moment, our hearts dropped to our stomachs when we saw this photo. We thought it was a person wrapped around the rear wheel. We have come to the realization that it’s just fabric. However, that doesn’t make things better. 

Image Credit: rto0057/Reddit

This car is the definition of ‘the show must go on.’ No matter what, the journey to the destination can never be stopped. Not even a busted tire can get in the way. We’re pretty sure driving like that is illegal. However, we’re sure the car owner is not doing this just for fun. 


We have never been fearless. We had only one piercing for 18 years because it hurt too much, and we refused to get another. You can imagine the horror we would have felt after facing a large truck on the highway. 

Image Credit: babyim/Reddit

Not to be distasteful, but we would have soiled our seats at this. We would not be too surprised if our life flashed before our eyes. It gets more macabre when you realize that the last thing many road accident victims see is a vehicle zooming toward them.


Maturity is finally accepting that Halloween can be at any time of the year, not only during October. If you are shameless enough, you can celebrate Halloween the whole year. Just do not expect people to go trick or treating with you. 

Image Credit: Ok_Extension5535/Reddit

You will often see many people who never take down their Halloween decorations for the whole year. They also wear costumes at random times. We assume these two potato heads are also Halloween-obsessed. If not, they are probably planning on robbing a bank. 


Hold onto your seats, people. We saved the best for the last. We have accumulated cute appearances of animals on highways, and the last portion of the listicle will be about them. The first on the list is this majestic falcon. 

Image Credit: Astrofluke/Reddit

The peregrine falcon may be small but don’t underestimate them. It might be the last thing you do. This lucky fellow and gorgeous specimen had the privilege of being driven around town by its pet parent, and we are extremely jealous. 


Chihuahuas may be the smallest dog breed; however, they ironically garner a lot of hate from canine lovers. Even pit bulls have it better than them. You know it’s bad when a dog lover suggests you adopt a cat instead of a chihuahua. 

Image Credit: macabrejaguar/Reddit

However, we are here to break the unfair myths surrounding these sweet gremlins. Some of them can be a little aggressive, but if you find the right chihuahua, they will become your most loyal companion. Look at this sweet baby. How can you hate it? 


Someone should quickly invent the technology that will allow us to reach out through our screens and let us pet dogs on the internet. Look at this sweet baby! They need a hug and a kiss, and we are eager to deliver.

Image Credit: lucidzealot/Reddit

Kudos to the dog owner for the love they’ve shown to their canine. They indeed have the best with them. They even made a little cot and a helmet for them. If that is not love, we do not know what is.


Kudos to our ancestors. They gave us the ultimate gift of friendship by domesticating wolves thousands of years ago. The sweet dogs we see today are descended from the wild wolves of yesteryears. Our existence would be meaningless without their presence. 

Image Credit: reddit.com

This scene heartwarming scene is not something you see on the road every day. Two dogs met while being stuck in traffic. The pitbull on the left picked up its teddy and showed it off the labradoodle in the other car. 


Do not just give your love to furry animals. Give some affection to reptiles too. They may not be as fluffy. soft, or cuddly but they make amazing pets too. Today, traveling with them is easier so you can both go on adventures.

Image Credit: Cameronb102697/Reddit

These iguanas look majestic. They are probably the closest we can get to a real-life dragon. This little baby is having the time of his life, looking so cute and basking in the sunlight. Please do your research if you’re thinking of getting one.


If being fabulous was a crime, these two would have received a life sentence for their bold eyewear. How dare they be so cute and not be in our arms? Our life is meaningless if we do not get to cuddle these bespeckled sweet babies.

Image Credit: sheavill/Reddit

We would not be too surprised if these two are siblings. These ever-curious creatures can’t help but peek out the window at the same time. Something makes us think they saw something interesting, like that huge lobster statue.