Vroom Vroom, Cha-Ching! 40 Rich Kids And Their Ridiculously Expensive Joyrides

By Aileen D

Don’t scroll through these pictures if you’re the type to seethe with envy upon seeing fancy things, because these kids have a legitimately disgusting amount of money. A hundred thousand dollars for a watch? That seems like an exaggeration, but it’s actually fairly sensible for those born with a silver spoon.

When you have that much money, there’s no point waving your bank account details for the world to see or boasting about your new Bentley to your friends. Chances are, those things are completely unremarkable to other rich people, anyways. No, the extraordinary is only possible with the existence of the average. Well, we don’t want to enable them, but we’d be lying if we said we aren’t curious. So, let’s take a drive down rich kid lane to peek inside the suburbs of the wealthy and their fabulous cars.

Brand New Parent

Do you remember when you found out you were going to become a parent? You might have shed a tear or gone silent for a few seconds. After the initial shock, you rushed to your partner and hugged them tightly. Just like you, this rich kid found out he would become a dad!

Image Courtesy of Cashmemarketin / Instagram

He cradled the key in his palm and then pressed it against his cheek. As he slid into the front seat, he inhaled deeply, trying to savor the moment. Man, if this is what it feels like to become a parent, then we want to have kids more often!

Sweet Escape

Among the rich, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Other businessmen will go in for the kill at the first sign of blood. People will hate on you for all the privileges you enjoy that they had to work for. And lastly, with a lot of time on your hands, the world is your oyster.

Image Courtesy of Arefghafouri / Instagram

Being the rich kid he is, this guy wanted to fly to a private island on his chopper. He gave curt orders to the staff. And just like that, everyone rushed to prepare his meals, pack his clothes, and check the chopper’s fuel tank.

Must-Have Kobe Beef And Truffle Jerky Treats

At only 18, this high-profile Instagramer is a father to three young kids. He spoils them rotten. His kids asked to be treated to a platter of beef. They traveled halfway across the world to buy the kids their treats. He didn’t want them to go hungry!

Image Courtesy of Galinnash / Instagram

Why a private plane, you might ask? For one, the truly rich prefer the comfort and privacy a plane has to offer. Second, they can afford it. And third, this man’s kids would bark to death in a commercial plane.

So Is Good Grammar

If there is one thing in common amongst the filthy rich, it’s that they love attention and the novelty of everything. It’s the greatest insult to be gifted something generic. So, if you want to give this next rich girl some flowers, don’t be basic.

Image Courtesy of babybratzzzz / Instagram

Apart from a dozen flowers, good grammar is mainstream, too. With that many Cartier bags, it’s safe to assume she has money to buy herself a good education. But who needs that when you can buy whatever you want.

Get A New Watch

It’s his third warning this semester, so this rich kid hurriedly shuffles to the car. After plopping down on the seat, the chauffeur speeds to the airport. He sprints towards the private jet and counts the seconds until takeoff. He’s going to be late for school.

Image courtesy of desirichkid / Instagram

We’re sure he can afford to buy himself a new watch or an alarm clock with that much cash. If this plane is not enough to get you out of bed, any alarm clock will manage to snap you out of your slumber.

Perfect With A Bow

Santa came early this Christmas. He leaves the present on her front porch and travels back to the North Pole. This kid wakes up to find her present from Daddy Nicholas. What do we need to do to wake up to this on Christmas?

Image Courtesy of glamorthings / Tumblr

She is ecstatic to take this car out on a ride. However, she was naughty this year. She was supposed to get a lump of coals but instead got this Range Rover instead. Had she been a good girl, then she would’ve maybe gotten a Bentley.

For His Mini-Me

This parent is raising his kid to live in style. He takes him out shopping on Wednesdays, and they go on holiday almost weekly. Just today, he bought his kid his own Mercedes Benz SUV. This G65 is powered by 12 volts.

Image Courtesy of richkidsofsnapchat / Facebook

His little one gets tired so easily that he asks daddy to whisk him off to bed. Now, there’s no reason for the little one to do that. All this kid has to do is turn on the ignition and put the pedal to the metal all the way to the bedroom.

A Child At Heart

He is known in certain circles for being a marketer. Before his big break, he was building a name for his leather goods brand, Michael Louis. After he launched The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, he became a social media influencer. Now, he is a CEO with a massive following online.

Image Courtesy of @Michaellouisny/ MichaelLouisMaddaloni / Instagram

If you check his social media, you’ll see original content about private villa vacations, handling his family’s jewelry business, and even driving luxury cars. In his spare time, he rewards himself with planes he flies himself. It’s the only time he’s away from the limelight.

Never Too Early

It is never too early to teach your kid how to live in good taste. Lavish them with designer backpacks, shoes, and clothes. Have personal staff tend to their every need. And finally, teach them that with just enough money, they can make pajamas a fashion trend.

Image Courtesy of Offi_hanna / Instagram

Of course, this little kid takes after his mom. She’s intelligent, ambitious, and living comfortably. She also seems to be well-versed in grooming and manners. She keeps her feet off the car’s dashboard and ensures her pajamas are ironed.

Meant for Shopping

You wonder how one knows they’re truly rich? A study shows that you belong to the second highest tier if you don’t live paycheck to paycheck. You need at least a year’s worth of income saved to do that.

Image Courtesy of Top Channel TV

This is only meant to be used for shopping, of course. He bought himself a sports car to flaunt his wealth and pull up to luxury boutiques where he can spend his money. The truly rich are quick to earn money and enjoy it.

Can You Even Steer?

Twitter user @cryptobutsimple gained notoriety online for some of his controversial and out there posts. When you invested your life savings into crypto and made a massive fortune out of it, it’s understandable how quickly this Twitter user’s ego ballooned.

Image courtesy of @crypto but simple / Twitter

Just like crypto, we know people who have crashed and burned too. It might be safer for this Twitter user to remove all these watches from the steering wheel. How else would he be able to keep his ambition in check when he can’t direct himself properly!

But Not Waterproof

This movie buff has made a living sharing his passion for cinematography online. And from time to time, he works as a consultant for directors and producers. With such a busy schedule, he thought it best to buy himself a wall clock to stay on schedule.

Image Courtesy of ShopWallWatch / Instagram

The truly rich know that Rolex doesn’t make wall clocks. Try submerging that Rolex wall clock in a body of water. Genuine Rolexes are water resistant up to 100 meters. We bet you wouldn’t make it a meter before it stops ticking.


Unlike other parents, this man doesn’t spoil his kid rotten. He runs errands, helps with the business, and guards the house. Every once in a while, he takes his kid out for a trip. Today, he thought to treat him like the king that he is.

Image Courtesy of @battres Construction / Facebook

But hold up! Instead of sitting on the passenger seat, he let his dog sit on the floor. That genuine leather bag was far more important and, frankly, more expensive than the comfort of his dog. At least this way, his kid is accustomed to hardship.

Insert Coin

Shopping is considered an errand amongst the rich. They have to maintain their appearance for their social standing. They choose how they look down to the smallest details. And, they have to carry all this stuff to the car. Sounds backbreaking!

Image Courtesy of Logratis.es

Where is an assistant when you need one, right!? This rich kid was so annoyed that they had to carry all these boxes to their luxury car in the sweltering summer sun. Is it so annoying when you have to carry Chanel and Dior boxes in the heat?

The Best Accessory

Unlike her peers, this rich girl would rather stock up on books and games. But when the situation calls for it, she attends public functions to draw attention to important charities and foundations. She’s on a drive to one right now, as a matter of fact.

Image Courtesy of emilyjjacsonn / vsco

She picks up this feather boa from the stand and then heads out the door. She tells herself that pink and fluffy always works! You can never go wrong with a neon pink feather boa, especially at an animal rights event.

Crash It Too

How is it that rich kids get away with almost everything? It starts in the household. These kids are usually spoiled, meaning they were never yelled at or reprimanded as kids. In fact, when this rich kid crashed his Aston, this was his punishment.

Image courtesy of 9Gag

Also, we don’t understand why he prefers an Aston over a Bentley. A Bentley can rev from 0 to 70mph in 4.2 seconds. It would take an Aston 4.4 seconds to achieve that record speed. The Bentley is also perfect for smooth driving on back roads.

Next New Purchase

This woman bought herself hundreds of gifts. You can never love yourself too much, right? She carried the bags all the way to her car. She hadn’t even gone halfway through the purchases when she ran out of space.

Image Courtesy of kizlar soruyor

Rich kids like these frequently max out their credit cards. But the good news is they always have more! She needs to upgrade her car to make more room for her items. Given that she has wads of money to spend, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Daily Commute

Just weeks before graduation, this senior got into a car accident. She had a cast and couldn’t drive herself to school on her own. Her parents were concerned about her attendance, so her dad bought her this new ride.

Image Courtesy of Suburban Men

She was afraid of encountering another mishap on the road. But now that she has her own chopper, she doesn’t need to worry about running a red light or arriving late to class. After all, traffic jams are no longer a valid excuse.

Almost Ran Into An Errand

There’s a downside to being born rich. You might not be as resilient as those who built their empire from scratch. Take it from this millionaire. He fainted when he found out that he had almost run into an errand.

Image Courtesy of Jp_official_insta / Instagram

It was a good thing he had lightning-speed reflexes. He was able to screech to a halt and steer the wheel away from the errand. He went to the laundromat for the first time! The whole drive there, he couldn’t breathe!

Beats The 20th

Like their kids, affluent parents have different priorities than us common folk. This multi-billionaire was concerned about beating the gift he had given his daughter the year before. How would he top it? He just bought her a house in the Hamptons.

Image Courtesy of pablocastroespinal / Instagram

His assistant said, “Ferrari has a new model on its line up and sure enough, you can pre-order one in time for your kid’s birthday. This rich dad didn’t bother to hear the details. As far as he knew, this Ferrari was his.

Uses Them As Keychains

We’ve heard the craziest stories about rich kids. A typical day means cruising around the city in luxury cars, spending at least $60,000 on a jacket, and hopping on a plane to go on a holiday at least five times a year.

Image Courtesy of Imgrum

This rich kid buys cars to collect car keys as keychains. He could care less about the cars. He wants people to ask about his keychain collection. That’s one of the most impressive and expensive collections we have ever seen.

For the Guards

This guy may be rich, but he has a heart of gold. He likes to show off how loaded his parents are, but he is also very generous to the people around him. Instead of receiving gifts on his birthday, he chose to hand these out to the staff.

Image Courtesy of hatfieldaudi / Instagram

Of course, he didn’t settle for an Audi. Audis may be superior when it comes to style, design, and technology, but they are no match for BMWs which offer a smoother and sportier driving experience. Not to mention, BMWs are just more reliable.

What Self-Care Looks Like

It’s healthy to spoil yourself sometimes. In fact, you should pamper yourself more often than you would other people. It helps improve your mood, increases resilience, and boosts self-esteem. Take it from this woman. There’s no limit to self-love when she’s in the mood.

Image courtesy of pota up

Not only did she feel the need to treat herself but also post it on social media. Do you reckon she got as much validation from buying the bag as she did seeing how many people wanted that bag?

Which Do You Bring Home To Your Parents?

We don’t know what it is about rich kids that manage to have it all – the money, the fame, the body, and the brains. The most popular kid in school is not only the president of the cheerleading squad but the valedictorian.

Image Courtesy of Onedio

Rich kids flaunting their wealth on social media are a dime a dozen nowadays. But being given the option to take home a sports car is a chance in a lifetime. Besides, the silver lining is that she will come looking for it.

Needs Painkillers

This rich kid visited the doctor because it was urgent. He has been in this condition far too long. The doctor patiently listens to his client’s complaints. “It has been a week now, and I’ve been getting these migraines.”

Image Courtesy of @motivation gang / Twitter

The client repeats his request. “Could you give me some painkillers because I can’t stand having too many options to choose from?” The doctor looks at him and back at the platter. “I’ll write you a prescription if you pay me with these. That should help cure you.”

Which Is It Again?

This rich kid loves the color red. It embodies everything about him – power, strength, youth, desire, and a passion for living. He bought several sports cars in red. And, he spends a couple of minutes each day deciding which one to drive.

Image courtesy of 3dml studio

Good choice, young one. But a word of advice – instead of fussing over which brand of car to bring, how about just using the Ferrari for a year? The FF is an absolute daily-capable sports car. And these engines last for up to 150,000 miles.

One Minute Wasted

Kids that grow up spoiled think the world spins for them. If they hurt a kid, it was that kid who deserved to apologize to them. If they waited a minute long for their employees to show up, it was only proper that they fire them.

Image courtesy of privateschool / Snapchat

A minute wasted of his existence – that’s something he will never get back. We can understand this rich kid’s indignance at the situation. He looks out the windshield and sees his driver scrambling for the door. “I’ll let it pass this time around.”

Out Of Your Own Allowance

Do you know what we hated most about our parents? They didn’t care if we had told them that we were old enough to go home after 9 pm. And like this kid, they didn’t listen when we told them what our favorite color was.

Image Courtesy of Thekingofsupercars / Instagram

You should be elated by the fact that they just spent half a million dollars on buying you a sports car or that they had paid for your car’s insurance! But, no. What mattered was that you received your red Lamborghini.

We’re Happy With Insurance

It didn’t matter if this kid didn’t graduate with honors. What mattered was that she had finished high school. Now, she’s on her way to dominating the world as an adult. And to top the year-end off right, she received this.

Image Courtesy of @negtived / Instagram

Man, we would love to have our insurance premium paid off. That would mean the world to us. But having grown up with wealthy parents means that this kid deserves expensive gifts. So, it’s only fitting that she receives a luxury car for graduating.

Having A Migraine

What does a rich kid’s morning look like? This champ shuffles off to the bathroom, cleanses himself with hundred-dollar soaps, rinses himself with distilled drinking water, and heads to the kitchen to eat caviar pancakes. It’s the breakfast of champions.

Image Courtesy of unknown / Tumblr

He finds himself in a dilemma when he heads to school. He just took the Jaguar to school yesterday. His BMW needs customization. And he won’t be able to make it in time for school with Lamborghini’s V10 engine. He’s left with three other options. Bummer.

What Odd-Even Scheme?

Do you know who is affected by the odd-even scheme? It’s the middlemen, blue-collar workers like us, who can only afford to buy one car. On days when our vehicle plate numbers end with the respective date, we’re left to take public transport.

Image Courtesy of Websta Me

Unlike us, they have a designated car for each day of the week. That is how wealthy people avoid any restrictions when it comes to logistics. And in case they do get caught for any other traffic violation, we’re confident their daddies will pay off the officer.

Needs Color Coordination

The rich don’t need to work. You might be busy feeding a family on a 16-hour shift, but in all that time, this woman is bent on having her car keys match the color of her nails. You read that right. This one needs color coordination.

Image Courtesy of roj gara urnir man

We can only guess what other customization projects she has planned. Maybe it’s pink car rims, a pink car body, or even a pink antenna? We can’t say for sure. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to follow her on all social media platforms.

At A Snail’s Pace

Before this rich kid took his driving lessons, he had his dad speak to the city council. It took a couple of thousand dollars and an hour to get the job done. Lucky for this rich kid, they were able to let this newbie rich driver learn to drive in what he’s familiar with.

Image Courtesy of Ashencross / Reddit

Driving at 60mph is a snail’s pace for a Lamborghini automobile. You might be cranking up the engine, whereas this sweet car will have sprinted from 0 to 60 mph in all that time. Once this kid learns how to drive, there is no stopping him.

Try Taking the Bus

Bentleys are known to cost more than most homes. Some are sold at an average price of about $300,000. Owners love them because of the comfortable seats, superior craftsmanship, durability, and desirable safety features. And, they choose them for the gram!

Image courtesy of @arabzer / Instagram

We have a tip for @arabzer, and that’s to try taking the bus. We’re sure she can afford to rent or buy a whole fleet of them. Carrying those shopping bags up the stairs might be a problem, but at least there’s more than enough legroom.

Imagine If It Were His Sweat

This is why you bathe after swimming in ocean water. If you allow salt water to soak the leather seats, dried salt will stain and damage them. You could also purchase waterproof seat covers to protect them from corrosion.

Image courtesy of @richkidsnap / richkidscars / Twitter

Just buy a new Lambo! We can only imagine how often this guy buys himself cars. If he can’t stand those seats being a bit wet, then he can’t stand the idea of letting his sweat dry on them.

Two for the Twins

As much as we find twins to be cute, they’re double the expenses. Imagine having to shoulder the needs of two kids at the same time, starting from preschool until college. But when you’re this rich, having twins is a commodity.

Image Courtesy of bogatiklinci / Instagram

All you have to do is give them a pair of each – a pair of Rolls Royce, bottles of champagne, and designer watches. Before handing out the keys, you separately introduce your kids to their drivers. How else would they be able to party?

Needs GPS

This Snapchat user is ashamed to admit it, but she has to use GPS when driving home. Her family has moved around often in their castles and mansions, so it’s hard for this kid to keep track of where each one is.

Image couretsy of Tiles twra

From the gate to the house was a good five-minute drive. Imagine having to finish a whole Taylor Swift song before reaching your house. That’s how massive this crib is. And it will take her three more minutes to find her mom in that castle.

Beat You To It

Their birth order was basically non-existent the moment these guys turned 18. They can now race themselves to appointments, meetings, and even family reunions. The first one to arrive at each destination gets to call the shots. Fair, right?

Image courtesy of Snard 23 / Tumblr

It’s safe to say that seven sports cars mean seven members of this family. Each has to have their own sports car. How come? These kids can’t seem to find enough space inside their luxury cars to fit their egos.

Off To My Friend’s Place

The rich have a tight circle of friends, and they usually live within the same neighborhood. But instead of walking to their friends’ houses, these kids have their chauffeurs drive them next door. It’s only a couple of acres from this house until the next.

Image Courtesy of Kiss-mee / Tumblr

Today had been a rare moment for these ladies. They had all decided to catch up with each other in one of their friend’s castles without their chauffeurs. Unlike us, their parents actually throw a fit when they find out their kids drove themselves somewhere.

Eats Microprocessors

Here is one reason why you shouldn’t always envy the rich lifestyle. For all his money, this man suffers from a compulsive eating disorder called pica. He loves to eat items like dental crowns, medals, and even trophies, and anything with gold.

Image Courtesy of Suleman _ Raza1 / Instagram

Does he eat with microprocessors too? It is said that pure gold is safe to eat because the body does not absorb it during digestion. Basically, it just passes through your body and is dumped into the toilet. The rich surely know how to waste money.