40+ Annoying And Amusing Passengers Caught On Camera

By Aakash M

Traveling is, by far, one of the best experiences of a person’s life. We say that there is nothing better than traveling because we get to witness and experience so many new and different things that we never would at home! There could be so many fun experiences waiting for you, and if you’re lucky, en route, too. Air travel is the fastest way to travel, and, despite any discomfort, some people can’t get enough of it. Having some fun on your way to your destination is always a nice surprise, and some have taken to sharing their stories for others to have a good laugh at. If you don’t believe us that air travel can be fun, we have compiled a list of 45 times air travel was a great source of entertainment. Get ready to laugh out loud at these images and stories!

The annoying side of traveling

Although traveling is great, it does get a bit annoying at times. For instance, when the person on your neighboring seat tries to get your attention irrespective of your personal space. On that note, here’s a fellow passenger trying to get some attention.


We believe he’s the only neighbor we wouldn’t be frustrated with if he tried to get attention. Also, that’s the cutest passenger you can sit next to on a plane. This puppy really seems to be enamored with the person taking the photo.

Time for an announcement

Who doesn’t love an update from the captain while flying to our destination? They keep you updated about every single thing that you need to know, from the food service’s arrival to how long it will take you to get to your destination.


So, one of the ways you could stay busy on a plane is by watching movies. Although that’s the best piece of entertainment on a plane, what’s strange here is the moment this captain has paused the movie for an announcement.

Honk honk

One of the best and the most hilarious things that we see on airplanes these days is pets boarding planes. It can be as annoying as it can be funny, but where else can you probably see a goose or any other bird on a leash?

@mark_essig / twitter

After looking at this image, we can only hope for one thing: that this little guy is a social bird. (Get it?) If he doesn’t have good social skills, that flight would be a tough one for all the passengers on board.

True opinion

Kids never censor themselves. But, whenever they do, it’s like the funniest thing to witness! In this image, you can see this girl doing just that. She was minding her own business while the person behind her stretched his legs out.


Well, it looks like she pretty much has a strong opinion about it. We are always amazed by how some people just don’t care one bit about making others uncomfortable, like this person! How rude? This picture is certainly priceless.

Practice time

This person had a busy night, and he couldn’t play on that little keyboard anymore. That’s a good thing for the passengers — for obvious reasons — but we think that it’s really funny how he had everything set up and ready for practice!

.Little_moke / twitter

Then again, maybe this person is known to come up with his best ideas while he’s traveling on a plane? If that’s the case, then his neighbor should be alerted because the person sitting next to him is a singing sensation!

Extra protection

The world can be a very scary place, especially during the pandemic. So, taking measures to stay safe is understandable, but this right here is just craziness. This man has literally wrapped himself in a plastic bag. It must be so uncomfortable.

Unknown / reddit

The reason? Well, it’s so that he’s all safe and doesn’t end up catching anything. It must be awfully hot in there, and pretty stuffy, too. How is he able to breathe in there? If there are holes in the bag, he’ll be breathing, but that renders his safe bubble useless.

Stretch stretch

This one is surely funny, but it’s equally rude, and it’s also uncomfortable for other passengers on the plane. First of all, that person is really flexible. They must be an expert at yoga. That said, it’s strange to wake up seeing two legs in the air that way.


That sight is probably gonna freak the person out if they wake up to it. We can only imagine the amount of discomfort and confusion in the first few moments. After realizing what’s happening here, other passengers will surely have a few chuckles.

Creepy feet

Haven’t we all wanted to stretch our legs out on a long flight? That’s something we all experience, but only a few of us fulfill that wish on a flight. Like this person who took it to the next level because he didn’t even have his socks on.

@boburnham/ Twitter

We don’t know what’s gonna happen if somebody wants to get up to use the washroom. In that case, these tootsies might not be in the safest place. But you never know if this person seeks his thrill living that way.

Food item

Air travelers know that there’s a huge set of rules for bringing any food item. This person was so obsessed with the local brew that he decided not to consider all the rules and regulations of exporting. He just went to check his beverage in.


Now that was a really brave move that this person made. Just imagine you’re waiting for your luggage to come down the conveyor belt, and when it does, you see this can, because that’s all you carried! That’s really hilarious.

Celebrity on board

We believe that there must be a lot of us who’d want to sit right next to a celebrity on a plane, right? That would be so amazing! Well, this one is a bit unusual since you can see Hurley from Lost in this image, but you can’t see any excitement.

Fatjohnlocke / imgur

Well, we pretty much understand the reason behind the loss of joy and all the skepticism. For those who don’t, it’s because the last flight that Hurley was on crashed. After that, a lot of things happened that weren’t that great.


Seeing a couple’s reunion after they have been apart for a long time is beautiful to see, and we can only imagine how amazing the couple feels when they reunite. Sometimes, they seem so into the moment that they stop in the middle of nowhere.


But, very few couples stop in this manner at places like these. Come to think of it, the way they’re looking at each other with so much love, that too, right in the middle of the doorway, is hilariously wholesome!


It took us a while to figure out what was happening in this image. We all have heard of pets being with humans for emotional support, but a panda? We haven’t seen a pet panda in such situations. That’s something new.


Sure, they’re cute and cuddly. They also bring a smile to the faces of the people seeing them. But, one thing we know for sure is that booking a seat for a panda on a plane full of humans is not legal!

My beloved burger

We do know that certain stuffed animals are special for people, and they hold a place of value in their hearts. We aren’t judging anyone here, but we think that things have gone a bit too far after looking at this image.

@davidfarrier / twitter

Buying a seat for a stuffed hamburger is one thing, and belting it for the flight is even stranger! Although it’s a bit over-the-top, it must have been entertaining for the other passengers to look at! They must be wondering what’s happening here.

Snack time

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best things about traveling is getting to see your family or friends. The next fantastic thing on our list is eating all the amazing food while you’re at that place. We all dream of being able to take some leftovers on the plane back!


This person made his dreams come true by being able to get some leftovers on the plane. By looking at it, we can say that it’s more than enough to share with the whole plane! But we’re sure that nobody’s sharing anything here!

Mask emoji, or emoji mask?

Everybody knows that masks aren’t going to leave us any time soon. They will be around for quite some time, especially on planes and public transportation. But, this mask is not what we were talking about. This one is a bit too much, isn’t it?


We don’t even know why this person chose to wear that mask. Although we don’t know the sentiment behind it, we do know that other passengers on the plane would have a good laugh looking at that poop emoji mask.

Hawkeye, is that you?

We know that this one is a little harder to see, so we’d have to ask you to look closely at the garbage bins near the security checkpoint. That’s a compound bow. We’re not kidding, and there’s no art of deception involved either.

Reddit | monstasanta

This one is surely hilarious, but it’s a bit alarming as well. We’re surprised at how this person was able to bring this bow to the security before somebody told him that he couldn’t do that. He should’ve at least known that he couldn’t take it with him on the plane.

Hair extensions

Flight attendants must be used to seeing weird items being left on planes. But we’re pretty sure that most of them haven’t seen these many extensions chilling on the seat as if everything is normal! This one is really strange.


We can’t think of a reason why a person would forget something like that in coach. These hair extensions aren’t cheap. We’re sure that the person who left it might soon discover that something is missing. We can only hope that the realization happens before it’s too late.

Too bad

What’s the problem with people not wearing socks on planes? Is keeping your feet covered while you’re on the plane such a daunting task? It’s gross how people keep their stinky feet out in the open. It just plain uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Passengershaming / instagram

We’d like to sincerely request every person reading this listen carefully: please keep your socks on while you’re on a plane. If not, at least don’t keep your feet on armrests or other such places where it would be a problem for other passengers.

Weirdest one ever

Take a look at the expressions of the people in this picture. They’re all annoyed and so done with whatever’s happening there. The two ladies right behind those legs look as if they’re searching for an ax (we hope you get the reference).

Passengershaming / instagram

What’s that guy even doing with his legs up that way? And how come everybody isn’t bothered by what’s happening here? We have so many questions but not enough answers. But we can all agree upon the fact that it’s hilarious!

So busy

Here is a photo of the busiest person on this planet. This guy doesn’t even have time to brush his teeth. That’s why he tried to squeeze that activity during his flight — what a great way to save five minutes of your day.

Princesslala90 / instagram

We don’t know how he’s going to brush his teeth over there. Doesn’t he need water and a sink? We’re amazed looking at how the person beside him doesn’t care a bit about anything. He’s just calmly reading his book.

Is this right?

Either this person has put his leg up just for the picture, or he has really kept it that way the whole flight. Anyways, we can’t get over this image, and we can’t also stop thinking about their neighbors on the plane.

Passengershaming / instagram

Actually, this one, unlike the other pictures where people put their feet on armrests to other people’s discomfort, makes sense. It’s clear that this guy has an injured ankle, and we know that elevation helps keep the swelling down — we’re not talking about the plane’s height.


Here’s a rare sight. An empty plane and two feet as a bridge between two seats in adjacent rows. That right there is the best way to trip someone over. If you’re ever on a plane, don’t try doing this. We will admit, though, that the photography is amazing.

Barteczko / instagram

Although it rarely happens, airlines do operate their flights with as few as just one passenger on a plane. It’s scary, but it’s amazing as well! To get to experience something like that, you need to be a lucky traveler!

Hey there

Would you want this pretty bird to be on the seat beside you? Well, we don’t think anybody would have a problem unless the bird starts flying around, which won’t really happen if the bird owner knows what they’re doing!

Sev09 / reddit

We love how calm the lady is with the bird. Even the bird looks pretty chilled out as if it means to cause no trouble. Anyone scared of birds could find it difficult to imagine it at all, but hey, this image is cute!

Having a good time

This couple seems to be relaxing and having a good time on their flight. Although it doesn’t seem like it, we hope that nobody else is getting bothered by the lady’s feet in the air. The chances are low because she’s in the corner, but you never know.

Hakanyildirimofficial / instagram

Although this photo does look cute, we’re sure that the couple must not be feeling so comfortable in reality. It would have taken a lot of time for the lady to get in that position and put her feet up in the air.

Drying socks?

If you’re not carrying a lot of clothes while traveling, the chances are that you’d only be carrying a few pairs of socks. Maybe that’s why this man thought there was no problem with putting his socks to dry that way.

Passengershaming / instagram

This sight is one of those where you can’t stop laughing, but you realize that it’s really sad, and something is really wrong here! But you won’t say anything or burst out laughing because you know that you’ll end up saying something you’ll regret if you do!

Uncomfortable headrest

Those who travel know that comfort is one of the biggest compromise games on a flight. You need to make sure that you are not bothering the person ahead of you, behind you, and beside you. It’s difficult at times. 

Pandalove85 / reddit

There’s a lot of nodding around when the person ahead of you asks if it’s okay to recline, and vice-versa! So, this person was expecting a little lean, but he got a full lean. Anyways, he tried to make things work by resting his head and doing a crossword puzzle!

Wash your feet

Many of us know deep down that there is something about feet that makes many people cringe almost immediately! This guy isn’t only airing his feet out, but honestly, his feet need a wash. It’s funny for everyone except the person sitting ahead of him.

Stoniesgirl / instagram

But we’re not the person sitting ahead of the guy, so we guess we could have a good laugh about it! We can’t imagine being in that position, though. What would you do if you were on a plane and looked back to see those feet sticking out?


Kids can go from one extreme to another, especially on a plane. There’s nothing in the middle. They’ll either be super friendly and adorable, or they’ll be super annoying and the main reason why you won’t be sleeping on the flight.

Swoopz / reddit

It seems like they are trying to make new friends, which is great. They are trying to do that by reaching in between the seats, which is a bit new! Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that it’s adorable and, of course, entertaining.

Stay here

Traveling is amazing, but traveling with a baby is really hard. Maneuvering the luggage and looking after all the other things while making sure that your little one stays quiet can be quite a daunting task. But this one is a bit too much.

Passengershaming / instagram

Come on! Putting a baby in an overhead baggage cabin is just stupid. Actually, this father had thought to let the kid chill in the cabin while he worked on settling everything. Well, we’re sure that the baby won’t be staying peacefully over there.

Head on the shoulder

Isn’t it really cute when you see somebody falling asleep on the shoulder of the person sitting beside them? It’s cute if it’s the person you love, but it’s really uncomfortable if that person is a total stranger to you!

Micamihaela / instagram

It’s all the more uncomfortable if you’re the person who’s lending the shoulder. In this case, this lady seems to have laughed it off, which also made us laugh! She certainly doesn’t look upset, but she does look a bit embarrassed, which is completely normal.

The place to keep your coat

We guess things could have been worse here. The lady could have covered the screen with her jacket. But, it’s good that the person would still be able to watch at least some part of the screen with the jacket like this.


But it’s still pretty crazy how people have little to no consideration for others in certain situations! What’s gonna happen after that depends on how the person would react to it. But, we can see that it could easily end up in an argument.

My cello’s seat

For those rare personalities who need an extra seat, why do you need it? Do you have a service animal with you, or is it just for getting some more space? If you ask this lady, it’s because she wants to keep her cello.

Garethkalber / imgur

She just couldn’t leave her precious instrument with the baggage handlers. Having seen how they toss the cargo, we can understand that. Anyways, the image made us laugh a lot, and the best part is that she’s just too oblivious!


Kids are naughty, and they are always up to something. They could either be minding their own business, or they could be annoying everybody on the plane, like this child. He is probably trying to annoy the person sitting behind him.

Stefanobettega / reddit

It all depends on the person sitting behind. They could either perceive it as an annoying thing, or they could consider it cute and even start playing with the kid! Well, honestly, that depends a lot on the person’s mood as well.

We have a situation

We know that a majority of people would freak out after seeing this image, so it would’ve definitely been a difficult situation on the plane. Spiders give people the chills. But maybe this guy just needs a free ride, and we shouldn’t bother him?

Passengershaming / instagram

So, perhaps catching him would be a good decision if he’s the reason why the whole flight is freaking out. But, truth be told, they’re pretty much harmless! We can’t help but wonder how this guy even got on the flight in the first place.

No time to waste

If there’s one lesson that we could learn from this one, it’s about the importance of doing your laundry. So what if you have a flight to board? So what if the people around you would be highly bothered with what you’re doing?

Passengershaming / instagram

You need to do your laundry, no matter what the conditions. That’s all the sarcasm we had. We can’t really think how weird it would be for a passenger on a flight to notice that the person on their neighboring seat is drying their clothes.

An air of confidence

Before you look at this image, let us give you a disclaimer. The sense of entitlement in this picture is really strong! Look at those high heels and that fancy hat. Both the items are resting peacefully in the cabin.

Passengershaming / instagram

You know what? This is actually good, and we’re glad that these items are in the cabin, although they’re taking up a lot of space. It’s at least better than their owner putting that on the armrest and causing discomfort to others.

How to be annoying 101

Imagine you have a flight to board. You’ve entered the plane, and you’re walking towards your seat. You find your seat and move towards it only to see these feet on the armrests like this. What would you do in this situation?

Hakanyildirimofficial / instagram

Most people would end up getting into an argument if they came across something like that, and it’s totally understandable. The armrest in front of your seat is for the arms of the person sitting in front of you and not for your feet.

Instant solutions

Before anybody tries this midair stunt, let us tell you that you shouldn’t pop a zit. Although it might feel good for the moment, it could lead to infections, and it could also make the zit more prominent, which is the exact opposite of why people do it in the first place.

Djakpineapple / instagram

From the looks of it, it feels as if this lady has been squeezing that zit for a long time since she’s been on the flight, and there’s no success till now. She should’ve given up on it for her own good. It’s hilarious to see, though.

Umm… Excuse me?

That right there is one rude lady who just doesn’t care if the people sitting beside her are bothered because of her. She’s in her own world. Firstly, it took us a while to understand what was even happening here, but we got it.

Geg5150 / instagram

We thought that it was her hair falling over the sides and she was actually sleeping with half her body facing the person behind her, but that’s not it. She just draped her overly furry parka over the seat. That’s seriously rude.

The beginning

The way that foot is positioned is just creepy. This photo could easily be used as a poster for a horror movie! We can’t really understand why or how the foot is in that twisted position. But, we can surely tell that it’s a kid’s foot.

Alibkaufman / instagram

Also, unlike other feet on armrests that we saw earlier, this one isn’t dirty, and nor does it have a shoe on. It’s clean, so it’s bad, but it’s not that bad. Nonetheless, we hope that the parents of this child were informed about it.


The seat beside this person was empty, so he thought he’d take the chance to get a good stretch and also get some fresh air for his feet by removing his shoes. But, he knew his feet were stinky, so he protected himself by wearing a mask. How convenient.

Passengershaming / instagram

Well, we can only say one thing after looking at this image. Not cool. He should have been a bit more considerate and at least provided the passengers near him with a mask as well. But, mainly, he shouldn’t have removed his shoes in the first place.


We don’t know if this lady is showing her hair off or if she’s trying to make sure that it doesn’t get ruined. Anyways, we think that’s why we can’t take scissors on a flight. People keep their hair this way, and there’s a danger of others cutting it off.

Propsman / instagram

The person behind her could’ve cut her hair if he had scissors, but that’s a very strange thing to do. We think he’s going to politely ask her to put her hair back if it’s bothering him. That would surely be after he’s had a good laugh!

Send help

This photo is of a seat from the 62nd row of a plane. We don’t need to tell you that these images are creepy, and that’s a foot on the armrest. That must have been a pretty unpleasant experience for other passengers in that row.

Crog801 / instagram

The photo on the left side is creepy, but it’s still normal. However, the photo on the right side is the creepiest. Doesn’t it seem as if the foot on the right side only has two toes? We know that’s because of the angle, but what if?

Cheese puffs, anyone?

Someone needs to remind this boy and his parents that they’re not sitting in their dining room. They’re on a plane full of people around them. Honestly, it doesn’t look like the boy is bothering other people. He’s just eating cheese puffs in a weird way.

Billychasen / reddit

If the person sitting beside him is a clean freak, they’re gonna be bothered a lot, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either, since the person clicked a photo of this guy. But, somebody does need to call his parents or ask him to clean the mess up.