40 Rare Classic Trucks That Have Been Beautifully Restored

By Aayush G

Trucks are one of our finest inventions. They check all the boxes from style to being fun to drive, and that’s why we love them so much. Our enthusiasm for them led us to compile this list of 40 of the best and the rarest trucks ever built, restored to perfection. These beauties are a feast for the eyes, and we could spend hours admiring them. If you’re like us, this list will leave you wanting more, but it is a great start! When it comes to trucks, we are not among those who admire only a particular kind of them, but we love all of them. Modern, Vintage, Small, Large – this list has a bit of everything. Make sure to stick around till the end to find machines you’ve only seen restored in your dreams.

1. 1964 Ford F-150

The first truck we have for you in the basket is the legendary Ford F-150. It first came into production in the year 1948! And the fun part is it is still in the market 74 years later. Ford is just amazing.

Image courtesy of artofit.org

The truck you are seeing is the 1964 model, and it was used as a service vehicle in the past, so the condition was pretty rough. But the guys did a great job in bringing this legacy back to life in its famous green color.

2. 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

The 4th year Dodge Power Wagon was a heavy-duty machine built to takeover any terrain without any ifs, ands, or buts. Dodge introduced the Power Wagon in the year 1945, and it was succeeded by the Dodge RAM, which is still going strong.

Image courtesy of hotcars.com

This 1949 version of the truck is modified to have four doors, making it even rarer. The red paint job looks deadly. And with those big wheels and hefty engine, which has been tuned to have even more power, it’s a powerhouse.

3. 1966 Ford F-100

As the list progress, you will find many more Fords in the list because they have made some of the best trucks in history, and seeing them restored is just incredible. This one is the younger brother of the original F-150.

Image courtesy of puckstopshere999 / websiteforcars.com

The F-100 was made as a lighter variant of the 150, and it was produced for only six short years. The restored variant we see here has that slick dual-tone paint job which makes it looks absolutely stunning in daylight.

4. 1956 Chevrolet 3100

This one was a tough vehicle to restore as these were produced in small numbers, and finding compatible parts for these is just like finding a needle in a haystack. But still, the restoration guys did an amazing job.

Image courtesy of classiccars.com

From old and rusty to new and green, this truck has seen many days. This one is loaded with parts of many different vehicles because of the scarcity of its originals, but all in all, the result makes us drool.

5. 1937 Plymouth PT- 50 Pickup Truck

If we have to give it a name, that would be Blazing Blue because of its powerful stance! The truck is looking just fab and, unlike today’s modern vehicles, this one has that RAW feel, which is the USP of these trucks.

Image courtesy of soolide.com

This time capsule dates back to 1937, one of the oldest on our list. This particular model is the first generation of the Plymouth PT-50, and it has been rebuilt with a new engine and transmission. Imagine riding this baby down an empty highway.

6. 1954 Ford F-100

If you are new to this “truck world,” you can get confused in this F-100 and the one above. To clear up, this is the second generation of the same truck (the one above is the fourth generation). But personally, we love the low-key design of this bad boy.

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

This machine is insanely popular among lowrider enthusiasts, and this restored beauty couldn’t be dropped any lower than this. This 1954 version of the F-100 has been restored with a new engine and this hot red paint job, which must have cost big bucks.

7. 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup

This machine is rare to find these days because this was the pickup truck version of the Ford E series, which was a line of cargo vans. The cargo van model inspired its body, but its back was chopped off to make the bed.

Image courtesy of rockauto.com

Many like it, some don’t, but it is pretty unique, and we respect that. The vehicle is the 1961 model of the Ford Econoline, which has been restored with new silver rims and its iconic beige color. A pure classic.

8. 1940 Plymouth Pickup

There is another Plymouth on the list, but this is none other than the 1940 Plymouth Pickup. The restored version of the vehicle looks as good as it runs, thanks to the recently upgraded engine. The paint job is a tribute.

Image courtesy of yeahmotors.com

Color schemes on the machine were taken from the John Deere classics, green and yellow. The bed was also redone, and a new cover has been added to maintain its condition, and the interiors are high quality, as you would expect.

9. 1931 Chevy Pickup

This 1931 Chevy Pickup is a rare deal to find and also a feast to look upon. The color of this restored beauty is also very special because it is painted in not just any green, but John Deere Green.

Image courtesy of yeahmotor.com

The body and the frame of this Chevy Pickup have been kept original but with a few repairs. This one has all the things you could ever ask for in a modern-day speed machine; it even has an automatic transmission!

10. 1939 Chevrolet Pickup

Words fall short for this truck’s black and silver combo because it looks so dope on this old pickup. This 1939 Chevrolet is completely rebuilt to perfection, and what’s unique about this is that it was restored to the stock condition.

Image courtesy of squirrel / jalopyjournal.com

The engine on this beauty has the original specs from more than 80 years ago. The three-speed manual transmission is also there if some of you are curious. The only addition is that it now has the much-needed electronic ignition.

11. 1951 Ford F-1

When we see Ford trucks, we always see uniqueness and newness in their design language, and that’s what is continued in this classic first-generation Ford F-1, which was renamed F-100 in the coming years. We have seen this model, but this restoration is too perfect to leave off this list.

Image courtesy of preprod.soolide.com

This restored version carries the legacy of the F-1 with pride. Everything is restored to perfection, from its unique single bar grille to the side arch wheels. This is the first time we can genuinely say the color is the “cherry” on top!

12. 1964 Chevy C10

When looking at the 1964 Chevy C10, we are looking at history. This vintage beast was restored while being true to its original form, with all the modern amenities installed. The restoration of this one was not easy as the vehicle’s condition was not so good.

Image courtesy of garagekeptmotors.com

But still, the end results are on par with our expectations because it is looking better than new. It’s glorious, from the rootbeer paint color, the 18-inch wheels, new black bench, air conditioner, or its new V8 engine; everything is just awesome.

13. 1940 Ford Pickup truck

No doubt it was a show stopper in the 2006 Del Mar Auto show. Who would not love this Ice Blue color on top of the Ford 1/2 ton pickup? It’s like they were made for each other. Its current condition is unknown, but knowing how deep an owner’s love towards their vehicle can be, we can assume it’s in safe hands.

Image courtesy of classictrucks.com / Pinterest

The truck was restored to mint condition, and it is looking better than new in this shot. We’d love to take a quick joyride. The white striped wheels are really eye-catching and go well with the overall theme of the vehicle.

14. 1948 Ford F-1

Another truck with a brilliant blue paint job, but this time on the 1948 Ford F-1. We think this shade looks super dope on these old-school trucks. We don’t know why more companies don’t roll out vehicles in this color.

Image courtesy of classiccarsneewz.info / Pinterest

Talking about the truck, it is the first F series truck in the lineup, which was announced way back in 1947. The renovation of this old beauty has been done very professionally, and any vintage car enthusiast would love to have this in their collection.

 15. 1950 Chevrolet 3100

Chevrolet made the 3100, thousands were sold back in the day, but none looks as great as this massive machine is right here. This 3100 is a heavily modified version of the original vehicle. The frame was taken from a 1978 Chevrolet Blazer.

Image courtesy of autohunter.com

It had every part of its body tweaked to become a better version of itself. Custom-made luxurious interiors, automatic transmission with a Corvette 350 Cl engine, custom body shell, and new tires… the list of modifications goes on till eternity.

16. 1956 Chevrolet 3100 4×4

We showed you a restored 3100 earlier in the article. That one was great and subtle, but this one is an absolute monster compared to that. First of all, it is a 4 x 4, which means it can face any terrain with a smile.

Image courtesy of bballchico / Flickr

Another notable feature is the vehicle’s height, thanks to the big off-road wheels installed in it. The chrome and the hot red color just compliments its vibe. As you would expect, this restored piece has all the bells and whistles a modern-day truck carries.

17. 1966 Chevrolet C10

This is really a slick lowrider which we would love to roam the neighborhoods in all day long. Just look at how mean and hot it looks with this ink-black paint job and those silver alloys, a combination made in heaven.

Image courtesy of motortrend.com

On top of all that, this unique four-door design is a great addition to this beast. This bad boy took a year to restore to this level of perfection, and the results just show us that good things do take time.

18. 1947 Dodge COE

The Dodge Cab over Engine (COE) is surely a conversation starter if we talk about trucks and restoration. This popular model looks insanely awesome when restored, and the low bearing of the vehicle just adds to its slick, classic feel.

Image courtesy of Rich / carflipping.com

This yellow vehicle is surely a head-turner on the road because of its amazing road presence. This one also carries all kinds of amenities like A/C, electric ignition, and an automatic transmission. We want it badly! Anyone wanna get us a present?

19. 1958 Chevrolet Apache NapCo 4×4

This is also a very popular model of the Chevrolet’s truck lineup (out of many). The one is called the Chevrolet Apache because it was what is known as a light-duty truck. Heavy-duty vehicles were named Spartans, and medium-duty ones were Vikings.

Image courtesy of topclassiccarsforsale.com

The NapCo team has refurbished this truck, so perfection is assured. On top of restoring every part of it beautifully, the company has also added the functionality of 4 x 4 in this 1958 gem. They outdid themselves with this one!

20. 1938 Ford Pickup Truck

As it was known popularly in the late 1930s, the Ford One Tonner was an essential part of American history. It was launched in the pre-war era, and it weighed exactly one ton to be a sort of middle option between light-duty cars and heavy-duty pickups.

Image courtesy of fordpickupbidokuma.blogspot.com

This refurbished one-tonner is finished in this beautiful paint job of maroon and black, along with those white striped wheels, making it a perfect addition to a royal convoy. This drives as good as it looks, too, thanks to its retuned engine.

21. 1946 Dodge Power Wagon

We know it’s priceless to classic car enthusiasts, but if you were asked to guess the cost of this beast, what would the number be? Another car lover paid a price of $260,000 to add this to his collection. That’s dedication!

Image courtesy of desertpowerwagons.com

That’s why this 1946 Dodge Power Wagon became the Truck Trend’s top SEMA build, and it totally deserved it. To make it this size, Maxxis tires were used with the SRT8 Hemi motor, which can produce more than 650 horses!

22. 1940 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup

There are very few car companies that successfully establish a legacy for years to come, and Ford is one of them. The 1940 Ford 1/2 Pickup, when launched, started a trend, and other companies were chomping at the bit to copy it.

Image courtesy of cms.soolide.com

All the other trucks looked similar to them, but where the Ford remains a Ford is its engine, which couldn’t be duplicated. This restored piece with a matte silver paint job also has the original motor in there. That’s impressive.

23. 1929 Ford Model A Pickup Truck

Whenever we see model A’s getting restored, we get excited because it is such an old piece of hardware and bringing it back to life requires much effort. That’s the reason why you see another model A on the list, and we don’t know if there are many more beyond them.

Image courtesy of yeahmotor.com

This Blue Devil has everything an automobile enthusiast wants. Big engine, check. Big wheels, check. Eye-catching looks, double check! It is an amazing piece of art that must be preserved in the museum to maintain its legacy. Or driven into the ground as cars are meant to be.

24. 1962 GMC Crew Cab

The first, and we think the only, GMC on the list is the 1962 GMC Crew Cab. It is a very rare piece of machinery, and you have to be super lucky to get your hands on one of these. Why? Because only six of them were ever manufactured.

Image courtesy of motortrend.com

This one you see in the picture is said to be the only one left in the whole United States. How rare is that?! That’s why, out of respect, the owner has kept it all original. What’s changed is the new paint job and those awesome wheels.

25. 1924 Ford Model TT

How old is too old? Well, if you ask a vintage car collector, nothing is too old. That’s why we are witnessing a vehicle in front of our eyes that is almost 100 years old! How is it even possible? Dedication, people.

Image courtesy of soolide.com

This one is probably the star of our list, seeing the amount of work which must have gone in to achieve these results. The truck’s paint job shows that the owner has great taste because white really looks amazing on this TT.

26. Chevrolet 3800 One Ton Flatbed

This is the only restoration in which the truck seems to be restored to fulfill its purpose as a workman’s vehicle rather than a shiny show stopper. We respect both ideas, but this is a really unique piece of history.

Image courtesy of yeahmotor.com

The Chevrolet 3800 One Ton Flatbed has been restored to return to its true roots in this amazing refurbishment process. The bed, the deep black paint, and simple wheels all define the purpose of this machine well! It is a hard workingman’s truck, alright!

27. 1941 Willy’s W23 Pickup

When we are talking about old and rare pickup trucks, Willy as a brand is less known, but their vehicles are worth some attention. Like this W23 Pickup, which was popular among workers in the early 1940s. They just don’t make them like this nowadays.

Image courtesy of classiccars.com

The restoration has made it a new and sweet ride, as everything in it is just top-notch. The Ferrari-red paint acts as a reminder of how cool this machine is. The wooden bed and the interiors have been redone to match the original.

28. 1930 Ford Roadster

The oldest on the list is a spinoff of a truck from the 1930s. This is the 1930 Ford Roadster, a version of the Ford Model A introduced in 1927. We’re really taking you back in time with this one!

This Roadster is popular among the hot-rod community, and no doubt it looks fantastic! The awesome Corvette Nassau Blue exterior paint job and open engine are just the cherries on top of a beautiful cake. And it does fit in the truck category: peep the extended cab.

29. 1929 Ford Model A (Woody Wagon)

This is literally history running on four wheels. It looks like it has been teleported straight from the good old days of the 1930s. The restoration guys from Atlanta have done a fantastic job on this machine, and they deserve applause.

Image courtesy of fossilcars.com

The beige stain compliment the wooden exterior, and topping it is the Maple paneling, which adds to the vintage feel it is carrying. The wheels, wheel arches, roof all are restored to the stock condition. We’re sure it’s worth big bucks.

30. 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

This is what the Chevy Pickup would look if it were driven by the mafia. Just look at the height of this vehicle; we are not sure if ground clearance was a thing for the makers of this vehicle, but it’s a perfect lowrider on the streets.

Image courtesy of hotrodhotline.com

The grey color scheme fits perfectly. From the body to the bed – and also the rims – all are given equal respect. The huge wheel arches are a great addition. The truck has the power to cause traffic jams, so beware!

31. 1942 Chevrolet AK

Just look at this truck; the face of it seems almost like a human, and a mean one at that. This beast is none other than the Chevy AK, which was not commercially available at the time they were manufactured.

Image courtesy of soolide.com

They were only reserved for military usage, and you can now imagine how rare a find these vehicles are. The restoration job has been done flawlessly on this one as well. The paint job suits it, and it looks as perfect as a picture.

32. 1947 Dodge WD21

The restoration of a 75-year-old machine is not easy, but this team did an expert-level job. The 1947 Dodge WD21 received much love in order to get transformed into an absolute beast ready to catch the attention of everyone on the streets.

Image courtesy of americanclassicscars.com

The Fresh coat of black with a subtle blue tint makes it a bling machine in the day and a dark Bat-truck at night. The restoration work has been done head to toe, making it one of the best WD21s we have ever seen.

33. 1946 Studebaker M5 Pickup

The Studebaker M5 pickup is a less well-known machine because it was manufactured during World War II in parts of Europe and Russia. But this vehicle is here to catch all the eyes and make its name 76 years later.

Image courtesy of gocars.org

The restored bed is clearly visible, as you can see. Deep navy blue suits the M5 well. If you look at the rims, you can see they added a touch of blue there as well, and it’s these details that make up tip our hats to restorers.

34. 1948 Ford F6 COE Ramptruck

This massive machine you are seeing on your screen is an altered version of the 1948 Ford F6, and this thing is literally a tank on wheels. This is the best definition of what an actual beast vehicle looks like.

Image courtesy of gocars.org

The Truck is loaded with a big ramp on its back along with a big exhaust coming from the side of it. The most amazing part of this hefty truck is its horn because it is loaded with a Gigantic 140 DB real train horn. How unique is that?!

35. 1947 Chevrolet 3800

When we talk about trucks, we usually see pretty dark colors because they mean business, and a neutral shade suits them. But the owner of this truck thought to stand out from the crowd by painting his truck in buttery yellow.

Image courtesy of classiccarsexport.com

It surely looks unique and new, and the color scheme also looks amazing on this one. The truck is restored beautifully, as we can see, and most of the 3800 that are present today are in pretty beat-up condition, so it’s good that it is back in its shape.

36. 1948 Ford F-100 Panel Truck

We have seen two F-100s in this list, and they both were restored beautifully in their own right. But this third one is completely out of this world, due to its different body style and totally unique paint job. Purple makes a statement.

Image courtesy of buysellsearch.com

The exact name of the color is DuPont Hawaiian Orchid, and it’s rare to see this color on top of pickup trucks. The refurbishment of this machine has been completed with the addition of many other vehicle parts. A few were borrowed from the Corvette and Mustang.

37. 1948 Ford Pickup/Rat Rod

This is what we call a fun project. This is a fusion of a rat rod and a pickup truck, and it’s really unique. We have seen all kinds of modifications in this list, but this one is something beyond original!

Image courtesy of preprod.soolide.com

This pickup/Rat rod must be really fun to drive, and we would love to get our hands on this one. The best part of this one is its small pickup bed they have kept in the back, which reminds us that this actually was a truck.

38. 1950 Ford F4 Flatbed

As we have seen many crazy modifications recently, we should not forget that the real beauty is in the simplicity of a machine, which is perfectly shown in this beautiful restoration of the 1950 Ford F4 Flatbed. It hasn’t aged a day.

Image courtesy of gocars.org

Completed with an aggressive yet subtle red and black paint job, this F4 looks great due to its simplicity. The design of the F4 has been kept intact, along with its doors, fenders, and bumpers. It is a nice one to own and operate for big tasks.

39. 1949 GMC 3/4 Ton FC152

How much time do you think must have been going on this project? Well, we hate to break it to you, but this truck took whole four years to complete. That was with a complete frame-off restoration that includes stripping it to the bare metal.

Image courtesy of GatewayClassicCars / YouTube

They spent so much time on this because of its rareness. These are as rare as they are beautiful to stare at, so they had to be careful. And it is commendable to see how well all of it turned out at the end.

40. 1965 Chevrolet P10

When we end the list, we have to make it memorable for the real G’s who stick out till the end to witness this absolute madness of a “pickup truck.” This is a modified version of the 1965 Chevrolet P10.

Image courtesy of GatewayClassicCars / YouTube

This truck is a sight in an automobile show, and if you have some doubt, it runs and functions better than new. The low stance and alloy wheels are definitely a showstopper, and that’s why this truck is loved by car enthusiasts .