40 Strange Car Designs That Arouse Comments At First Sight

By Ridwan S

The number of cars on and off the roads worldwide is quite incredible, each with its distinctive structure and design. Do you ever take the time to notice this variety while walking through the street or driving down the highway? The numerous car models and structural diversity support the argument that human inventiveness knows no bounds. Aside from the incredible architecture of automobiles, you may have come across other structures that went too far. If not, a Facebook community is dedicated to analyzing ugly, unusual, and strange cars. The group, Ugly, Odd & Unique Automotive Masterpieces lives true to its name. Images are posted to the group, which sparks exciting discussions. When you view these photos, you have to question if the driver was just trying to stand out or if the designer was completely extra. We’ve gathered some of the fascinating photographs from this group in this article. Check through the pictures below to discover which ones appeal (or don’t!) to you the most.

Bump-resistant wooding structure

We have cause to assume that this automobile owner has been in too many accidents, so they’ve come up with this remedy. The mechanic resolved to find a long-term solution to the regular workshop trips. Due to repeated bumper dents and scratches, they replaced the bumper with a wooden framework.

Image courtesy: Leoh Majeld

We feel the wooden construction will protect the car from additional damage. Any vehicle that collides with this car, on the other hand, will suffer irreparable harm. We hope that such a person has insurance to cover the losses. Thanks to this innovation, this car will never be damaged again.

The ride for kids

We’re baffled as to why the car’s body frame is so close to the ground. That said, there is no doubt that the color is quite appealing. While we are not vehicle specialists, it would be interesting to hear the manufacturers’ opinions on how the vehicle will function in such proximity to the ground.

Image courtesy: Everything Low

The inscription on the car reads, “Wanna be cool, stay in school,” which we believe is excellent advice. Now that we think about it, perhaps the structure is so close to the ground because it transports children. This low rider is just too low for functionality, though.

The speed machine

For people who are car enthusiasts or a fan of Fast and Furious, you’ll surely appreciate this from afar. With the turbo, it’s most likely a speedy machine. You can expect it to give you a run for your money with the petite structure and motor.

Image courtesy: Ritesh Raj

This ride will undoubtedly make you feel good if you have a get-away or a get-together with a partner. The hue is impressive, while the structure is simply breathtaking. A drive around would be a dream come true for most.

The Giant Mini Truck

Trucks are notorious for being utilized for heavy-duty operations. There it’s important to have durable tires in place. However, the vehicle manufacturer decided to go with tires meant for certain trailers. The owner is most likely planning to put it to some hard work.

Image courtesy: Brent Boyd

Although our words are merely our opinions, you may find yourself agreeing with us after seeing the car from the front. Whatever the case may be, we believe this is a clean vehicle with a good body. The entire structure was put together beautifully by the designer.

The power motorcycles

Though we aren’t big bike fans, we think this is incredibly cool. However, we have some reservations about its usability. The motorcycle appears to be unable to make it past any speed bumps. Can the bike move at all if this is the case? We’d be very interested to see how it works.

Image courtesy: The BikerBoy

Apart from that, the motorcycle is beautifully constructed, which we admire. At first glance, anyone can quickly tell it’s a product of the famous vehicle brand, BMW. This is BMW R NineT, designed for lengthy runs and explorations. The retro-styled roadster is also well-known for its modern handling and superb engine.

Gold-plated fashion bikes

Meet Harley-Davidson V-rod 360, another roadster that will give a magical feeling around town. A fantastic photo with the beast will surely get you hundreds of likes any day. The ride comes with an incredible finish in a golden hue. With the giant tire, you can expect a Batman-kinda feeling.

Image courtesy: Louisiana Biker

Given that the ride can hit 60 in 3.5 seconds, any biker will do well to have their helmet on. The good news is that despite the monstrous structure, V-rod is easy to ride and reliable on slippery or bumpy roads. However, it’s not a recommended ride for an 18 year or less.

Custom made Spinola

Aside from the fact that there are now more fancy-looking buses, this bus is well-built. The front perspective may appear odd, but the side views are attractive. We particularly enjoy the bus’s color design, which is a riot of vibrant and gorgeous hues.

Image courtesy: Magdy Lofty

It is thought to be an antique Maltese bus that was retired from service in 2011. Also, they scrapped a lot before the rest were saved and restored to their former splendor. We don’t find this unattractive, but we think it has a strange appearance.

The confusion cycle

From thinking about whether this is a fridge on a bike to thinking of a reason behind the need for a gas can, several questions are likely to pop up in your head. We had reason to believe that the object in the center was a shelf for a brief moment. Perhaps, the developer felt it would come in handy for courier services.

Image courtesy: Julz Fordnut

If you haven’t taken a moment to check carefully, you would have thought there were two rides. However, this is not the case. The design is meant for a partner to sit close while the rider kicks on. But in this case, the seat has been relaxed with a shelf-like structure. Quite thought-provoking!

The bus wannabe

Perhaps, this owner needed a bus and decided to re-design his current ride. The auto-mechanic would undoubtedly need extra hands and expertise to pull this off, whatever the case or reason. Apparently, this ride should be enough to take a family of four on a trip or a couple simply enjoying an excellent time together in the backyard.

Image courtesy: Paul Smith

Something like this would be extraordinary to see on the streets one day. We’d like to see it and hear people’s opinions, if nothing else. It’s undoubtedly another thought-provoking ride that people would like to know the developer and the reason behind the initiative. Not bad, really!

The Mini car

Having this mini ride in the yard is not a bad idea. This is especially true when you want to have a simple drive around the street. For us, it’s really an excellent option to cruise alone and listen to loud music. We believe that driving this car will make parking a breeze.

Image courtesy: Daniel Marinus

However, the primary issue is the size. It remains to be seen how the owner plans to enter unless they have done due diligence about their size. Also, users will surely need to leave their traveling bags at home and leave with a few wears to use this ride.

The toy car

The car in the image looks like a toy car, something you’d buy for kids, perhaps because of the color. Nevertheless, it should fit nicely for a young adult heading to the gym now and again. That aside, the structure is quite impressive, and it will also help pack a few farm produce or materials.

Image courtesy: ChrisnDeana Evenden

People who are more familiar with Chevrolet 2010 will probably consider it one from afar. This is true as they share the same front view. There is a good chance that the upper side behind is being customized by removal for personal use by the owner. Undoubtedly, it’s still an appealing ride.

The pod-like car

Before you start wondering whether this is a ride or not, a simple answer is yes, it is. This is Oldsmobile Aerotech, which was designed between 1987 and 1992. The first man to take it for a spin was J. Foyt. Aerotech evolved into a monster that covers 267.88mph. So, if you ever get to enter it, be ready for a race.

Image courtesy: Lari Dem

With speed improved several times and a one-of-a-kind structure, the manufacturer enjoyed massive sales during its production time. A race in this Aerotech might give you an advantage over your competitors. How? They could find the front view funny and underate you. So, take the lead and leave them behind!

Crotch rocket motorcycle

A lot is going on here that our minds can’t comprehend. Won’t the engine heat up? How do you manage to keep going? Perhaps, this is simply designed for a fun ride across the yard. If so, users will surely enjoy the fun, spending time with their children running after them. Or better still, you could have a fun ride alone.

Image courtesy: David Shawn

While the creative developer has some explanations to do, the aesthetics are eye-catching. The wheels are not bad either. However, you might find it challenging to purchase the small front wheels if they need to be repaired. Also, the engine doesn’t seem like the regular in any vehicle. In other words, there is a good chance that some adjustments have been made.

The Voodoo Garage

Are you curious as to how this car obtained its unique moniker? We’d be happy to show you around. Look at the vehicle’s inscription; it even has the voodoo eyeballs. Even the vehicle’s form resembles something from the voodoo world. It is formed like a skull, as you can see.

Image courtesy: Max Michels

The vehicle’s overall construction is also something that perplexes and amazes us. According to all we’ve revealed so far, the car is playing with the name on its door. If anything like this appeared on the highways, we would undoubtedly be terrified. The automobile looks scary from every angle.

The Pickup Ford T bird

Someone wanted to convert their Ford T bird into a pickup truck, which confused us. The car appears to be moving forward and backward simultaneously. Leaving aside the structure’s ambiguity, we admire the vast amount of space it contains. Perhaps it was designed to transport loads.

Image courtesy: Esteban Ramirez

You’ll realize that the vehicle has no doors if you look closely. The revelation makes us question how the vehicle’s passengers get in and exit. Something occurred to us; perhaps they used the wide opening in the car to gain entry into the vehicle—something we’d want to learn more about.

The Clown Ride

It is not sufficient to dress in the manner in which you like to be addressed. You may also require a ride that matches the energy of your aspirations on occasion. People will understand how to address you without you having to say anything. It simplifies the entire explanation process.

Image courtesy: Mike Cunningham

Now let’s concentrate on the car in the image above. It perfectly meets the clown description. Look at the car’s representation of teeth and nose. It even has the clown colors represented. To add to the humour, the driver is dressed as a clown.

The star ride

This is Beatnik Bandit, a custom ride featuring a clear bubble canopy. The star-like ride is undoubtedly an incredible piece to drive around the city. And if you would like, it won’t be a bad idea for a photo shoot either. Undoubtedly, the structure is quite lovely and admirable. Such a gorgeous color scheme too.

Image courtesy: Jeff Christmas

From the wheels, roof, and body to lights, Beatnik exudes sheer luxury. We don’t believe this vehicle meets the weird automobile criteria for various reasons. Although it lacks the standard structure of cars we see every day, it is far from unusual.

The lawnmower vehicle

If you wonder if it’s genuinely a lawnmower in a vehicle structure, it’s not – this is a 1943 Ford Truck. The classic ride comes with a clean finish, an incredible engine, and a wheel that makes you want to have a night ride. Contrary to how you might see it, the engine doesn’t block the driver’s view.

Image courtesy: American Classic Cars

However, we’re curious about the cost of the paint job because of the sparkle of the paint. We’re just delighted it came out nice and sparkly, regardless of how much it cost. It’s certainly a luxury ride for the elites and the wealthy who wouldn’t mind splashing some dollars on a luxury vehicle for the yard.

The wingless airplane

Here is a 1937 Airmobile Sedan C. As funny as it looks, it was capable of moving at 4mph back in the mid-1930s. It is designed as a front-wheel-drive with three wheels and an air-cooled flat-four. Although it is wingless, the aero-shaped structure indeed plays a part in its naming. It will certainly turn many heads if it is to move around town tomorrow.

With the structure, it is best used for a couple – perhaps during their honeymoon. Alternatively, you can take it on a spin with your best friend. However, it is worth stating that you’ll hardly find many of these sedans anymore. It will only be a rare ride in a collector’s garage if you do.

The suitcase vehicle

Every product is a solution to an existing problem. The automobile below is no exception. The person who thought of this must despise having to take taxis anytime they travel. As a result, they created the suitcase vehicle to overcome their taxi problems while on trips.

Image courtesy: Bobby Sutu

It’s a vehicle that can be used as luggage but can also be converted into a motorcar. We’re curious how heavy and easy this suitcase vehicle is to transport. The man in the photo above appears to be having a good time regardless of its’ weight!

The Golf Cart

A golf club is recognized as a long, vast expanse of bright green land. It is hard to travel from one hole to another with heavy equipment. A golf cart undoubtedly fixes all of the problems we’ve discussed. This cart, in particular, is a fantastic hybrid.

Image courtesy: Jay Darton Daugherty

It’s the most beautiful golf cart we’ve ever seen, and it’ll be a romantic journey for newlywed couples. However, we are confident that elderly golf fans would enjoy being a part of this adventure. The color and design of the cart are fantastic.

Quadruple decker bus

Everything about this bus appears to be unattractive to us, but opinions differ. It is our viewpoint, not everyone else’s. You or anyone else may have a different perspective on the bus’s appearance. We believe it functions perfectly, despite its appearance.

Image courtesy: Benny de Vries

The bus’s windows appear to be too high for claustrophobic passengers such as us. It might be difficult for us to stay put on this bus. As a result, we are not looking forward to taking this type of bus. For us, it will be suffocating.

The short bike

Here is another monster designed for long roads. Any biker will surely want to go on a ride on this ingenuity. Capable of covering long distances in no time, you should be ready to deal with some fast air and incredible feelings.

Image courtesy: The Biker Brotherhood

We’d like to know how comfortable someone who rides this motorcycle is. The bike’s and seat’s color schemes are also appealing to us. We never imagined blue and gold could look so good together. We are definitely ready to hit the roads in style with this motorbike.

The salvaging contest

The winner of the make an ugly car uglier contest is shown below. They’ve succeeded in making this truck even more hideous by adding extra unmatching parts. Compare the front and central sections of the automobile. The color and structure do not match the vehicle’s main part.

Image courtesy: Lee Hill

The front part resembles a tractor perhaps, while the central section appears like a jeep. We’re not sure why the person opted to put a tractor’s front end on their Jeep. A hilarious cargo bed is also affixed to the back of the car, which we find perplexing.

The awaken rusted ride

The car’s owner must have gone to their disposal site to resurrect it from the dead. Is it even safe to be driving in the rusted death trap? We’re perplexed as to why they don’t seem to care about their health and safety.

Image courtesy: Lee Hill

We believe that even if they had had the car fixed and painted, it would still have been ugly. It would, however, appear less frightening if they had given it a facelift. Look at the front lights; one of them is broken, most likely due to neglect. We’re surprised the engine is still functional.

The flat car

Every situation necessitates the use of portable items. We want to have mobile products for everything from house décor to personal items. As a result, we adore how simple and portable this car appears. We don’t think this car is ugly; in fact, we believe it’s quite straightforward.

Image courtesy: Three Pedals

This truck is small and flat compared to the other trucks we see. It’s possible that the angle from which they took this photo gave the impression that the car was practically flat. We believe the car isn’t particularly ugly if that isn’t the case. Such a basic design.

Black luxury

Here is the car to match your black outfit if you’re going to a black-themed party. Dressing in black isn’t enough; pair it with a fantastic black automobile like this. Imagine arriving at a party in this vehicle and becoming the center of attention – it will surely get people talking at the MET Gala.

Image courtesy: Rommel Baldicanas

Since it appears odd, the car would be the main focus of attention. If we were to encounter one on the roadways, we would also have to stare at it. However, in our opinion, it is merely uncommon, not ugly. It features some unusual features that make it unique.

The car-plane

We mistook this for an airplane for a moment since it looked so similar. Apart from the tires, there is nothing that leads us to assume that this isn’t a plane. The individual included the stairs and wings to make it look more realistic. Those are characteristics you’d notice on a plane.

Image courtesy: Mark Petersen

We’re curious about what the designer of this perplexing automobile was thinking. Was it their goal to make things so complicated? If we don’t find answers to our questions, it will be difficult to determine their objectives. Seeing this on the roadways, on the other hand, will amuse us, if not everyone.

Adult toy vehicle

Here’s the adult version of the child’s automobile toy we mentioned earlier. It’s no coincidence that they’re the same color; we believe the same person designed them. The adult structure, on the other hand, is quite attractive. As you can see in the photograph below, it lacks a door.

Image courtesy: David Shawn

Aside from the lack of doors, we also notice that the passenger’s side has no windows. We’re interested in seeing how comfortable it is to sit and drive in such automobiles. Even though the structure is attractive, we like how the chairs complement the colors.

The recycled vehicle

We have been hearing about recycling and trash management for a long time. As a result, it should come as no surprise when we witness examples of things being recycled. We essentially recycle used items to generate new but valuable products from previously trash.

Image courtesy: Darcy Malone

The vehicle shown above is a repurposed car utilized to make a chicken coop. We admire the inventiveness behind this concept and believe that we need more of it. The innovation aids in reducing trash and greenhouse gas emissions in our environment.

The museum vehicle

We find it interesting that some people think this image is unattractive, yet it appears to be quite beautiful. We’d like to assume that this is another recycled but stunningly beautiful masterwork. The vehicle’s body is adorned with heroic arts, which gives it a great appearance.

Image courtesy: Esteban Ramirez

Based on this image alone, we can’t claim this is what the truck is used for. There is no wheel or chairs to indicate that this vehicle is operating. The individual must be an art lover because they used history and heroic people to embellish this vehicle.

The old-fashioned caravan

You may have seen some highly fancy caravans these days; in our opinion, this caravan is old-fashioned. Caravans are live-in vehicles that have been converted to include all of the necessities of a home. We assume the car in this image is a caravan based on the door on the side.

Image courtesy: Rob Pinkerton

The car, we believe, should be given a facelift by painting and changing some of its features. Even if it is no longer utilized for caravan purposes, it might be used as a tourist attraction. It will be placed in a tourist attraction where visitors may see antique and heroic items.

The Jet Vehicle

Such modification, a jet converted into a vehicle, has been a long time coming. We learned about two planes that were turned into automobiles in this article. It will only be proper if we look at a jet that has been turned into a vehicle. Here we have it.

Image courtesy: Donald Porter

We have reasons to suspect this vehicle’s owner is a retired pilot. They are so passionate about flying that they had to transform a jet into a car. The transformation will allow them to continue to soar. For their sake, we hope that this car works correctly and that they are satisfied.

The artistic vehicle

As previously stated, recycling is now a generally acknowledged topic, and here is an example of a recycled car. The car was built of metals welded together, as shown in the figure below. Generating this must have taken a significant amount of time and effort.

Image courtesy: Karl Riddle

The final product of their recycling is a stunning piece that we adore. This car does not strike us as ugly; instead, it is a stunning piece. We believe the artist in charge of this will be pleased when they see the final product. An absolute masterpiece!

The final confusion

What better way to round off this list than with a vehicle that we find entirely perplexing. Everything about this vehicle perplexes us; bizarrely, there are three slides, each of which confuses us. We wonder if the vehicle’s body could have been longer to fill the space.

Image courtesy: Jackson Gomes

It appears that the vehicle’s body is not fully covering the entire engine. Between the body and the back tires, there is plenty of room. Also, the uncommon tires appear to be overly large for the vehicle’s overall size. We’re curious about the purpose of this vehicle.