No More DUI: Cars Will Keep Drunk People From Driving

By Anthony K December 1, 2022

Nearly thirty lives are lost daily due to drunk driving in the United States. As a consequence, there is an urgency for direct intervention to save lives. Thanks to modern technology, road carnage due to drunk driving will soon stay behind us. A new statute in the US demands that all new cars have alcohol detection measures by 2024.

In addition to carmakers implementing alcohol prevention technology, the bill further provides for research and development. The (NHTSA) collaborates with relevant players to improve this technology. After implementation, all vehicles will have a two-year grace period to comply.

Source: @jeshoots-com-147458 / Pexels

The system’s mode of operation can be likened to the current technology, although it is hard to predict what to expect in the future. The system adopts an ignition interlock device (IID), serving as a breathalyzer to the car’s ignition system. Because of this innovation, the vehicle will be unable to turn on until a sober driver breathes into the device.

By law, drivers are required to incur the installation costs and monthly charges of setting up and running an aftermarket IID after a DUI. Technicians are also working on devices that use touch sensors to measure the driver’s blood alcohol content.

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Senator Udall intends that the spirit of Volvo’s entirely voluntary initiative will serve as a model for other carmakers selling vehicles in the United States. Volvo has officially confirmed that it will set up car cameras to discern if a motorist is intoxicated or distracted.