Never Dismiss These 5 Car Problems

By Anthony K

Cars are complicated machines, and since there are a lot of things that can go wrong, manufacturers include warning signals to alert drivers that there’s a problem. In addition, there are leaks and sounds that drivers might notice that seem out of the ordinary. While some of them can be “dismissed” for a few days, others are vital and should be dealt with immediately. Look out for the following problems on your car to reduce repair costs and improve road safety.

1. Ticking Noise

Image courtesy of kanemme6/Shutterstock

As the timing belts of your car grow out, the ticking noise grows louder. Ticking noise from your engine could also mean that more adverse problems are on the way. Contact a professional to find the noise’s root cause and shut it off immediately.

2. Wobbly Steering

Unsteady steering should also warrant immediate attention. Wobbly steering when shifting gears could mean your alignment is off and you raise the risk of losing control. Get your steering checked immediately to ensure that you don’t run into other motorists.

3. Squealing Breaks

You shouldn’t let a squealing break develop into a bigger problem. Noises from your breaks could indicate significant damage to your brake pads. Turning a deaf ear may translate into more expensive repairs, accidents, or damage to other parts — hence the need for immediate assistance.

4. Misbehavior of the Check Engine Light

Inside auto repair industries claim that your check engine light may denote leaking fluids, and transmission complications, among other problems.

Image courtesy of PixieMe/Shutterstock

Get your car checked immediately to remedy the warning lights before endangering your life much further.

5. Smoke

Drivers concur that smoke is a common sign warranting immediate attention. Smoke could mean your car is overheating, there are electrical issues, or other problems that may need expensive repairs if unchecked. Get immediate professional assistance to avoid your car bursting into flames.