Must-Know Engine Tips If You Own An Old Car

By Anthony K

If you have an old car, you must know that getting it up and running is not a walk in the park. Complications are bound to arise since engines are supposed to run consistently. Similar to your body demanding regular exercise to operate optimally, so does your car engine demand care if in constant use. When the mobile parts of an engine remain idle for too long or lack efficient lubrication, they tend to get stuck.

Image courtesy of allanw/Shutterstock

Lubrication is the first step to reviving an old engine. You should consult your mechanic or source online to discover the right quantity of lubricant and mode of application.

You will probably need to replace fluids and filters to ensure your engine is intact before turning on the ignition. Regular gasoline is meant to last for six months. Should it stay any longer, it is likely to cause problems within the fuel system.

Image courtesy of Karasev Viktor/Shutterstock

Another area you must consider is your car’s electrical system. Old engines are prone to electric malfunctions. If all mechanical components operate effectively, but your car still has a hard time starting, chances are you’re facing an electrical issue.

Regular maintenance is critical if you want or need your car to serve you for longer. You must ensure your engine and other spares are viable by conducting repairs wherever necessary. If your car is over forty years old, you will need to employ the services of a professional for better results. Although, it is worth taking some time to learn about your car, even if a professional does the job.