Is Facebook Marketplace Killing Craigslist?

By Anthony K July 29, 2021

With the revolution of technology today, you are already aware of Facebook and Craigslist. As you might know, craigslist was founded a couple of years before Facebook. Earlier on, most people used to list their cars and services on Craigslist; there is no brainer about that, but with the growing number of con artists ready to rip people off, people are slowly losing faith in craigslist. And with Facebook having created a marketplace a few years ago, it’s not making it any better for Craigslist, especially when it comes to used cars.

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We mean, have you seen facebook’s marketplace and compared it to craigslist lately? From the landing page to the ease of use, you would begin to understand why people prefer Facebook to craigslist. How many times have you listed your items or tried to buy on craigslist? How was the experience? Exhausting right? After Facebook introduced a marketplace, people quickly jumped shipped. First, it was to test how it worked, but with time, people say that was one of the best decisions they made.

Over time, Facebook has been able to win over customers due to its transparency, and the icing on the cake about this marketplace is free, and you get to have options to choose from different vendors. Well, this calls for reasonable pricing. Why buy a car at $2,080 while getting the exact same used care from another seller for $2,030? Vendors are automatically forced to standardize their pricing, reducing the chances of customers being ripped off.

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Craigslist is now slowly dying a natural death. But do you think if they adapted to the changing technology, they would survive the competition? We will leave you to think about that. We could all learn from this that as things change, so should we avoid being out of place.