Insane Cars That Are Street-Legal To Drive

By Anthony K

We all have seen insane cars on the roads. Maybe while going to work, a drive with your mom, but not those that make you wonder if they are street legal or not. Today, we shall look at some cars that will make you wonder how they passed inspection. Let’s cut the talk and get right into it.

Image courtesy of Digital Storm/Shutterstock

Flat Mobile

This odd car is considered the lowest car in the world. Looking at it brings back memories of your slipper shoes at home. The Flat Mobile’s height is 19 inches from the ground, but one of the most unexpected features in the car design is that two jet engines power it. It makes you think about what the designer thought about while designing it. The car was sold at an auction at Brooklands, fetching £9,775 or $15,675 in hard American dollars.

Peel P50

Image courtesy of ilikeyellow/Shutterstock

The electric Vehicle held the 2010 Guinness record holder for the smallest production car ever made. In the spirit of small city cars, the P50 stands 53 inches long and 43 inches tall. Much like some shopping carts at some malls. The P50 was the brainchild of Cyril Cannell and was initially manufactured in 1962 and went into production as a diesel car. The peel company later redesigned it as an electric vehicle in 2010, weighing about 130 pounds. Seeing it weave around traffic would be a sight to behold.

2015 BAC Mon

The BAC Mon is probably the closest one can get to an actual street-legal race car. It has an incredibly lightweight chassis, weighing about 1400 pounds, a quarter of your everyday Mercedes or BMW. That said, it packs a lot of horsepower under the hood. Its 2.3-liter engine provides this small beast with 285 horsepower. That’s a lot of power-packed in the small 1400 pound car. Getting your hands on one of these will set you back an estimated $200,000.