How To Maintain A Car’s Matte Finish

By Stephen M

The new BMW M5 Edition didn’t only come with a sleek aesthetic look and a desirable texture of matte finishes. The luxury and eye-catching finishing in matte and satin is becoming popular once again. For most luxury cars, matte finishing is offered as a factory coating option. Some luxury cars released in the past couple of years have variations of matte finishes.

Photo credit: sektor6 / Pexels

Despite the extravagant look it offers, matte finishes are mostly misconstrued to be difficult and expensive to maintain. This scares many people, but this piece aims to address all the misconceptions.

What is a matte finish?

Unlike gloss paints, a matte finish paint produces a non-reflective and rough texture after spraying. The misconception about matte paint, including the difficulty in maintaining and protecting the finish, is just a myth now. This is because the technology has improved over time; hence, durability has improved significantly. Now, let’s see how to maintain a matte finish.

Use wash soap meant for matte cars

You can’t just use any car wash product for a matte-finished car. It would be best if you didn’t resort to homemade combinations like a mixture of vinegar and dish soap, either. Use products specifically designed for such cars to stay on the safer side. Some manufacturers of matte brand cars advise using only water if possible. For deep cleaning, you may use a solution of citric acid powder for the wash.

Photo credits: @marckleen / Unsplash

Hand washing

The cleaning technique is as important as the car wash product you use. You may want to send your luxurious car to an automatic car wash. However, the best option for a matte paint car is hand washing. Most car wash centers use strong chemicals that can damage the paint, not to mention the rough rollovers and brushes scratching the vehicle. But with hand washing, you can do it gently with suitable materials.

Spot cleaning

If a spot cleaning is required, use matte-specific soap or detail spray to remove all the debris. If you have to do any filling, don’t use paste wax; instead, apply a sealant product made for matte paint. They are easier to use and usually don’t require curing time.