How Far Can A Spare Tire Take You?

By Anthony K

There’s no opportune time to get a flat tire. If you’re lucky, it’ll happen near a populated area and/or a nearby auto shop. But flat tires can happen dozens if not hundreds of miles from any “civilization.” Spare tires are a great way to salvage your day, but they won’t last forever. Read on to discover the far you can drive on your spare tire without risking your life and other road users.

1. Donut Spare Tire

Donut spare tires are portable, compact, and easier to install. The narrow, compact tires are built to save space and weight as manufacturers produce smaller cars.

Image courtesy of Anna Vaczi/Shutterstock

You shouldn’t use a donut tire for over 50 miles or speeds over 50 miles per hour.

2. Full-Sized Spare Tires

Most older vehicles have full-sized spares, almost similar to the working set. Changing the full-sized spare tires requires more energy and skill but lets you drive further.

Image courtesy of ART_Creator/Shutterstock

Still, you should visit the nearest repair shop for professional assistance or get a replacement as soon as possible.

3. Run-Flat Spare Tires

Most luxury cars have run-flat tires allowing you to drive long before calling for a critical fix. The run-flat tires are designed to withstand road hazards and run much longer without punctures. You can drive for about fifty miles before you need to get a replacement.

Why You Should Fix the Tire Immediately

A spare tire allows you to reach a repair shop safely and in a timely manner. You should always have a spare, especially if you’re traveling outside of town. Your car manual offers guidance to help you maximize safety features like ABS, traction, and electronic stability control that could be affected by smaller wheels.