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Caught On Candid Camera: Bizarre Images Taken By Google Street View

People do unusual things when they don’t have people paying attention to them. Some of these things are pretty kooky, and when caught on camera, they have broken the internet and become a hot topic for us to laugh about.

Google Street View is one particularly great tool that reveals how weird and obscene people tend to act when they think no one’s watching. This ingenious invention is a gold mine of countless candid moments from all over the world. In a way, Google Street View unites people from across the globe. It shows that humans are strange—no matter where they come from.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the numerous times Google Street View has caught weird events happening out in the open.

Could this be a Sea Creature?

If you’ve been to Mission beach in San Diego, then you would know that crazy and surprising things can happen there in the blink of an eye. On this particular occasion, a beachgoer is seen dressed in a costume that looks like a strange sea creature.

Image credit: Google

The costume made him look like a giant marine animal with a large head, tentacles, and bright eyes. Just in case you thought it was really a monster, have another look, and you’ll see the person’s arms and legs, which let us know that, thankfully, this is just a costume.

There is a bug on the internet.

Google Street View cameras work in quite a fascinating way. The device travels while taking a lot of photographs at the same time. It then places the images together to create a 3-D landscape. It’s basically a number of cameras on a high platform.

Image credit: Google

It could get unstable when you’re trying to get a view of moving people and things. Here, a woman is seen walking side by side with another woman. The pair appear in four places in the same picture. This could be described as a failure in technology and caused quite a stir on the internet.

A knight taking his afternoon nap

A strange scene was recently photographed by Google Street View: a man napping in a park while wearing a knight’s armor. Although it’s unknown who this knight is or why he’s resting at a park, it’s undeniable that he stands out from the crowd.

Image credit: Google

The scene was both amusing and odd, leaving onlookers to wonder what the possible backstory might be. Was he a dressed-up performer taking a well-earned rest from a show, or was he just a silly knight napping in the sunshine? Although we might never know the answer, we can surely enjoy the unexpected spectacle.

Keeping to themselves

Sheeps blissfully resting on the roadside were filmed by Google Street View cameras in the English village of Thornton in North Yorkshire. Thes sleepy sheep happened to be living their daily lives and keeping to themselves, undisturbed by incoming vehicles.

Image credit: Google

The sheep, according to people of the Thorton community, were possibly dozing off while grazing on the local grass. The animals felt comfortable and safe enough to lie down without paying attention to any threat. We just have one question: what do Sheep count when they are trying to fall asleep?

Just hands

Two individuals were caught on Google camera making an exchange in what appears to be a buyer and seller situation. It looks like one person was trying to make a purchase at a drive-thru of some sort when something peculiar happened.

Image credit: Google

The camera only captured the hand of the buyer and not his body or his car. A possible cause of this is a bug or glitch. Although the reason why this happened is pretty easy to guess, it is still fun to think of this as a phantom trying to buy a burger.

A scientific creation

According to Google Street View cameras, this laser zapped two crazy scientists and transformed them into heart-eyed lovebirds. Who would have believed that such a scientific discovery was even possible? It looks like Cupid has acquired some fancy new gadgets.

Image credit: Google

Although the characters in this image appear blurry, it is still lovely to look at. The happy couple looks so immersed in their embrace that they don’t even notice the laser. Perhaps the world would be a better place if this laser actually existed.

A car trapped in a veranda

Have you ever wondered what the Google Street cameras record when they are in motion? An image recently captured by one of these cameras, which depicts an automobile trapped in the veranda of what appears to be a duplex, has generated quite a sensation.

Image credit: Google

It is difficult to figure out why someone would possibly want to park their car on the porch. Perhaps whoever was responsible for this wanted to create a spectacle for the Google cameras to capture. If their intention was to grab the internet’s attention, then they succeeded!

Coastal Yoga

Numerous people in Japan have been seen practicing yoga, according to Google Street View footage. This art form must be very popular in the country. One Google Street View camera, in particular, caught a Japanese woman practicing yoga on the coast.

Image credit: Google

On a beach surrounded by rocks and trees, the woman is depicted doing a tricky-looking stretch. Although the exact location of the photograph is unknown, it was probably taken somewhere along the Japanese shore. Now, this is a great way to start the day!


Recent footage from a Google Street View camera depicts a young man partially buried in the ground of a remote farm. The internet has been having a field day with this outrageous image. It has inspired more than a few laughs.

Image credit: Google

The individual in the picture is still unidentified, and it’s not clear what he was doing there. It is unclear whether he did this to get the attention of the Google Street Cameras or if this was just a happy accident. Although, he does not look very happy in this photo.

 Mickey Mouse party

Google Street View cameras spotted a car covered in teddy bears of the famous Mickey Mouse. The strange vehicle was captured driving around town as if this were just a normal occurrence. How is the driver even able to see out of the windshield?

Image credit: Google

Other questions regarding this car surfaced on the internet. However, they have been left unanswered. People want to know whether the driver of this vehicle is trying to cause a scene or if he happens to be a really big Mickey Mouse fan. Whatever their reasons were, they definitely put on a show.

 Having uninterrupted sleep

It has been revealed that animals can also leave us surprised by their behavior. Google map’s attention was caught by a cat in New Mexico taking its afternoon nap on top of a silver car parked by the side of the road. 

Image credit: Google

It seems the drowsy kitty thought the top of the car was a nice sunny spot for it to get some much-needed sleep. Perhaps the cat had a rough night and felt like going somewhere different for some rest and relaxation.

Look who’s hanging on the wall.

A strange image was recently caught by a Google Street View camera in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, and it has since prompted online discussion and rumors. The picture appears to show a man hanging from a wall while wearing a full Batman outfit—including the black mask and cape.

Image credit: Google

The person in the picture is still unidentified, and it’s unclear why he was wearing a Batman costume or why he was hanging from the wall. There have been a lot of different assumptions put forward by those who are speculating about the person’s identity and intentions. However, no one is certain of what actually occurred.

Horsing around

This man was caught wearing a horse mask and chatting with some people around him. When the man was asked why he was wearing the horse mask, he stated that he wanted to create excitement and something for people to laugh about.

Image credit: Google

The unknown man put on quite a show as he chatted with people, shared some laughs, and even took pictures with some of the onlookers. Well, if there’s anything that Google Street View has taught us, it’s that there’s always something interesting to see wherever you go.

Halloween party in Ventana

Google Street View took photos of these frightening Halloween decorations in Chicago. It looks like a dark lord performing a spell on victims as they scream for help. This is probably one of the most terrifying decorations caught by Google Street View.

Image credit: Google

The so-called Dark lord stands in front of a house, looming over onlookers with his scary red eyes and sword. The camera also caught an artificial black cat and a skeleton swinging from a tree, as well as a few Halloween apples gathered around the house’s entryway. What a scary sight to behold.

Popping the question in Italy.

As the sun started setting in the sea, Google Street View cameras showed us a man who popped the question to his partner. He grabbed her hands and asked her to be his wife. She agreed and welled up in tears.

Image credit: Google

It is not every day that one gets to share such a special moment with the world. This iconic picture has now been immortalized, and the happy couple can look back on the memories for years to come. We just hope they stay together, or this will be a constant reminder of a failed relationship.

A Horse Eating Banana

On the side of a road in Victoria, British Columbia, this person dressed as a horse and created this scene (complete with a table and a chair) for the Street View vehicle. He even had his own flamingo and an open banana in his hand.

Image credit: Google

Many people claim to have met him before, but his name has not been made public. It seems that horseheads are a popular choice. It must be because horse head masks can be easily purchased from a fancy dress shop, making it an easy option for a prank like this.

Shovel Guitar Hero

A construction worker took to playing his version of a shovel air guitar and was caught by Google Street cameras near Marseilles, Illinois. The worker told the Times Magazine that he was imitating someone who had done the same thing in New Orleans.

Image credit: Google

He admitted that he was moved by the shovel air guitar players’ innovation and that playing the air guitar allowed him to express his creative strengths. He also claimed that bystanders usually give him tips that help him earn a living.

An SUV in a Dumpster?

Should this call for laughter or an investigation? That is a question that Google Street View cameras left people asking all over social media. This picture is hilarious. What some people would do in order to get rid of a used car is remarkable. 

Image credit: Google

The fact that Google Street View cameras captured it makes it even more incredible! This person apparently didn’t anticipate anyone would witness them doing it. We can only imagine what the dumpster truck driver will do when he sees this.

 Mannequin Party

In this picture, Mannequins appear to have been posed and put in the field to create a funny scene. Who placed them there, and why? Was it a legitimate work of art or some sort of practical joke? We can only wonder.

Image credit: Google

Even stranger is the fact that many of the mannequins seem to be dressed as characters. Some of them appear to have been specially attired for a party or occasion. The mannequins appear to be gathered together to celebrate something, although it’s unclear what that celebration might be.

On the way

Google Street Cameras captured a woman rolling a bag in the middle of the New Mexico desert dressed up in high heels. The woman was spotted in Roswell, New Mexico, without a direction and with miles of ground to cover.

Image credit: Google

The woman’s picture gained lots of attention on social media as people got really curious as to what her story was. According to the jokes made, she could be an alien. Her story is certainly a confusing and questionable one.

 A Dog taking a shot 

A dog with a peculiar appearance was caught on camera standing on a front lawn. Caught in Longford, Ireland, he is standing on two feet doing what looks to be a pose for a selfie. “This literally made my day,” one Reddit member remarked.

Image credit: Google

This picture has sparked tons of funny comments on social media. The internet has a knack for making images like these go viral. We think this picture deserves all the attention it is getting. In more recent footage, the figure of the dog is still there.

 Got stuck with the Sheep

Google maps sometimes capture a series of events or accidents. A Google car caught what is described as “traffic” while mapping out New Zealand. A flock of Sheep was blocking the road when a man got out of his van and gestured for them to move out of the way.

Image credit: Google

Fun fact: Google has utilized Sheep to explore inaccessible regions. By utilizing animals to investigate the area, the Faroe Islands have been mapped for the first time. Finally, a picture of the islands between Iceland and Norway is available online.

A hare to make your hair stand up

You might think that a hare flying through the sky is impossible. However, Google Street Cameras beg to differ. In an unlucky collision that could have only been crafted by fate itself, this hare was sent flying through the air by a Google Street van.

Image credit: Google

The Google Street vehicle was passing by the Biala Droga road in Poland when it captured the animal taking its last breath. The hare is seen rushing onto the road, colliding with the car, and then being thrown into the air by the camera. What a way to go.

A heavy weight to carry

It was a funny sight to behold when an old, tireless car got “towed” by an old truck and was caught on Google Street cameras. The car was tied to the truck alongside other metallic objects and was swaying wildly from side to side. The truck made slow progress as it struggled under the weight.

Image credit: Google

As they made their way down the street, passing cars and pedestrians couldn’t help but laugh at the unusual sight of the old car being towed. The scene ended up being one of the funniest street views of the day.

There’s a shark on the roof.

In this image, there happens to be what looks like the head of a shark trapped inside the roof of a building on New High Street in Headington, Oxford. In actuality, the so-called shark happens to be just a sculpture, not an actual shark.

Image credit: Google

The sculpture is the creation of John Buckley, who created the piece to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The artwork was commissioned by Bill Heine, and the entire building has now become a tourist attraction. 

Pigeon eye view

Google Street View left us with multiple pictures of a group of individuals strolling down a Tokyo sidewalk in what appear to be pigeon masks. Many people have been left confused by the strange sight and curious as to what it means.

Image credit: Google

Some have suggested that the masks may represent Tokyo’s dense population, while some have speculated that the people may have been participants in a performance art event. Although the pigeon masks’ importance is unknown, the pictures offer an intriguing look into the city’s culture.

 Bird poop on the camera

That’s gross! Birds need to learn to be taught proper etiquette when it comes to matters of the bathroom. What seems to be a big bird poop was captured by a google street camera. Well, at least that signifies good luck.

Image credit: Google

It’s okay when a bird does it, but it would be horrendous if a person did it. If a really large poop was caught on one of these cameras, it is likely that it would be blurred out in order to protect the privacy of the individual responsible for the mess.

 Hello there

In a scene that could have come from the movie Inception, two Google Street View vehicles came upon each other in Northern Argentina. Both cars happened to be headed down separate highways when one noticed another from afar. Both drivers stopped to exchange greetings. 

Image credit: Google

They both happened to be from Buenos Aires and training to operate Street View vehicles. They chatted for a short while before continuing on their respective journeys. It almost seems sacrilege to finally see a picture of the infamous vehicles.

Coming to save the World

Witnessing a man dressed like Batman running in the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States is quite unusual. Nearby onlookers kept wondering if a movie was being shot or if Batman’s story was actually real. Perhaps he was chasing after The Joker.

Image credit: Google

This event occurred in front of a residence featured in the actual movie and also featured the iconic black car driven by the superhero himself. Could it be Batman coming to pay tribute? Nevertheless, despite the low chances of this actually being Batman, Google Street View assisted in creating a fun fantasy.

 A third foot

It’s quite astonishing to see a man captured on camera in a Google Street View image standing on his third foot. Google Street View cameras roam the globe and record a variety of unexpected events that you wouldn’t often see.

Image credit: Google

In this instance, a three-legged man is seen. Could he be some sort of alien? Unfortunately, the reason is a lot more mundane. This was probably the result of a perfectly timed glitch with the cameras. Regardless, this is an interesting picture.

 Does it still hurt?

These two adults appear to be dealing with stressful circumstances in this image. They look to be standing on a ladder, perhaps putting out a fire. It’s unclear why the fire started in the first place or why they are on ladders.

Image credit: Google

The fact that these two people are cooperating to control the problem is a monument to the sense of community. This funny picture was captured by Google Street View and served as a lesson about the value of banding together under difficult circumstances.

 A memory to hold on to

A couple was on a walk and enjoying each other’s company while taking in the views when they were unintentionally captured by Google Street View cameras. Without even knowing that the cameras were recording, they couldn’t help but start to dance and act silly.

Image credit: Google

They were uncomfortable that everyone had seen them goofing around, but they couldn’t resist smiling when they remembered the happy memory. Thankfully, their faces were later blurred to protect their privacy. It would be awful if all of us had ugly candid pictures splashed on the internet for the world to see.

A man and his safety cone

A man standing on Google Street View with a safety cone on his head is among the funniest sights you’ll see today! You will probably giggle every time come across this silly picture because it is such an unexpected sight.

Image credit: Google

When you first see him, you might assume that he is a construction worker who had a difficult day and chose to express himself creatively. But what makes it so absurd is that he’s walking through town wearing a huge safety cone!

Heading to the circus

The Google street view camera didn’t fail to capture a man wearing a traditional outfit riding a penny farting—a style of a bicycle with a huge front wheel and a small back wheel. His primate passenger makes this picture even more peculiar.

Image credit: Google

The encounter serves as a reminder of how technology may record unanticipated and distinctive moments. Wildlife has also been photographed by Google Street View cameras in the past, including a family of bears in Canada, a herd of Sheep in Scotland, and a donkey in Greece. 

Argentina Discovers An Interesting Witch Accident!

A scary image went viral in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina, in May 2019. From afar, you might not be able to figure out what is going on. However, once you get closer, what you see is the most peculiar sight.

Image credit: Google

The figure is wearing a pointed black hat, a black cloak, black stockings with white stripes, and black hair. It appears that this is just a creative Halloween decoration. A Reddit user decided to use the tag “strange witch incident in Argentina.”

Teddy bear driving

A man in a teddy bear costume was recently seen driving along a residential street while poking his head out the window. A Google Street View camera took this strange image, and it has subsequently gained popularity on social media.

Image credit: Google

The scene is much more bizarre when taken in the context of the photograph. It’s likely that the sight of a big teddy bear driving down the street startled any motorists on the road. It raises the question of why the driver was outfitted in a costume in the first place.

A warm embrace

The numerous moments, ranging from normal activities to important occurrences, are captured by Google Street View cameras. This time, cameras captured a touching moment between a mother and daughter as they were running toward one another to share a warm embrace. 

Image credit: Google

We wonder where the daughter was and how long she was away. Judging by how happy they are to see each other, it seems they have been separated for quite a while. This wonderfully wholesome moment definitely made our day.

Out of the world

Google Street View cameras found an unknown object stranded on the ground. This abandoned vessel does not look like any vessel we have ever seen—not on Earth, anyway. This suspicious object looks like it could be a UFO from outer space.

Image credit: Google

Due to the wide-angle lens that was used to take the pictures, it’s possible that these weird objects are just regular items that look deformed. However, that theory is pretty boring. We prefer to think that some extraterrestrial beings are walking among us.

Skiing on a Grass

This is a strange picture of a skier who appears to be zooming down the side of a grassy slope. Three distinct Street View photos show the skier flying down the grass while using eyeglasses and wearing a bright red coat.

Image credit: Google

The skier either appears to be completely unaware of the Google Street View cameras or is making an effort to stay away from them. One can almost hear the skier mumbling an expletive at the Google Street View driver as he makes a sudden bend and nearly hits a camera.

Half a skater

A group of friends were skateboarding in a car park and decided to take a break while one continued skating. Just as the skater started to move, the camera caught a blurry image of the top half of his body. This is the creepy image from that incident.

Image credit: Google

His blue T-shirt, floppy brown hair, and left hand gripping the top of his board are all clearly visible. However, anything below his neck is blurred out and severed at the waist—giving the impression that he only possesses half a body.