We Like Big Trucks, And We Can Not Lie: Souped-Up Trucks That We Don’t See Cruising Every Day

By Aayush G

Any car enthusiast knows how many kinds of cars and trucks are out there in the automobile world—many of those who appreciate a fine car love to customize their vehicle to tailor to their personalities. People go crazy when they take their worn-out vehicles and transform them into unique powerhouses with souped-up gadgets and add-ons! Many of these car enthusiasts, specifically truck enthusiasts, took to the internet to share with the world their customized trucks, and let us tell you, we don’t think you have seen anything like them before. A lot of the trucks on our list are the result of someone’s wild imagination, while others were surprisingly built as a necessity. These trucks are made by some of the most elite craftsmen in the game, and their work speaks for itself. These unique masterpieces are not short of attention to detail and pazzazz because they were built to be head-turners. Let’s take a trip in the fast lane with 40 of the most intriguing and ridiculous trucks we have ever stumbled upon.

Unique 4×4

The first entry on the list is this “4×4” if you consider it one! This rare vehicle is one of its kind. The skilled mechanics who created it have managed to combine two different cars of the same model together.

Image courtesy of Business Insider

The result is a truck with four tires, two engines, and two steering wheels! It’s sure to take your breath away when you see it driving past. And if you’re driving behind it, it may look like it’s coming right at you!

Ultra Low-Rider

You must have laid eyes on a lowrider at one point in your life. These vehicles sit very low to the ground ground and look like they are scraping the road. To top it off, they sometimes come with funky paint jobs.

Image courtesy of scoopernews.com

We call this one a “No-Rider” because it has almost zero ground clearance, and you can’t drive it anywhere. This vehicle comes with a set of eight beautiful but tiny alloy hubcaps. The paint job is the cherry on top!

Back Up

We don’t know about you, but we were pretty amazed and shocked when we saw this for the first time. This thing looks like a perfect camera moment, but it actually is an art installation on a popular street in Germany by the artist Erwin Wurm.

Image courtesy of thisiscolossal.com

Wurm dedicates a lot of time to making unique art installations, and this is one that definitely captures people’s attention. It’s obvious that Wurm made this truck to look like it seamlessly backed up onto a wall and got stuck there.

Best Of Both Worlds

This vehicle is the perfect example of the saying, “the best of both worlds,” because it features the front of a pickup and the back of a corvette. This phrase should be written as a decal on the side of the truck because it perfectly suits it.

Image courtesy of Reddit/redek18

It’s hard to put a name on this fusion truck because it’s not just a truck or a corvette. The look of this contraption would probably be quite jarring to the eye if you were to see it pass through your neighborhood.

Black Beauty?

We gave this next truck this title because it was truly the first thing that popped in our heads when we saw it. This sort of beast has everything you need to make someone do a double-take. It consists of a catchy paint job, crazy parts, and an open truck bed.

Image courtesy of rodauthority.com

It features the tail from a Cadillac in the 1950’s era. To compliment it, this also features massive exhaust pipes and the tiniest tires we’ve ever seen! Of course, this makes sense when you are building a vehicle like this, right?

Big Big

You must have seen pickups or utility vehicles that act as a means to carry people and cargo. But this one is on the next level! The owner of this “truck” wanted the best of both worlds so he ended up building this machine.

Image courtesy of arttofit.org

This vehicle features a long wheelbase, houses a front cabin, a full-fledged sleeping cabin in the back, and a cargo bed as well. As we said, all the owners of these vehicles have very niche preferences, and that’s why they stand out among the crowd.

Small Small

This vehicle is the exact opposite of the previous one. That was too big, and this is too small! This truck may take you a few minutes to understand what’s going on here, but when you get it, you won’t be able to get over it.

Image courtesy of news.day.az

But the real problem starts when you see it cruising. The truck bed is located in the front, so you might get a headache trying to understand what the heck is going on! The paint job on this is done purposely to catch the eyes of all onlookers.

Somebody Said Big?

What pops into your head when someone says big wheels? Well, this piece of heavy machinery here will change your perception forever. This is the CAT 994K, a literal beast capable of tearing apart any terrain it comes in contact with.

Image courtesy of earthmoversmagazine.co.uk

The size of the wheels is put into proportion when the worker is standing next to them. He doesn’t even stand up to half their height. Workers use this beast to do all kinds of things like colossal construction projects, mining operations, and more.


When we create a list like this, we always think that it can’t get any more strange with each photo, but we are always proven wrong, especially with creations like the one below. At first glance, we thought this was a UFO until we realized it was a car!

Image courtesy of rodauthority.com

The truck (or whatever you want to call it) is a one-stop solution to all things that concern road trips. It is perfect if you’re looking to sleep and relax on long road trips. Honestly, it looks super fancy, and we’re sure people will stop you to take pictures of it along the way.


If you believe in a parallel world, this is what cars would look like there. At first glance, this truck appears to be floating, but in reality, it isn’t. That’s because the cargo bed is weirdly located at the front of the vehicle.

Image courtesy of Reddit/TheToxicLogic

We don’t have any idea of how this would drive, but we’re going to go ahead and assume that it would be risky. They obviously repurposed it from an old truck, and we think they made it this way to make people stop and stare.

The Longest Truck Bed We’ve Ever Seen

This bad boy is one of a kind because it’s one of the longest trucks we’ve ever seen. We can expect how tedious it would be to make a turn in this thing. This truck is best suited for freeways where it can cruise like a king.

Image courtesy of bangshift.com

It would be hard to blink if we saw this thing pass by. The paint isn’t really up to date, but do you think anyone would actually focus on that? Probably not. We would be too busy counting how many wheels this monstrosity needs.

What Is This?!

Ordinary trucks have no chance of standing up to this beast. We have never seen anything like this before, and for a good reason. It’s hard to believe that these eight gigantic tires are meant for one truck. We are pretty this is not street legal.

Image courtesy of YouTube/WhistlinDiesel

Driving this thing would be a dream to many (like us) because the thrill of commanding a vehicle of this size is an absolute adrenaline rush. You don’t have to worry about rough terrain when you drive on wheels like these!

Let’s Fly

If a spaceship had wheels, it would look exactly like this next car. The look of this vehicle is very futuristic, especially for its time, because it was first introduced in the 1960s. This is a concept car that never made it to the production lines.

Image courtesy of conceptcarz.com

People knew of it as the Dodge Deora Concept, and it most certainly caught people’s attention when it was rolled out for the public to see. The gold paint job perfectly complements the body and idea of the ride. We honestly would love to see it on the road.


If you want to make your truck stand out from the crowd, the easiest thing you can do is swap the wheels off of your vehicle with those of a tractor into your machine, and ta-da! You’ll have a unique set of “wheels” which will catch everyone’s attention.

Image courtesy of oddballfilms.com

The blue cabin on top is literally so tiny looking in relation to those giant tires. But as unique as it looks, it also requires some talented mechanics to make it all come together. We have no idea how the makers pulled this one off!

Long and Short

These two trucks are the perfect example of what can result if you change the length of any part of a truck. The vehicles are similar, but what makes them so different is quite obvious. They are the opposite of one another.

Image courtesy of Reddit/DarthReeder

These are customized Chevy Silverados, which used to be extremely popular back in the day. Still, people are willing to alter their trucks to have something unique and eyecatching. The extended hood version of the truck requires you to sit just above the back wheels. Wanna take a ride?

Hail America!

Imagine taking this “thing” to your office on a Monday morning. The surprised reactions of your colleagues would be priceless to see! Monster trucks have always been a thing, but we doubt that you’ve ever seen one like this.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This is a monster on the road, and it probably catches more eyes than any classic car out there. This is obvious from just looking at it. This beast has huge tires, a unique paint job, and is all-in-all the American dream.

Extended Everything

We have already seen extended hoods and truck beds on our list, and this one is a rare addition to this category. All the parts on this set of wheels are extended, including the wheelbase, the cabin, and the bed.

Image courtesy of futurecarson.xyz

The truck is nothing fancy when it comes to the paint job and the rims. However, it will still make any head turn when cruising by. We assume the back of the cabin is reserved for sleeping purposes which makes it ready to go anywhere, anytime!

The Bed

This is the first truck on the list that isn’t modified by any owner or a skilled mechanic. This unique craftsmanship project is stocked with customizations worth around $120,000. It’s known as the Bollinger B2 “Pickup”. The cherry on top is that it’s electric!

Image courtesy of autoblog.com

The Bollinger B2 Pickup claims to hold up to 5000 lbs on its sturdy cargo bed. We can’t verify the claim, but we aren’t sure if you should put it to the test. Nonetheless, it still is a very cool truck to look at.

4 X 4

We saw the unique 4X4 at the beginning of our list, and here is a new edition to the OG. This thing will literally drive people crazy when it’s out and about, and we’re sure officers frequently pull it over!

Image courtesy of Imgur

The road legality of the vehicle is still a matter of debate, but remember, we aren’t here to discuss this. We are here to appreciate and admire the concepts of these incredible trucks, and this one is really mind-boggling.

Pick Us Up

Who in his right mind would think of something like this? We wonder if this person woke up one morning and said, “I’m going to build a truck like this!” We would have a hard time believing our eyes if we ever saw this in person.

Image courtesy of Imgur/trucksim

We would never attempt a road trip in this contraption because we would be so afraid that it would break down all of a sudden. Still, it looks crazy, and people are bound to stop and stare at this machine on the road.

Act of Balancing

When we first laid eyes on this truck, we were in awe of how it managed to balance itself upright, and we’re sure you would think the same. So after a bit of research, we found that there’s a hidden third tire beneath the cabin.

Image courtesy of oddimotive.com

This unique automobile belongs to the Western Carnage Inc., and it’s built to serve the very specific purpose of being the most unusual truck out there, and we think it has accomplished that goal because it made it to our list!

Mars Rover

We can confidently say that we have never seen anything like this next ride. That’s because this truck doesn’t have any out of proportion wheels, nor is it extended to infinity. However, it features a very thick and hefty cabin.

Image courtesy of bangshift.com

We’re thinking out loud here, but we can’t help but notice that it resembles a pregnant roller skate. The black paint job definitely does not take away from its shape. But we don’t know if we would be proud to drive this around town.

Mini Truck

We have seen trucks that look mean and nasty, so we thought we should take a break and show you the cuter side of customized trucks. Here is one that is tiny and red! Wouldn’t it be cute to see this cruising down the road?

Image courtesy of Flickr/David Jones

The cargo capacity is a matter of concern, but we can cope with it as long as it captures the attention it deserves. The truck needs some love to make it look as good as new, but besides that, it looks like a cute antique!

Next Level!

Until now, we have seen some of the most monstrous trucks on and off the roads, but all those are just child’s play once you see this next bad boy. Looking at the picture, it’s hard to believe that it’s a real thing!

Image courtesy of blitz.bg

The cargo truck next to it looks like a toy vehicle when compared to this massive beast. What do you think it can carry? We are confident that it can handle a ten-story building and still have space left!

Mad Max Vibes

If you’ve seen the movie Mad Max, you must be familiar with the vibes this truck has. We think its design is inspired by the vehicles in the movie. We totally understand why the creators of the vehicle were probably inspired by that movie.

Image courtesy of menterained.com

The creators of this truck look like they took inspiration from many different vehicles, which is what gives it that raw feel they were trying to achieve. The hood looks like it came straight from a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon, and the back is purely custom-made.

Wet Wheels

Let’s be clear. This isn’t exactly a working vehicle for everyday purposes, but we had to include it in our list. This was refurbished to be a “carpool.” Get it? And needless to say, it’s definitely a work of art.

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

The vehicle has all the attributes to be a one-of-a-kind car and any child’s dream ride. The swimming pool on wheels was showcased in an auction to sell. Let’s just say that this would be a perfect ride for Michael Phelps!

Perfect Color

The rustic yellow on this rugged truck looks fantastic and unique at the same time. It’s no surprise that this will probably cause a few accidents because it makes peoples’ heads turn. But it looks like we won’t have to worry about that because it’s clearly on display.

Image courtesy of booktable.info

The raw and rugged theme that the makers tried to achieve is reflected on every inch of the truck. Be it the wheels, fenders, roof, cargo bed, they all harmonize together to make this special and unique powerhouse of a truck.

Off Roading!

Welcome to this special world of power trucks, where the cargo carrying capacities or dope paint jobs don’t matter. What matters is the off-roading capabilities of the vehicle, and the Sherpa ATV shines in this category. Imagine driving this piece.

Image courtesy of ERP

This is a truck you can literally drive on any terrain, and it will power through without a doubt. The big tires of the Sherpa ATV make it a monster of a vehicle that can demolish mud, snow, rocks, and any other natural terrain.

Luxury With Utility

What are the basic needs you need in a truck? For us, it should house a minimum of two people and carry a hefty load in the truck bed. But what if we were to tell you that you can have this all with the addition of luxury from a BMW!

Image courtesy of seashellbooks.us

That’s precisely what the vehicle in the picture has to offer. It’s a modified version of the BMW 3 Series Coupe, which has the same engine and luxury as the original. The only unique addition is a bed at the back.

Small Looks Kinda Cool!

Size is one of the main factors that make a truck stand out. When you look at the picture below, you can see that size makes a difference. This Mazda Rotary Pickup is another addition to this rare trucks list.

Image courtesy of bringatrailer.com

The Mazda Pickup, when compared to the Ford F-150, looks like a toy car on the road. It came with a 1.3-liter engine which was enough to power this tiny machine. We believe that it is one of the smallest production cars ever made.

Heighted Approach

The 1950 Chevy Pickup is a gem of a vehicle by itself, but this modified version of the truck is an absolute beast altogether. It’s named Sick 50, and we think it would be difficult to get our hands on!

Image courtesy of megatruckcollection.com

The truck’s height reflects the talent of its creators, and we’re sure it makes the driving experience one for the books. Can you imagine driving this monster while looking down at the cars next to you? They would look like tiny ants!

Tricycle Car

We can’t come up with what we should call this next truck. Is it a three-wheeler pickup, or is there something else to the story? Nonetheless, it’s the car that will make people stop, stare, and think about John Deere!

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

The John Deere paint job is another factor that makes it stand out from the crowd. But we can’t understand how people have the time to do this to their vehicles. Is it just to make it stand out, or does it have some utility benefits?

Blue Blizard

This hot rod has all things a car enthusiast admires – bold looks, great wheels, and a fantastic paint job incorporating silver, blue, and red. This is a custom-made piece consisting of mixed parts from more vehicles than you can imagine.

Image courtesy of autoweek.com

It comes with the grill and lights of the Trailblazer, the axles and wheelbase of a Plymouth, and the top of a 1927 Model T. This car is a running piece of modern history which in addition looks really out of this world.

Don’t Mess With This

We bet you can guess where you might see a truck like this. If you thought of Texas, you hit the nail on the head. This screams, “Stay away!” The exposed engine is an uncommon feature, and the wheels are just deadly.

Image courtesy of fordauthority.com

The engine will roar around every corner. Go big or go home! It’s Texas, baby! The ground clearance in this truck is non-existent, which makes it very hard to drive over speedbumps or potholes. But it’s still something to marvel at.

The Titan

This is what we meant when we said you would see some enormous trucks at the beginning of the article. This is one of the biggest we have seen so far, and we are sure you’re thinking the same thing. The truck belongs to the Terex Division of General Motors.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

The truck pictured above is not a production vehicle but a prototype of The Terex Titan. The vehicle is meant to be used off-highway to carry big loads from one location to another. This guy looks like an ant in front of this massive beast.

Volkswagen Off Roader

If you want the comfort of a Volkswagen Camper but want to go off-roading with it, then this truck is a one-stop solution for you. It provides the size and views of a second-story bedroom while being an excellent off-roading machine.

Image courtesy of thethrottle.thechive.com

The owner of this vehicle is on another level of thinking because pulling things like this off takes a lot of effort, time, and money. We love these traditional vehicles but never thought we would see them take this form and shape.

Anybody Said Wheels?

The wheels of any car are one of the most essential parts because they are the means which support and make the car get to point A to point B. But what if we increase the number of them? Will it make the car more stable or make it run faster?

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

To answer our questions, this owner conveniently added an extra tire under the front of the vehicle. To us, it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. But we don’t know if we would change our mind after driving it. We don’t want to find out!

Utility Vehicle

Military trucks are designed to be strong enough to face any rough or tough situation you throw at them, be it in the woods or the mountains. But what they’re lacking is comfortability for the driver and the passengers.

Image courtesy of whyisthisinteresting.substack.com

To tackle this problem, these people took an old military truck and slapped a school bus on the back of it. What they got was a vehicle for people who want to live on the road, travel, sight-see, and fight their worst enemies.


If you have an old car lying around in your garage, here’s a fun way to enhance it. The trick is to replace the wheels with new tires that are half the size of the truck. What you get is a truck that’s ready to tackle any terrain.

Image courtesy of autoblog.com

This is a 1975 Ford truck that has been modified with new, improved, and BIG wheels, which has transformed the vehicle from an old boring car to an eye-catching off-road transporter that is ready to catch everybody’s undivided attention.

Light Up!

In this impressive list of trucks, we have seen all kinds of vehicles, from tiny to gigantic, absurd to inventive, but we had to end our list with something truly amazing, and that’s why we present to you this psychedelic-themed truck.

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

This truck is trippy in the sense that it is made up of colorful light and rare designs, which you can see from its paint job. The look of this is unique, and the best part is it didn’t require any significant modifications to achieve this look.