40+ Amped Up Vehicles That Could Even Survive An Attack By Zombies

By Anthony K

Should the world be coming to an end and zombies are on the loose, one thing that can keep you going and see you live to see the next day is to have a capable vehicle. While most cars promise a lot in their manuals, very few have what it takes to keep you safe in an apocalypse. Let’s face it, not every vehicle is built to withstand harsh conditions, let alone a zombie attack. Numerous qualities are lacking in typical cars that they will need when all hell breaks loose. We have taken the responsibility of finding and going through some of the unique automobiles that we are sure to have all that it takes to help you maneuver wherever you need to go, no matter what is going on around you. Read along to discover some of the most robust features necessary and apocalypse-ready vehicles ever built.

1. Mine Wolf Vehicle

While this vehicle might look big and evil, it is justified. This car was resourceful in Iraq and Afghanistan to conduct minefields post-war. Originally from Switzerland, this car is indeed a beast. Its front rig is capable of tearing down anything in its path. Suppose anything needs exploding in the nonevent, the mine wolf is more than capable.

Photo Credits: brainforce-ag.com

Additionally, this beast can be driven by a remote or an individual. Over forty vehicles of this kind have been made over time, and their demand is relatively high. Besides coming off as pretty wild, they appear intimidating enough to scare away car thieves.

2. Combat Guard

This tiny machine is known as Combat Guard. They are synonymous with the Israeli military and are quite a marvel when in action. Although small, the vehicle is pretty heavy and can stand its ground during long tows. The Combat Guard owes its excellence to the engineering improvements done by the Ido Off-road Centre.

Photo Credits: trendhunter.comv

This company’s other creations include fast vehicles like the Zibar Racer and different military kinds. It is powered by a robust 6.5 L GM Cobra diesel engine that produces 30 zero HP and reaches up to 95 mph on the road and 75 off the road. Best to stay away if you encounter such a machine during an apocalypse.

3. BHP Flying Huntsman 6 x 6

You are right to assume this car resembles a Landrover. This car possesses six wheels but has an even more fantastic interior. Its entirety is covered in leather and comes in numerous colors. It is a fine choice if you want to navigate rough terrain. It contains an excellent high low ratio gear option that is complete with a locking differential.

Photo Credits: roadandtrack.com

Its unique features allow this defender to go wherever the owner wants. The bulk of them are supplied with a standard four-cylinder diesel engine system that can upgrade. All factors considered, this apocalyptic off-road car can get you everywhere you want to go elegantly.

4. Tank Protection

So, if tanking is a thing, this tank-like creature takes it to a whole new level. The lesson of the narrative is straightforward. Please stay clear from the razor-sharp trails of this machine gun-wielding rolling artillery truck if you want to endure the apocalypse in one piece.

Photo Credits: coolmaterial.com

Simply run over everybody who gets in your path, or if that doesn’t work, track them to the ground first so you can drive them over later. Since it only seats one, you won’t create considerable companions in this car, but there’s always somewhere for a lone wolf in the apocalypse, right?

5. Armored Car

This car is similar to a Bearcat. During the Orlando massacre, this armored car created a hole beside the club for people to exit. Although more prominent, it is intended for more specs ops use. It contains a side compartment for storing equipment and a couple of generators and lights to brighten all areas for the heavy beast.

Photo Credits: ltu84 /Reddit

Furthermore, focus your attention on the shovelnose at the front. It is large and robust enough to move anything out of the way, regardless of its size. Its wire mesh windows prevent wreckages from passing through the window and entering inside. Additionally, they are equipped over the headlights to help illuminate your way while things crash around you.

6. Desert Chameleon

So have a look at this remarkable petite car. It does not provide a broad view range for the driver and passengers. The Chameleon in this picture is a Desert Chameleon. It was created by the American Defense Company and is currently being utilized by the Kuwait Ministry of Interior to aid in its defense from outside attacks.

Photo Credits: trucksplanet.com

That’s some serious equipment. In addition, the Chameleon, like the Marauder, can be an armor add-on vehicle. The rig is completed by a 600 horsepower Caterpillar engine and a beautiful Caterpillar transmission with an efficient six-speed transmission. Hydraulic rims and a comfortable driver’s cabin make this vehicle capable of dealing with whatever may be thrown at it in the possibility of a global catastrophe.

7. Rough and Rugged

Often you just have to admire the machinery that humans have succeeded in creating. We can truthfully say we’ve never witnessed one of these before in our lives. This post-apocalyptic car is equipped to handle any situation. It features four tank treads, front, and rear autonomous steering, and appears fashioned from a steel submarine or an old freight train.

Photo Credits: qpf7k /Reddit

It also has a distinct Steam Punk aesthetic, although I’m sure that won’t matter if things start to go wrong in your area. It’s built like a tank and appears qualified for obliterating anything in its track. Don’t worry if you get trapped. There are numerous hooks and anchors to attach to and liberate yourself. This beast is a must-own automobile during an apocalypse.

8. Fury Road

Here is another vehicle that resembles those in Mad Max: Fury Road. The main difference is that, although the other car was created specifically for the film, this one is more of a work of fan art. Still, it’s a commendable effort, and I’d venture to say it is prepared for the apocalypse should things go badly.

Photo Credits: carthrottle.com

It’s an excellent touch to have the front bumper wrapped in chains to cover the fact that the car doesn’t have one. Also, keep an eye out for the steel that surrounds the vehicle and protects the front and side windshields from deterioration. The exhaust that protrudes from the hood and the black paint and skull on top are all very avant-garde.

9. Semi Truck

When you’re stuck in Russia with nothing to do with your semi-truck, what do you do? Have a glance at the image beneath to find out. This driver appears to have covered the entire thing with steel, armored rivet-like characteristics and styled it out as if it were a gigantic dog eager to pounce on the next vehicle passing by.

Photo Credits: IReadThisSomewhere /Imgur

This car appears to be quite intimidating, but all you have to do is remain seated and go forward. As soon as you wheel through town, zombies and territorial busybodies would be put in their place by your deadly armored dog that looks like a semi-truck; you may be the leader and king for a day.

10. Jeep Mod

Who doesn’t enjoy a Jeep? These cars are, without a doubt, our favorite sorts of vehicles. Especially jeeps like this one, which has been tricked out and modified. It’s got a great lift package, great suspension, and plenty of toughness. It’s apocalypse-ready, to be sure, but not in the typical sense.

Photo Credits: Junkyard Empire /Prime Video

This car almost looks too lovely to charge into the apocalypse’s front lines. Unless you’re in the middle of a Transformers apocalypse, of course, maybe that’s the key to unlocking this mystery. Should things get too dangerous for us humans, this gadget may morph into an Autobot and rush in to rescue the day.

11. Handy Hyundai

So, if you’re familiar with the automotive industry, you’re probably aware that Hyundai has created a reputation for itself. Check out this version of their Apocalypse-prepared car. If we ever find ourselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, it’s a zombie killer car that genuinely kills the undead.

Photo credits: TheWalkingDead /Twitter

It caused quite a splash when it was revealed at one of the New York Comic-Con events. It’s encouraging to learn that such things may be made in the actual world. In case the event a zombie apocalypse actually happens.

12. Paramount Group Marauder

So, here’s yet another Marauder. It’s called the Paramount Group Marauder, and it’s very different from the previous one we showed you. Have no fear in the possibility of an apocalypse; this one will keep you safe. It can take a thrashing, and keep moving.

Photo Credits: carthrottle.com

It has anti-blast seats, which will come in handy if you and your crew come up against a zombie army with hand grenades. It can also navigate fjords at a depth of half the vehicle’s length. This machine indicates that it swims reasonably well. Yes, this is, without a doubt, one of the finest apocalypse cars on the market.

13. Dune Buggy

This vehicle is a seriously badass apocalypse automobile. Check out the vintage Camaro and Charger body type, mounted on a custom elevated frame and with oversized tires. This automobile appears to be one ready dune buggy based on the scenery. The typical lights up top to irradiate the road at night while kicking up sand balances things out.

Photo Credits: bangshift.com

Keep an eye out for the windows as well. They’ve left the building. That could be risky if the undead forms a ring around the vehicle, but they’d have to get near enough to touch it first. With its V-8 engine and nitrous-infused system, please make no mistake about it. This beast is built for speed.

14. Bug Out Vehicle

Okay, so this Harward and Associates bug-out car isn’t short on features. This vehicle is a beast, with a light bar fitted to the front grill, a steel safety cage protecting the cab, larger tires, and enough compartments to carry tools and other equipment. Mercedes’ Unimog Camper is the name of the vehicle.

Photo Credits: bangshift.com

It’s comparable to the Unimog Kat 88, and it’s designed to tackle rough, rugged terrain. The only discrepancy is that it is based on a different vehicle. That is precisely what these cars are for. They start as one thing, but after being decked out as the ultimate bug-out vehicle, they transform into something else altogether.

15. Powerful SUV

Someone bought this customized assault truck at a military surplus auction. Take a look at the surrounding scenery. People, that is a home. What exactly does this imply? Simply expressed, this indicates that these individuals are exceptionally well prepared if countries engage in nuclear warfare. They have a modified assault vehicle in place of their huge SUV sitting in the driveway.

Photo Credits: mentertained.com

The best thing you can do is wish you all are buddies in this situation. This vehicle can tow anything stuck and make quick work of any enemy. What’s even better? These are occasionally available for purchase at vintage military surplus auctions.

16. War-Ready Truck

This truck has been transformed into an Apocalypse-ready vehicle. Obviously, the top required a great deal of unique labor. The bottom half is still pretty simple, and almost all of the original elements are present. The suspension has had a lot of work done, but everything else has remained the same.

Photo Credits: mentertained.com

You can rest your fatigued mind for a while before checking battery to ensure your side guns are entirely loaded. When it comes to preparing for the end of the world, you can never be too safe, and this vehicle ensures that you are the safest!

17. Tough tank

Tanks are created to be stable. They are unquestionably well-suited to surviving a zombie apocalypse. If any vehicle were to be ready for it, it would be a tank. This one pushes things a step further by encircling the entire car with a steel security net of sorts. This beast makes it difficult for anyone attempting to get on board, and all you have to do is swerve left or right to toss them away.

Photo Credits: gdlscanada.com

In this event, you want as many live beings on your side as possible, and someone has to drive the thing. You can alternate taking turns. While one is operating, the other is shooting. Then simply stop when you’re done and swap positions. Unless you let them in, no one will be able to access the interior. Having a tank at the ready during the apocalypse has its perks.

18. One for the Bikers

While this bike might look pretty cool and ready to face the apocalypse, it was a special United States Army war veteran. Its camouflage makes it a beast motorbike. If things get out of hand, this machine would have no difficulties keeping you out of trouble. Its additional mounted guns can also cause significant damage to the enemy.

Photo Credits: topspeed.com

While it may not appear to be the most pleasant mode of transportation, I’m sure you wouldn’t grumble if you needed to get out of a dodge quickly. You simply jump on the back if someone tells you to. After all, it’s either that or die. Furthermore, this individual is a survivor. You’ll make it until the end of days if you stick with individuals like them.

19. Icarus Defender

The Icarus Defender is a small wilderness apocalypse-friendly vehicle. Genesis Tracks, a well-known off-road and rally motor company, created it. The 110 conversions, dubbed the Icarus, as advertised as the ultimate land-based sleeping solution. The sleeper compartment opens from the top and is simple to assemble.

Photo Credits: humaoto.com

The acreage defender will come in convenient, and once you’re finished, merely pack stuff away in less than ten minutes, get on the road, and head to your following destination. This is as user-friendly as the apocalypse can get, my friends.

20. Chevy Silverado

This Chevrolet Silverado is prepared for anything, including the end of the world. This vehicle is the Black Ops edition of the Chevy Silverado, and while it may look similar to a regular Silverado, the distinction is in the qualities it retains. A generator, as well as additional water and gas tanks, are housed within its bed.

Photo Credits: General Motors

It also comes with a custom-made lower body protection and a Truck Vault storage box installed on the bed. This vehicle contains a solar power pack, rope, gloves, gas masks, a military First Aid Kit, and a foldable shovel. What else can you ask for?

21. The Rig

This other one might look familiar if you like movies. It appeared in Mad Max Fury Road. This rare gem is a Czechoslovakian Tatra army off-road vehicle coupled with a 1950s Chevrolet Fleet Masters set. Indeed, there are incredible additional qualities to this vehicle. For example, there is a Beetle shell at the rear.

Photo Credits: thetruthaboutcars.com

On top of that, the production team did a lot in terms of creativity and delivered an excellent finish. Saw blades, spiky wheels, and stools complete the affair. It is complete with a shovel nose bulldozer rig at the front. It is fair to note that this is a one-of-a-kind apocalyptic beast.

22. Hummer them

The top of this Hummer H2 has been hacked off. Because of its low center of gravity, large body, and overall physical power, this vehicle would be a viable choice for surviving the end of the world. You would be able to squish under certain terrain other larger vehicles couldn’t.

Photo Credits: Al Karawan Garage- Dubai, Dibba /Facebook

It can withstand most terrain because of its enormous off-road tires and relying on if this was originally a military-grade Hummer, there may be anti-blast or bullet-stopping features on the exterior and below the vehicle. If the world ends tomorrow and this machine is still in our driveway, we think we’ve got a good shot.

23. 1958 Cuthbertson Land Rover

The Cuthbertson Land Rover from 1958. This Land Rover can transport you to safety on most routes. And, while it may appear damaged or old, keep in mind that things used to be made to last. And the Land Rover is no exception.

Photo Credits: autoevolution.com

The triangle track wheels can tackle almost any terrain, and the raised cab keeps you safe from most zombies, predators, floods, and whatever else comes your way. This 1958 Land Rover could use some work, but it’s still a lot better than a 2019 Land Rover in the event of a disaster. That is undeniable.

24. Another Powerful Bike

I have no idea what’s going on here. This person believes they are prepared for the impending doomsday apocalypse, which may be correct. However, the truck appears to be a little overloaded, to put it mildly. It’s crammed with far too many items that aren’t likely to be used.

Photo Credits: Vintage Riders /Facebook

The rifle might be helpful in a dire situation, but you’d have to get off your horse to use it. No, it appears that this vehicle is the result of a cross between a survivalist and a hoarder. In that case, I believe you’d wind up with something similar to this. In any case, let’s hope this guy makes it.

25. Off-road Benz

The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6 is elegantly designed for off-road use. This vehicle appears to be the kind of high-end and high-powered apocalyptic vehicle you’d see Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds or another movie celebrity driving through the desert at night.

Photo Credits: caranddriver.com

Its twin rear-axle capability ensures that it can endure just about any terrain, focusing on desert conditions. The G63 AMG 6×6 would be a beast in the apocalypse as you would cruise through the tumultuous time with style and grace.

26. Amphibian Style

The Gibbs Amphibious Biski is a stylish amphibious bike that can be driven on land and water. While this device makes you highly susceptible to any attack that can keep up with you, its dual-purpose capabilities provide you a distinct advantage in escape mode.

Photo Credits: autoevolution.com

Now imagine having the capability to traverse land and water. You can go just about anywhere to escape within no time. Should an apocalypse occur in our time, it would be nice to have a fast machine that can take you anywhere safely.

27. Another Hyundai for You

This Hyundai belongs in the Mad Max franchise. We’d drive this automobile if the apocalypse included zombies. In fact, we’d take this car regardless of what the end of the world brings. It consists of all of the necessary defenses.

Photo credits: hyundai.com

This car appears to be the ideal apocalyptic vehicle just make sure that you don’t have to navigate any narrow roads (those spires jut out of the wheels). Besides that, it is quite a powerful car that will ensure you are safe inside it.

28. Muscle Car

The Local Motors Rally Fighter is this massive destructive beast. During the apocalypse, this car is for muscle car fans. It’s a raised speed demon designed for a rough-and-tumble apocalypse style in which speed and maneuverability are essential. This bad boy is bringing anything and everything down.

Photo Credits: hiconsumption.com

Sadly, that means the bad guys in the calamity are probably quite fast. But if those tires run out of air and are flat, then we can’t think of anything or anyone moving in this car’s way of stalling during an apocalypse. It can indeed come in handy and secure you plus your loved ones in the face of catastrophe.

29. Bike Tank

The Kettenkrad HK is a fun ride. It’s part bike and part tank, and all of it is fantastic. It may not be your go-to apocalyptic car. Still, it could be your Sunday ride during the apocalypse vehicle for picking berries or trapping small animals when the weather is beautiful.

Photo Credits: rideapart.com

It appears to be excellent. We’re curious to see how fast it moves and whether it can sustain a blast. In case there is a zombie apocalypse, a tank with bike qualities will take you where you need to go and help you navigate through narrow spaces conveniently.

30. Ripsaw

The Ripsaw EVV2 can tear right through the road, as its name implies. Also, any sort of zombie that has ever existed. This apocalyptic tank appears to be capable of surviving any form of threat that comes on its way.

Photo Credits: military.com

It is also spacious enough to live in during a terrible emergency, at least for a few weeks. If you have food on you, just store it in this truck. This vehicle appears to be really awesome, and if the end of our days occurs soon, this will be our first pick of the lot.

31. All-Terrain

The Polaris Sportsman is an all-terrain rig that can get to safety if the world ends. The reactive, agile wheels offer an almost limitless number of surfaces to drive across. This ride is ideal for navigating across a zombie-infested battlefield. Or just a road, whatever you want to call it. When the apocalypse comes, we’d love to have this one.

Photo credits: Polaris

This beast can help you live through a turbulent time with enough ammo. In addition, you can traverse all kinds of terrain most efficiently and enjoy an excellent ride no matter the weather. Such a beast would come as a bonus if the world is unrecognizable and has rough roads.

32. Speed and Fashion

This Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Hot Rod can speed off-road, and those tires appear to be capable of handling practically anything. However, in this post-apocalyptic situation, a flat surface seems to be required, as the hot-rod/lowrider attitude that this end-of-the-world vehicle exudes would struggle on rough terrain.

Photo Credits: carbuzz.com

All in all, it is good knowing that you will be able to cruise in style and speed in the face of Armageddon. Having one such beast around is enough to offer you some peace of mind when facing unpredictable monsters who would seek to harm you.

33. Beast Bike

This Quad Bike is an absolute MONSTER! Tracked tires, a spare radial tire, medical supplies, extra equipment, and a minigun? Awesome. The only problem is that she won’t be able to hear anything for the rest of her life because something is going off directly beside her head.

Photo Credits: mentertained.com

Aside from that, she’s well ready for whatever the zombies may hurl at her. Whether it’s the end of the world or just another Monday, we want to get our hands on this thing! Driving this fantastic vehicle can help you tremendously during the end of the world.

34. Some Skiing

This specific one is the Nissan 370Zki, but with an upgrade. If you live in the Washington or Canadian mountains and find yourself in the middle of an apocalyptic disaster, we’ve got a ride for you. Only a handful of humans could manage to ski in the face of a catastrophe.

Photo Credits: osmmag.com

The Nissan 370Zki snowmocar is propelled by rear-tracked four-wheel drive and features front-wheel skis for maximum maneuverability. This is the car you want if there’s a polar vortex. You can rely on such a stylish automobile to propel you if an epidemic arises.

35. Shaman G 15

The Shaman G 15 is here. This sturdy vehicle is ideal for surviving the doomsday or sleeping it off. Whichever you prefer, because it doesn’t appear that anything could stop this quasi-RV turned end-of-the-world ride. This option could be the most spacious and safe post-apocalyptic vehicle ever, as long as the windows and doors are secure.

Photo Credits: drivingline.com

This car is indeed a marvel by all means. By the looks, it can withstand a great deal of trouble. Should you be lucky to afford one, then you should be all set to survive Armageddon, provided you have enough ammunition and skills.

36. Electric Cars

The Stella Electric Car is a practical vehicle for the world’s end. Because there may not be any operational petrol stations at the end of the world, having a car powered by solar panels is advantageous. Consider that for a moment. How will you get gas for your vehicle if the world dies?

Photo Credits: digitaltrends.com

Certainly not through conventional means. That isn’t going to happen unless you plan on stealing gas from every automobile you see. So, if you’re not in immediate danger and the undead aren’t too strong or fast, the Stella is a fantastic apocalyptic alternative.

37. Here is Another Amphibious Car

The Terra Wind is a stylish amphibious RV. This ride could be beneficial for surviving the apocalypse while on the move, and to be honest, this would be the ideal post-apocalyptic vehicle. Nothing would be as remarkable as having an amphibious RV should the world be coming to an end.

Photo credits: manofmany.com

 A moving house that can also pop into the lake at a moment’s notice? Maybe not the most practical, and perhaps not the smartest, but a traveling house that can also jump into the lake at a moment’s notice? We’ll take it.

38. The Torsus Praetorian

The Tarsus Praetorian is a beautiful vehicle that can be lived in and can handle many terrains. This one-stop-shop for survival and mobility in the event of a zombie apocalypse will provide you with a variety of options for escaping the zombies.

Photo credits: motor1.com

But you’d better hope those zombies aren’t very aggressive or have weapons because the Praetorian doesn’t appear to have any defenses! In a nutshell, this car is as good as any for strategizing and planning attacks or defensive strategies against dangerous assailants.

39. Water Jeep

The Jeep Panther is a fantastic water automobile. It can effortlessly reach speeds of up to 80 mph on land, while it can reach over 45 mph on water. It would be critical to have this choice in the event of an apocalypse.

Photo credits: autowise.com

If you have ever seen a zombie film in your life, you would know one crucial fact: zombies cant survive in the water! This Jeep Panther (maybe it should have been called something more aquatic) would get you out of a dilemma during the apocalypse.

40. Flying Car

Terrafugia is its name. TF is a self-flying automobile. Because, yeah, I don’t know, you can flee away from any concern? This would be a helpful ride during the apocalypse. You can go nearly everywhere without worrying about being chased.

Photo Credits: motor1.com

Aside from that, it appears to be a relatively standard vehicle. The question is how to fuel and maintain the car. Still, what a fantastic ride. We would all fancy owning one, apocalypse or not. We can all imagine what a joy it would be to ride in one.

41. Zombie Safari

The Partisan One is who he is. It is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind appearance. The Partisan One might come in handy if there’s a Zombie Safari attraction after the apocalypse. However, this car appears to be exceptionally well-built on a more serious point.

Photo Credits: insideevs.com

I’d want to take my chances in this bad boy cruising through the hordes. But what about the windows or lack thereof? Or perhaps a roof? We will take this one in a catastrophe any day once those minor concerns are resolved.

42. EVX Immortus

The EVX Immortus is a modern take on a solar-powered vehicle. This car isn’t your average post-apocalyptic vehicle. However, the one you didn’t think you’d need may be the one you do. This car is in a league of its own.

Photo Credits: newatlas.com

The Immortus is still a prototype, but it should never require refueling, charging, or anything other than the sun. So, depending on how the apocalypse unfolds, a less indestructible vehicle may be less successful than this smart ride.