Flat Battery? How To Jump-Start Your Vehicle

By Anthony K

Have you ever suffered from a flat battery? A flat battery is a battery that has no juice to light up the electronics in your car nor start your engine.

Imagine camping in the woods, you and your friends decide to have a party and put the car headlights on, blasting loud music when you get to the campsite the entire night. More often than not, the battery will run completely flat.

Image courtesy of ImaOyls/Shutterstock

I promise you if it’s the only car you went with, it’s going to get nightmarishly confusing and fast. To start with, do you even know how to fix the battery when it runs flat? When did you last pop open your hood? Well, worry not since we will give you some tips on how to remedy the situation if you are ever faced with one.

First, you need to ensure you have jumper cables. These are essentials. Never leave them behind; if you ever forget them, you can be assured to be doomed if you ever get a flat battery.

The next thing you need to do is find a vehicle with a battery that matches the voltage of your car. They have to be in a position to drive to your location. Then have their hoods so close to each other as though they are about to kiss. Good luck finding that good samaritan!

Image Courtesy of CarKey Masters

The next thing is to ensure that the cars are both parked in parking gear. You do not want to have them touching. That dent might cost you a couple of bucks, so be cautious. After you are sure that both vehicles are in the right gear, now it’s time to bring that battery to life.

Carefully connect the positive of your car to the positive of the other vehicle, and the same case applies to the neutral. Ensure the engine of the car that is jump-starting your vehicle is running. Remember, this is electricity you are dealing with; it’s not a box of skipping ropes you are working with; extreme caution is imperative.

Now ignite your vehicle and wait for the magic. VOILA! Your car just started.