Fascinating Truth Behind How Often You Should Change Your Car’s Oil

By Anthony K

The cars we drive may sometimes tell so much about us, but how much do we know about them? We mean, who wouldn’t want a couple of different exotic statement cars in their yard? The maintenance side would be a challenge. It’s safe to assume if you are not a car enthusiast, the only time you get to learn car maintenance is when you get your first car. Sometimes even never, you follow what the car’s doctor says(mechanic). However, it’s essential to know the mechanisms and everything that your vehicle requires. Let’s look into the basics, like how often your car needs a change in engine oil.

Image courtesy of FUN FUN PHOTO/Shutterstock

As a car owner, you might probably be aware of the famous 3000 miles oil change rule from most auto-repair shops. Some scientists conducted a study and found out that in different vehicles, an engine oil change is essential after mileage between 5000-7500 miles rendering the 3000-mile range a way for shops to make more profit. Some might say that is swindling, but I would think of it as a good business model. Food for thought!

As unique as every automobile is, each must have the engine oil changed at least twice per year. The truth is it’s not that if you don’t change the oil, your car will stop running. On the contrary, the vehicle will perform as usual, but the oil will stop being effective. It may fail to lubricate essential parts of your car, which may lead to some systems failing and even wholly getting damaged.

Image courtesy of Nor Gal/Shutterstock

Yes, we have said that a change in engine oil is essential, but you also need to know that what’s even more important is knowing that not any oil can work for your car. So if you own a hatchback, the oil that your engine uses might not be the same engine oil my saloon car uses.

Get to learn your machine and learn its needs! Keep that relationship rock. If you don’t take care of it, no one will!