Ultimate Car Mods…Fails! 40 Car Modifications That Left Us Speechless, And Not In A Good Way

By Jishnu B October 30, 2022

The world has truly changed in the past century. Just talk to any older person. They will most likely reminisce about the times they had to “climb mountains” and “walk miles on foot” to go to the shop on the corner. Meanwhile, automobiles have almost become a basic need for us, the privileged folks of the 21st century.

Our personal vehicles are also an extension of our personalities. Thus, the car modification industry has developed greatly in recent decades. Car owners are free to enhance and customize their cars. However, sometimes you should ask yourself — just because you can do it, should you really do it?

These car modifications will make you question life and make our ancestors weep. A Twitter page had compiled various questionable car mods, and there is no better time to experience them than the Halloween season. Beware, you will most likely lose sleep tonight after seeing these abominations.   

All images in this article are courtesy of @f#$eduplookingcars On Twitter.

Justice For Sphynx Cats

Everything is big in Texas, even disasters. Hairless cats have a bad rep. Remember when Rachel from Friends adopted a Sphynx cat? Joey refused to acknowledge it as a cat. Ross thought the creature was inside out. Meanwhile, Chandler claimed it was a minion of the antichrist. It was a rough episode for hairless cats.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

And then there is this car owner and their nightmare vehicle. If they park this monstrosity beside a playground, someone will call the cops. No offense to sphynx cats, but this looks like a chewed-up bubblegum. The only good thing is that horror filmmakers will pay a high price for this ‘art’ piece.   

Land Nemo

We finally found Nemo. He is not doing too well. See, kids? This is why you should heed your parents. He should’ve obeyed his father and stayed safely in the waters. Now, look at what happened. He looks like the saddest clownfish. He seems to have given up on life.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Judging by the photo, it seems like it was taken from a scrapyard. This atrocity is probably no longer functioning, which is a good thing. If this car ran on the highway, people would refuse to drive in the same lane. This Nemo looks like it had enough of all the ocean pollution. 

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese gave America affordable cheese pizzas and arcades with a side of a lifetime of PTSD. Ask anyone which fast food mascot they think is the creepiest. They’ll unanimously vote out the ungodly gray rat. Don’t let Ratatouille fool you. Rats and restaurants aren’t meant to be together. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

There was a time these rat designs were so creepy; kids ran away from their own birthday parties after seeing the lifesize mascots. If those kids saw this abomination of a car right now, they would probably descend into a coma. This cursed vehicle can only drive on the highway to hell.   

Blobfish Car

This thing looked like it had too much candy for Halloween. Look at its chubby cheeks. You will often hear people complaining about how car seats are uncomfortable. They should invest in this squishy car. You’ll travel in comfort with this. However, there’s a risk of falling asleep while driving. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Do you know how manufacturers install airbags inside cars to reduce fatalities? Sadly, only people inside the vehicles get protected by these things. Meanwhile, pedestrians outside have no way of protecting themselves. That’s where this blobfish car comes in clutch. Technically, it would be impossible to be crushed inside this balloon of a vehicle. 

Barbie’s Horror Sequel

The Barbie franchise has remained near and dear to millions of young children for decades. Most young girls played with these dolls and watched the magical Barbie movies. There was a time when these unrealistically beautiful dolls became the beauty standard. Even though the trends have changed, Barbie is still a cult favorite.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Speaking of cults, this car owner is displaying concerning behavior with his unhinged obsessiveness. Who would embellish their excellent cars like this and take them out in public? Nothing screams cult-like behavior like stamping naked dolls on a vehicle. It’s like a scene from a horror movie.

Jesus Got Your Back

We have approximately 2.3 billion Christians in the world. Everyone has their ways of connecting to the Lord and Savior. Oftentimes, Christians would put the holy cross and portraits of Jesus Christ in their vehicle. They believe that holy items such as these will ward off evil and disaster, thus ensuring safety on the road.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This fellow right here stamped Jesus’s holy visage on their car. You could say Jesus literally got their back. It’s kind of wholesome, isn’t it? Though we can’t say that modding your Mercedes to add this extra detail is not exactly an aesthetically-pleasing idea.

Will It Run, Or Will It Float

We are not sure if this vehicle is even legal to drive. However, this is the least ungodly creation from this listicle; therefore, we will give props to the owner. Yes, that is a boat engine attached to the car hood. The modifiers somehow managed to make a land vehicle run with water engines.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

It’s quite unimaginable for us. However, these innovative gentlemen managed to create this Frankenstein car. Just by looking at the bearded man’s face, you can tell how elated he is. Who would have thought this beat-up car could have a second chance at running with boat engines? 

This Is Exhausting

Get it? Exhausting? Because the car looks like an oversized exhaust pipe? Tasteless jokes aside, this is actually quite an innovative creation. This feels like one of those wacky yet futuristic automobile designs that Tesla comes up with. However, we can only imagine how much smoke this car would produce. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Some accounts claim that instead of an exhaust pipe or muffler, they associate this design more with the shape of an alcohol flask. Once you see it, it is tough to unsee it. Imagine driving in this thing and the cops pulling you over. It’d be hard not to get charged with a DUI.    


This one made us laugh hysterically for a few minutes. This car is morbidly hilarious. There is no drastic modification done to this vehicle. The joke is that logo that is printed on the vehicle. Even if you don’t venture on the unholy side of the internet, you definitely recognize that logo.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This particular car model is commonly used for funeral services. Many often use these vehicles as limos, but these are hearses, and they carry deceased people to their designated destination. Thus, it’s very fitting that it’s titled ‘mournhub.’ We would love to ride this hearse to our final destination once we perish. 

Someone Give This Poor Thing An Epipen

There are so many insults we want to hurl at this piece of abomination. However, due to word limits, we will begrudgingly restrain ourselves. This car looks like it had a severe allergic reaction to peanuts and is one breath away from dying. Someone, please give this poor thing an EpiPen. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This car looks like it got into a fight with a bee hive and lost. That explains the bitter look on its face. It’s the expression of a sore loser. Do you remember that lip filler challenge that went viral because of Kylie Jenner? This vehicle is an unsuccessful attempt at that challenge.  

Watch Out, Ladies

Ah, yes, this blasted facial expression. We have seen this pose way too many times on teenage boys. Some people, sadly, find this attractive. Meanwhile, rational folks like us cringe at the sight of this. However, it wasn’t enough that frat boys did this. Someone dared to put this on their car.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter/llumaesthetic

This bumper sticker was probably the owner’s attempt at a practical joke. Let’s say the driver somehow ran over a lady on the streets. If the cops ask them what happened, they will probably say they were trying to hit on her. Please, invest in better bumper stickers. 


Wow, they managed to impress us with this creation. As you can see, they modified this car to look like a catfish. You will witness various versions of animals as automobile modifications in this listicle. This is among the ‘least tacky and somehow adorable‘ minority. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

If you have seen a catfish in real life, you can distinguish why this car is better than the others. The paint job on this car is impeccable, as they managed to capture the coloration of a real catfish. The flatness of the car easily fits into the physique of a catfish.    


Get it? Poor-sche? Because it’s a poor man’s Porsche? It is such a brilliant display of irony. Usually, puns are tasteless. However, this one is still worth a chuckle. Porsche is among the most well-known luxury automobile brands. The average price of a single car is around the 100k dollar price range. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Clearly, this is not a car that someone with an average income can afford, much less someone who’s poor. Therefore, it is so ironic. This car is not a Porsche. However, in a way, they are correct. We all adore our trusty vehicles. Thus, it is just as precious to us as any luxury car.      

Wheels Of (Mis)fortune

If you are an Asian kid, you may have heard your mother or grandmother saying many superstitious things. The most common one is if you eat chicken legs, you can run faster. Was that the inspiration for this vehicle? We cannot imagine any other reason for creating this monstrosity. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This reminds us of one of those futuristic vehicles we used to see in sci-fi flicks. When we were kids, we played with wacky-looking toys like this car. We hope they never experience a flat tire. It would be a torment to change it. You might need a ladder to enter this car. 

Redneck’s Limo

A wise man once said that if you are too poor to buy something, you should DIY it. God blessed you with creativity for a reason. This particular car owner seems to have taken that advice to heart. They couldn’t buy their limo; thus, they made their own — albeit it’s much shabbier.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This vehicle looks like an accordion stretched out to the max. We wonder if you can fold it back to a normal size. Although these look flimsy and unsafe to ride, some netizens have claimed it looks more stable than Jeremy Clarkson’s cars. Some said this car was a redneck’s transformer.   

The Truck Of Nightmares

It’s a truck of some sort. That’s all we can say about this photo. We had shown this to a friend of ours and asked for their opinion. They said they almost had an aneurysm after seeing this truck. We don’t blame them. We suffered a migraine trying to decipher this abomination.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

All we see is endless ornaments jam-packed with no surface uncovered. Perhaps this truck was meant to be a prank. Notice how the passenger seat has fifteen door handles instead of one. It would be a pain to figure out which handle is functional. This truck was designed to spite humanity.  

The Car With Cheeto Fur 

As someone who hates the orange color and is allergic to fur, this vehicle hurts our entire existence. We have a sneaking suspicion that they slaughtered a Lorax to make this fur. This automobile was also a disaster waiting to happen, as there was no visible speed or fuel meter.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

We sincerely hope this gimmicky car is only meant for display purposes. We are not sure anyone will survive after driving this. On the bright side, if you eat Cheeto or drink orange Fanta inside, no one will ever notice if you spill anything. You can wipe your hands on the dashboard.

Make Yourself Home

You may have heard some people claiming their cars are like another home to them. It seems this car owner took that statement to heart. You’re seeing it right. That’s an entire sofa crammed into the driver’s space. Well, at least now they can say that they travel in comfort.     

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Bill Gates once said that he likes assigning projects to lazy people as they always manage to come up with a fast and easy solution. This car represents what happens when couch potatoes take up a project. Even though it’s not the classiest, they always come up with the comfiest solution.   


Sadly for the previous car, this vehicle usurped them in the matter of hominess. How can they even compare when this car owner literally lifted a house and stuck it on the back of their minivan? Unlike the modifications in this listicle, this one made us feel curiosity instead of disgust.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

We wonder what they even keep in that small closet-sized home. Inflation is rising these days, and paying rent is becoming more painful. Buying an RV is also tricky as they cost thousands of dollars. In this economy, you have to become more creative to avoid homelessness. This creation gets a 10/10. 

Walmart Delorean

Ah, yes, the majestic time-traveling Delorean runs 88 miles per hour. It is undoubtedly the most iconic car in Hollywood history. Delorean had everyone gasping in the mid-80s. Although far better sci-fi movies with modern CGI have come out, no one will ever forget the joy of Back to the Future. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This car owner gets a solid A for effort. Although the Delorean Motor Company has released the cars (without time-traveling power) for the general public, it’s not something the average population can afford, especially since they cost $38,000. Therefore it’s understandable this person tried recreating it by any means.


This one made us quite begrudgingly impressed. The thought of a van covered with vintage cameras seems off-putting at first. However, the modifiers appeared to have pulled it off perfectly. Even though it looks suffocatingly cramped, you still see the aesthetic value. Perhaps it’s due to the vintage beauty of old cameras.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Camera collectors are most likely gasping, horrified at this creation. We can only imagine how much this entire project costs, as antique cameras can be costly. On the bright side, this van probably has the highest security. Some netizens jokingly said that this is how Google captures the images for their apps.

Poor Man’s Google Map

Yes, Google Maps is free. However, smart devices are not. Not everyone can afford them, especially during this inflation era. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Therefore, this map car mat makes sense to us. It’s like one of those treasure hunts in the old times. We hope this won’t lead them to an accident.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Jokes aside, this is an adorable mat. It’s not tacky, unlike many others in this listicle. Youngsters would love seeing this in the car. It is also amusing for grown-ups. Just for fun, they could try following this map and see where it leads them. It’s a better pastime than Pokémon Go.   


As someone allergic to fur and with a heavy distaste for animal prints, this car offends our entire existence. For the love of all that is holy, please stop using animal prints. It is tacky and so 2000s. Also, quit using fur. It’s not an item that you can put anywhere.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Fur is something that’s quite hard to rock. It does not suit everyone and everything. Unless you use them in the right place and at the right time, you will seem like a wannabe fashionista. And then there is this offensive piece of junk. They violated every rule in the textbook of fashion.

The Convertible Of Nightmares

Hey, the movie Dumb and Dumber called, and they want their car back. This is the worst creation since the birth of humanity. We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it: stop using fur everywhere. Not only does it look vicious, but we can also only imagine how nasty this car smells. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Visual disaster aside, this car is also heavily impractical. A single trip fills the car’s surface with dust. Imagine what happens when it’s rainy and muddy. The nasty smell of wet fur rarely rivals anything else. The car is surely growing mold. The car owner has probably gone bankrupt from dry-cleaning this abomination.    

Justice For Women

If you listen carefully, you can faintly hear feminists around the world screaming in rage. We don’t blame them. Who would ever want to be associated with this atrocity? We assume the person who designed this was wronged by a woman. Perhaps this is their revenge on womanhood. Most certainly, they succeeded in offending everyone.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

We cannot even imagine what this van is used for. From the looks of it, this is a circus vehicle. Children definitely cry at the sight of this van. On the bright side, this van will probably never be stuck in traffic. Every car on the highway will run off after seeing this monstrosity. 

Knight In Shining Armor

So many insults to spew, yet such little word limit. People need to understand that just because it’s shiny doesn’t mean it’s attractive. Gold looks elegant, while aluminum doesn’t. This particular car owner seems as if they bought too much foil paper for a discount and didn’t know what to do with it. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

The only good thing about this car is the hilarious disgust it provoked from the netizens. This intrinsically evil vehicle probably can’t see the stop sign because its reflection blinds it. They probably went for metallic Ace of Diamonds cards, but it sadly ended up looking like a skin disease. Yikes.  

What’s The Mater

The Cars franchise is one of Pixar’s most recognizable works. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you have definitely seen a photo of Lightning McQueen at some point in your life. Even though it’s pretty famous, we would still claim it’s underrated. Everyone is hyping Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or Up. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Sadly, not many appreciate the beauty of Cars. This car is actually very adorable. We are here for it! It looks a little derpy due to the googly eyes. However, those who watched Cars can easily distinguish it as Mater, the rusty tow truck. The truck’s googly eyes are much safer for the vehicle.  

Fast And Furious

That is one angry banana. He could easily be cast as a villain in the Cars franchise. This car is also the personification of road rage to many people. No one would dare to contest this rage on wheels for parking spots; neither will they dare to cut off this enraged car’s lane.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

We would not pick a fight with this car. If we saw that in our rear mirror, we would immediately drive off that road. Jokes aside, this is an adorable car. The headlights that look like serpent eyes, the bonnet resembling two nostrils, and the toothy sneer of the bumper; everything managed to come together.   

Size Matters

Yes, you heard us right; size matters. Before you cancel us on Twitter, hear us out. You can be whatever size you want to be. That being said, please keep your cars out of this. Look at this majestic vehicle. It’s so shiny, dark, and elegant. And now look at those atrociously small wheels. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This poor fellow has no chance of winning any races. Forget about races; a trip to Walmart might take you a whole day if you drive this. We hope it’s Photoshop. We pray it’s a toy car. Those tires will give up once you hit 30mph or 2 miles. Please, treat your ride with respect.   

It’s a car-riage

Somebody up there must be mocking us. Is this because we said size matters? Yes, we implied that you shouldn’t ruin a perfect car with nonsense and impractical modifications. However, did you hear us say you should use mega-wheels instead of mini-wheels? If this is a joke, we do not find it funny. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

There is no way this can be legal to drive. Yes, carriages are outdated because they promote animal cruelty. That doesn’t mean you should make this Frankenstein monster car. How do you even climb this thing? Moreover, can you even see anything on the road when driving this car? It’s a menace to society!


We don’t know about you, but we only like a crab when it’s well-cooked in cajun spices. As you can tell, this car modification does not please us at all. You should also know that we have arachnophobia. Those legs are offending us. Lobsterghini has no reason to exist.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

We already know this car has no way of running unless it uses those legs like Dr. Octopus. We will make a wild guess and say that this is one of those sand sculptures you see on the beach. That said, please devote your art to other inspirations, not spiders and crabs. 

Bat MoVan

In an alternate universe, perhaps this is what the lone hero, Batman, drove. Maybe Bruce Wayne finally settled down, got married, had some kids, and wandered off to the unknown in this RV. We imagine he finally let go of all that trauma and burden in that RV and finally found happiness.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

No, this is not a “Batman traveler AU” fanfiction. With that being said, let’s discuss how inconvenient this RV is. We will begrudgingly admit that it is visually top-tier. That shade of purple is so nice to look at. However, parking this thing would be a nightmare. Driving through an underpass is probably impossible.

Please, Have Some Restraint

Visually, this is the worst thing ever. There are far worse vehicles on this list. But this is not our cup of tea. There is just too much going on. You should treat your car like an expensive cut of steak. You don’t want to season it too much and ruin the authentic flavor.  

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

This modification provoked various ranges of emotions from the netizens. Someone said this car looked like it had a head-on collision with a flea market. This thing probably won the Ultimate-Tacky-Souvenir competition. It’s like they slapped on anything that they found. One netizen was genuinely concerned about the owner.

Please, Stop. Get Some Help

We are not here for this. As you can see, the front is that of a traditional car. Meanwhile, the back is of an airplane. Do you know Sphinx, the demon from Egyptian mythology? She had a woman’s face with the body of a lion. This car is that discount version of that.   

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

First of all, this is not functional at all. Also, there is not enough space inside. Plus, we can’t see any doors. So, how do you even get inside this thing? The paint job is also very subpar. At first glance, it seems like rust. However, when you look closer, you notice the pattern.   

Mini-er Cooper

This car design somehow makes a lot of sense. Three-wheeled cars are surprisingly not that uncommon. In south Asian regions, people often ride these three-wheeled cars like cabs. They are much more environmentally friendly and easier to take care of. They take up less space and are run by battery. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

Therefore, we don’t see why the rest of the world shouldn’t invite these progressive innovations. Sure, it’s not the best for going on a long drive with your family. Neither can you store a lot of luggage in it, can you? However, we think it is a safer alternative to bikes.  

Blinded By The Lights

If you have seen the 1981 movie Escape from New York, you’ll recognize this car design. The duke of New York had ridden this Cadillac around the city. How could anyone forget that? This chandelier-encrusted vehicle was one of the most memorable scenes. This modified car gets a solid 10/10.

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

When God said, “let there be light,” they did not specify which kind. This car owner took full liberty of that loophole. The purpose of headlights is to help navigate the night. So does it matter what the light source is? The vintage car mixes so nicely with the chandeliers. 

Peppa Pig – The Bad Sequel

If you have learned anything from this long listicle, you already know that animal modifications are hard to nail. If you don’t execute it properly, it will easily look tacky. Therefore, you should proceed cautiously, as these projects cost thousands of dollars. Feeling regretful is not an option.    

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

If you do it well, it will look cute. This, however, is not cute. We cannot believe someone spent thousands of dollars to make their cars weirder. Of all the creations on earth, they went for the most diabolic-looking pig, which is so sad. Please make better life choices.  

Peppa Pig – The Good Sequel

We are so glad we found this photo. This is exactly what we were talking about. It is all about the execution. Both this and the previous modification imitated a pig. The only difference is that this one looks good, while the other looks like a mistake. This car is so cute. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

There’re many things that come into play. The previous car looked like the pig from hell. With the menacing headlight and the tongue, that car looked satanic. This car, however, kept things simple. They used the most disguisable pig features and put them on a soothing pink base. No wonder it looks so good.

Improvise And Adapt

This one was tricky. We stared long and hard at this picture to figure out what was wrong with it. Why would it be on a Twitter page that criticizes car modifications? This seems relatively normal, right? That’s until you notice that this is actually a combination of two vehicles. It is actually very clever. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

When you look closer, it is an SUV attached to a towing carrier. While SUVs have a lot of space, it may not be enough for this person. A truck is more convenient for these tasks. So do you buy another vehicle worth thousands? Nope, you use your brain and find a solution like this.


This is another tricky one. We could not figure out what was so odd about it. It seemed like a simple van, nothing out of the ordinary to us. However, once you see it, there is no going back. We will give you another chance to figure it out. The answer is given below. 

Image Credit: @f#$eduplookingcars/twitter

It’s Gigachad! Surely you know of him. He is the most familiar face on the internet these days. Who has not seen the giant hunk of that man with a super prominent jawline and beautiful smile? The car shape somehow resembles that handsome man. It’s amazing.