Life In The Laugh Lane: Amusing And Chatotic Pictures Of Cars And Roadside Oddities

By Ayomitide F

Cars! There is no shortage of love for these dear machines. Without them, we would have to straddle horseback or even stroll for miles. Since this clever invention, we can all agree that the world has gotten way more accessible. And it keeps getting better because, like everything operated by men, there is always the possibility of a fun twist.

The art of driving and the lore of automobiles will always be a source of humor here and there. There is no limit to the utility of cars, and the pranksters that find ways to use them. In this article, we show you some of the most hilarious scenarios on the road. A couple will amuse you, but most will crack you up till your ribs hurt. Sit back and enjoy!

True Love

Nothing says real love than your little daughter declaring affection for you in screw-driven capital letters all over your car. This is quite heartwarming but equally terrifying at the same time. We all love some mischief, and this is as good as it gets.

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK

With a cute gap-toothed grin like that, we bet that she can get away with anything. The best part is how she brandishes her magnificent screwdriver. All renaissance artists have rather unlikely origin stories. Let’s hope her dad feels the same. 

Power Lunch

Someone is definitely getting the boot. What could go wrong here except everything? Traffic control must have been terrified to see this in real-time, but Ivan had it all under control. At least he seems to be enjoying his meal.

Image Credit:

Nobody likes a cold lunch, so Ivan here is gulping his meal as soon as possible. After all, it’s hard to work on an empty stomach. All he had to do was whip out his spoon and get munching. We can’t be mad at that…but his boss would.


This is absurd because of the bizarre towing scenario—not just because a Chrysler 300 was used as a limo. It is just mindblowing to think about how the limo ended up here. We have a plausible theory, so get ready.

Image Credit: FBI_Agent_03

Here it comes: The towing company was prepared for a Chrysler 300, not a Chrysler 300 limo. Timeline got messed up when a smaller towing truck showed up, but they made do. Anyways, the limo got towed to its destination, so happy endings here.

The ’90s

What a time to be alive that was. The East Coast-West Coast beef was heating up, James Gandolfini was auditioning for The Sopranos, and the World Wide Web was rising. In Jon Favreau’s 1996 rom-com, Swingers, we were treated to the decade’s favored method of car safety—The Wheel clubs.

Image Credit: Your Neighbourhood Mechanic, Facebook

The funny thing about the ’90s was that less fancy cars were easy targets for scrapped parts. Besides endlessly turning a knob to roll up your windows, you also had to lock your steering wheel. You could also remove your car radio for a complete safety check.

The Long Haul

What is a lovely Sunday afternoon without a truckload of wood in the way? You can diagnose this as a case of DIY gone wrong. Bradley here put it on himself to haul his planks. And what a boldly stupid choice that turned out to be!                

Image Credit: TungCR, Reddit

But the stomach churner here is not the truckload of planks dragging across the road. It is the fact that they are perfectly positioned for a good ol’ bike trick, GTA style. Quite tempting that it almost seems planned. Or was it?


BMWs can be fun, except when you are behind one. You might get into a wreck if you’re not a mind reader. While we might all like to think BMW drivers are pompous elites, the blame does lie on BMW. The turn signals in BMWs are sensitive to every little turn.

Image Credit: pengouin85, Reddit

So, the turn signals might get so annoying to BMW drivers that they don’t use them anymore, leaving room for a spider to get comfy. On a side note, if you ever see a BMW driving using turn signals, call the police and report a stolen BMW immediately.

Driving Shoes

Shoes serve more than one purpose. As we all can confirm, there is a shoe for everything. Sleeping shoes, fighting shoes, running shoes, and even now, we have driving shoes. Some of us dweebs might prefer driving barefoot, but this biker is on another level.

Image Credit: Ph-Speed ApS, Reddit

With the right amount of chunk, it feels oddly right. On the other hand, they serve as reliable speed brakes. Overspeeding got nothing on you with these bad boys. You only need to drop the anchor when you come across a red light.


This is the most glaring effect of the state of the modern world. We have some incredible drivers over here, don’t you think? We all know parking is the most challenging part of the driving test, but we have some poor graduates.

Image Credit:

These poles have more history than anyone could possibly imagine. Years of being bashed, over and over by Mustangs, Range Rovers, dirt bikes, station wagons, and pick-up trucks. In fact, there would be no surprise of a Cessna did, too.

He**’s Kitchen

This is actually happening. Temperature is rising, and some folks are dangerously prepared for it. Attaching a whole air conditioner unit to a car is pretty wild. Talk about being innovative. We cannot get into the entire mechanics of things, but this is impressive.

Image Credit:

Getting with the times means we’ll probably see more crazy inventions like this. With more heatwaves, it is clear that our quintessential van is ahead of the curve. Only a few vehicles are equipped with this innovation. A rare breed indeed.

The Pallets Heist

Ladies and gents, the Pallets race is on. This is a slice of awesome coincidence right here. Here we have quite the pair: one truck fully packed with pallets and another truck clearly in need of pallets. The second truck is quite literally following its dreams.

Image Credit: DefinitelyNot203Eels, Reddit

Stalker mode to the max. This could serve as the opening of the next Fast and Furious movie: a Pallet Heist. Linking the incident to Dom’s (Vin Diesel) family might be the hard part, but the skyrocketing costs of pallets could cover that base.

For starters

Manual cars are quite the heck of work. You must almost always press down the clutch, and you can easily get confused, especially when you’re learning. Should you press the clutch before slowing down or the brake first? It is a headache, really.

Image Credit: BrandNewSentence, Reddit

Simultaneously pressing on all three pedals is regarded as the lost art of heel and toeing. The perk of a manual transmission vehicle is that it is harder to steal. Good luck to any carjacker trying to master the clutch combinations in record time.

Learning aids

We all need a little nudge in the right direction, especially considering how manual transmission cars are such a bother. You don’t need to worry; less than 3% of American cars have a manual transmission. So the chance of using one is slim.

Image Credit: sarahangeline4u, Reddit

However, this is simply genius. In case you need pointers, the Stop pedal is the brake, the Play pedal is the gas/accelerator, and the Pause pedal is the clutch. Although manual cars are not the most popular bunch, an innovation like this is quite helpful for the noobs among us. 


Real Hot Guy delivery at your service; this guy is absolutely winging it here. We all love to do things ourselves, and it is pretty nice to see one of us thriving like this fella. Hanging with a brand-new 46-inch on a scooter takes a lot of guts.

Of course, this guy here got that dawg in him, but we also love seeing how he’s hunched over the TV like a newborn baby. Totally relatable; we would do the same and more. Here’s to wishing the TV arrived in one piece.

No Words

There are absolutely no words to explain this disaster. We know all about towing, but have you heard about pushing? It is the new rave in town. And how does this work exactly? It is a pity we will never know.

Image Credit: memeguy.con

In other news, we must applaud the Smart ForTwo, which remains one of the world’s most efficient and versatile cars. Besides pushing large trucks on a sunny day, this smart city coupe also doubles as the main delivery vehicle of Chick-fil-A.

Lucky day

Imagine blasting 60 on a hot Sunday afternoon, and your engine gets knocked. Bad enough situation, right? Not just yet. Your car gets towed, and you earn a speeding ticket while on the tow. Nice! That’s quite the lucky day.

Image Credit: ADHD_MAN, Reddit

This certainly unlocked a new level on the speed trap. Technically, the car wasn’t even on the road when the speed limit was exceeded. Somebody better lawyer up quickly; it wouldn’t be surprising if a spurned ex was on the other end of the system.


Yup, just a couple of gentlemen improvising. Nothing wrong with it, folks; it is just some honest fellas trying to fill their tank. And a traffic cone is as simple as it gets. On a more serious note, how come we don’t see this often?

Image Credit:

Our good fellas here thought outside the box for sure… and inside the cone. The Mazda RX-3 is no easy car to maintain, and these two are doing a heck of a job. In fact, the RX-3’s fuel economy means they won’t need a cone very often.

It’s always sunny in Munich

Germany; what an incredible country, right? Deutschland remains the EU’s largest economy as in the days before Brexit. There is no end to the rich culture, with over 20,000 castles and 1,000 varieties of sausage. It is definitely the place to be.

Image Credit: Radenso, Twitter

Driving is also pretty wild, with almost no stop signs and speed traps. In fact, roads are known to have lax speed limits. Still waiting to be impressed? They also have a festival for beer where chugging is a mere street trick. The dream of every law-abiding citizen.

Tech Bro

Based on his flawless powers of estimation skills, word on the streets is that this friend of ours is a software engineer. He’s definitely a Windows guy, not Linux, as you can tell. And he is doing great, as far as we can tell.

Image Credit: Ververgo, Reddit

Here is the plot twist. Our guy could also be a project manager who double-checks that he has a small fuel-efficient car and fits a 12-foot board in it. Shame there is no library to compress it, but he will be just fine.


At the crossroads of life, we all make big decisions like choosing between Yale or Harvard. Other times you have to make more complicated choices between choosing to haul your butt to the gym or binge-watch Silicon Valley for the sixteenth time.

Image Credit:

However, things could get very complicated at a crossroads. Friendly advice for anyone in a similar situation: stay between the lanes and never commit. That way, you keep left of the tanker and also keep out of the truck’s behind.


The ultimate desecration of the Ford Mustang is upon us. We mean, a roofing sheet as a door? Come on! Where is the dignity here? We shouldn’t even look under the hood. There is a lot of messed up stuff under there.

Image Credit:

What happens when you are on a budget? Cheap rugs, no cable TV, riding the bus, no more Benihanas? Well, jokes on you because you have a pro. There is absolutely nobody on this level of budgeting. It’s full-blown Mr. Magoo over here!

Arabian Nights

Can’t blame a fellow ignorant driver for this. Anyways, we are tempted to rub the sign now. We’re writing down our three wishes already. For starters, we wish our engine wasn’t a 30-year-old relic and still had sealed gaskets. Is that so much to ask for?

Image Credit: 8FuzzyLegs, Reddit

On the other hand, it does look like a watering can. Maybe the engine is thirsty; who knows. On a serious note, though, the oil pressure has dropped below 5 psi when this sign appears, which is way below the engines’ optimal 20 psi. Get it checked.

Long nose

The Lincoln town car is remarkable for its long limousine-type body. From its origin in 1981, the long-nosed Lincoln has been a nuisance at parking spots and has taken up sufficient space on the roadside curbs. Regardless, the Lincoln remains one of the most iconic cars in North America.

Image Credit:

Becoming a giant for over 30 years while competing with the likes of Cadillacs and Chrysler Sedans is no mean feat. Despite the Lincoln’s body build, it has carved a lane in the automobile market. However, it is clearly behind the times, and you might not want to be caught in that thing.

What in the heck

We would have called this pattern a Mona Lisa or alien scribblings if we didn’t know better. But now we do know better and can call it what it is. Tribal tattoos. Don’t believe it? Pull up a picture of The Rock, and you are in for a revelation.

Image Credit: SmokeyBare, Reddit

Tribal tattoos and Dwayne Johnson aside, this might be the imprint of a car-eating monster. Looking at those skid tracks, and it totally checks out. Or someone had a drunk Christmas and repeatedly backed in & out of the driveway. It’s a coin toss.

The Lance

We have certainly encountered a bunch of plank haulage, haven’t we? Here, we have another innovative idea for transporting your planks. Holding it in your hand like a lance at full speed might do the trick. What could possibly go wrong?

Image Credit: Kevin Farley, Twitter

It seems like our friend is oblivious to the 6-foot cargo bed space located behind the seat. Holding it like a medieval tourney knight instead must feel incredible. But there might be a greater purpose to this, and we clueless onlookers can only formulate theories.

Dr. Strange

For a minute, we thought we were in the Multiverse of Madness. Thank goodness, it is just a badly-timed photo. Those poor drivers on the road might have a harder time explaining this phenomenon. In case you cared to guess, this odd mirror transport was found in Brazil.

Image Credit:

By the time they do arrive at their destination, that mirror would have seen just enough. It really is no joke seeing this phenomenon coming at you full speed on the highway. Here’s to hoping that we never encounter this.

Car Pipes

And the budget genius strikes again. Whoever made this work has to give a Masterclass about it. The technique here is straightforward. As the car speeds up, air comes in through the pipe and is released through the adjacent pipes as cool air.

Image Credit: Peru Auto Electric, Facebook

But there is one secret ingredient to take this budget air conditioner game to a whole new level: ice cubes. Once you place ice cubes in the pipes, it will provide a cooling effect that is so killer. Side note, the makeshift system works great until you drive into a swarm of bees.

More than a ball

A football and a beat-up engine. Quite the pair, aren’t they? Footballs are the most versatile products on the planet. You can kick, throw, smash, and even fit it into your engine. A truly divine gift indeed; they don’t make them like these anymore.

Image Credit:

We have certainly seen many inventions in this giddy little article. Hard to pick which one takes the cake, but sticking a football in the engine is just top of the line. Where do these wild ideas come from? Nobody knows, but we hope there is no end to them.


By now, you probably know your car’s capacity. Is it too small for five passengers or more? Well, look no further. The sacred recipe is right here. Who would have thought the trunk space and a simple cart were the missing pieces?

Image Credit:

As far as ingenuity goes, it just keeps getting better. These engineers need to be awarded for their brilliance. Here, they managed to kill two birds with a stone by replacing the car’s busted tire and boosting passenger space. Get them to Mercedes already!

Final Destination 6

Final Destination had four sequels, and we’ve been rolling over for the fifth. Nobody knows if that will ever come out, but these cars didn’t want to provide any inspiration. A word to the wise: don’t stay behind a truck loaded with timber trunks.

Image Credit:

You may or may not want to rewatch that terrific scene from Final Destination to understand why. Talk about wild. Fairplay to the drivers in this picture; they took most of the precautions they could, so they should be fine.

Space Race

It did seem like the space race was over for a minute. Sorry to anyone who was fooled. Landing Neil Armstrong on the moon was lovely, but the real work begins now. Thanks to this genius spacecraft, Americans don’t plan to lose out on round 2.

Image Credit:

However, this might be one of the most otherwordly modifications to ever adorn the immaculate Lincoln Continental Mark IV Lowrider. With a production number of only 300 units, it remains one of the rarest cars in North America, and this modification fits the enigma.


It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? As children, we were told to live without limits, and right here is a genius living to their true potential. Quite impressive. This vehicle is right at home in this twisted little article of ours.

Image Credit:

A Toyota Corolla Sedan and a Suzuki carry van. Who said the perfect couple doesn’t exist. On the bright side, the driver instantly gains a five or six-passenger space in exchange for mere cargo space. Not a bad bargain and definitely on the right side of genius.

Clutch chains

You might wonder what a clutch slip is. In a case where there is not enough force supplied by the springs due or the material has worn out completely. This motorcycle is an incredible example; it must have gone through a lot of wear and tear.

Image Credit: Upali Motors, Facebook

Of course, the clutch slips. Those gears are so shiny they might have been made last year but with no teeth. It is quite outrageous that this motorcycle even moves. Seems like a well-timed prank, too. Can’t be mad at that.

Perfect Space

Ever thought there was no such thing as the perfect space? Well, think again. If you are not Kareem Abdul Jabbar, you can easily slide in and out of the ramp and have a jolly feast. However, try not to have any food spills or ants will be dining in your car.

Image Credit:

Modern problems require modern solutions, and this is a good example. It might have been designed to create a downward force, but you can put it to better use. You can use this for some alone time at the park, lunchtime in the parking lot, or even picnics on starry nights. Perfect, right?!

That Part

There is certainly some hilarious history behind this one. Managers of this establishment must have seen enough to put up a big sign telling folks to park outside precisely. Parking inside might be exclusive to the secret member society; who knows.

Image Credit:

From the smiley face on the board, you can tell the manager will throw hands if your car tracks are found at the doorstep. Thankfully, some folks will be forced to walk and get their steps in. Changing the world, one big sign at a time.


Thanks to the geniuses here, you can be a home away from home. Must be nice. Whoever said interior decoration was limited to just homes? For our fellow of tasty choices here, he has his vehicle furnished with a Persian-style carpet.

Image Credit:

Who wouldn’t want to drive this masterpiece? All you need is a cushion and a nice stereo set to ease things up. For those who don’t know, this was a viral trend in communist countries of the last century, especially the Soviet Union.

Miss Versatile

Being a beauty queen just doesn’t cut it anymore. It has been made clear that you have to bring more than the bare basics to the table. Here is a first-hand illustration of that fact. This is a great leap in the right direction for relationships.

Image Credit:

And what a queen she is! She stands there applying her makeup and admiring her beautiful dress, which also serves as a cloth rag for her friend. A wipe here and a wipe there; it’s very economical. They make the perfect pair.

The Taz

In case you are wondering, yes, this happened in Australia. Where else would anybody whip out their phone camera to snap a random semi-trailer? Wondering what exactly a Tasmanian devil is? It is definitely not the jolly wild fellow from the Looney Tunes.

Image Credit:

The Tasmanian devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial. Now, that might sound intimidating, but they are only as big as a small dog. However, they are pretty ferocious with a disturbing screech, pungent smell, and stocky, muscular build. Advisably, steer clear.

Road Trip

Nothing bonds like family trips, and this one right here is quite the bunch. Being huddled on an E-scooter is the least expected family vacation. Still, it looks like a regular Sunday for these folks. However, this is quite the risk taken for a jolly little trip.

Image Credit:

No helmets might be exciting for some, but it is utterly dangerous here. Most especially, fitting four people on a scooter surely exceeds the limit and puts all lives here at stake. On the lighter end, they might get to the pub faster than others.


Driving into a tunnel with a rack full of bikes. What could possibly go wrong? We bet they weren’t expecting to get caught like that—with bikes on the roof in an underground tunnel. A necessary risk of a bicycle rack, if you ask us.

Image Credit:

At least they had the foresight to keep a short ladder in the car. Very thoughtful; that is something you don’t often see. If only they had applied the same thinking when planning their biking trip in the first place.

Safe Parking

Safety is key, both for you and the longevity of your vehicle. Parking it by a no-parking spot is one thing, but tying it to a signpost is another. For one, the three-wheeled Piaggio Ape utility van is a historical artifact and something you don’t want to risk losing.

Image Credit:

On the other hand, the vehicle might be subject to this treatment due to its unreliable braking system. Since thieves can easily cut a rope, that might be the case here. For a vehicle manufactured in 1948, it is not surprising.


What were we saying about BMW drivers and the contagious case of jerkitus? We are in some real trouble, aren’t we? There is no stopping this bunch. Word to the wise, avoid a BMW and report a stolen BMW when you see the blinker on.

Image Credit:

However, there might be some hope. New cars are equipped with lane-keeping assist, which doesn’t let you merge into another lane unless you use the blinker. An absolute lifesaver, that one. Someone must have made a life-changing discovery at BMW.

Business Class

Say what you will about airlines, but none are as innovative as this biker. For one, we can see that he excels at market research. Providing solutions for a societal problem is no mean feat, and he has pulled it off quite well.

Image Credit:

A commercial motorcycle with that first-class treatment? Sign us up! Heck, that one passenger is absolutely loving life now. All he needs is a simple canopy for sunshade, and we have a multibillion-dollar business model at hand. Carl Benz would be proud.

Sound the horn

Still on the topic of providing modern solutions to everyday problems, this is as DIY as it gets. Whatever a car side mirror costs these days, it must be enough to motivate the construction of this monstrosity. It is not even a concave mirror!

Image Credit:

But the innovation is quite admirable; it almost warms the heart. Attaching a cute mirror from God knows where in place of a side mirror could go wrong, but there will never be anything cuter. This is a unicorn right here.


Cars are quite useful beasts, but they can also be expensive. Why wait for the new Tesla when you can make yours in the backyard? Not to bore you with details, but this is a masterpiece of no ordinary genius.

Image Credit: Amanda Craven, LinkedIn

The Renault 4 is no newbie to the spotlight. Since its beginnings in 1961, it became the world’s first mass-produced hatchback car. It was also the first family car produced by Renault and flew the flag high for over 30 years. What a legend.

The Mishmash

This trend never stops giving. Another bizarre choice, far from artistic, provides a solution to a little problem. You’d hope that it was painted red, at least, and maybe trimmed at the edges. But if it serves, it is right. It’s as simple as that.

Image Credit:

Vans like these are rare, and every modification brings a different edge to the mix. The Renault Master, especially, has been around for about 43 years. Since the van’s initial production in 1980, there have been three generations. Each much more fun than the last.