40+ Times People Took Revenge On Drivers Who Really Grind Their Gears

By Larissa C January 21, 2024

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Driving is a skill that one needs to acquire, but it is also a talent that only some people are born with. No matter how hard you try to be a good driver, sometimes, you have to admit that driving is not for you. If you can come to terms with that, kudos to you. The worst driver is the driver who simply won’t admit that they are terrorizing people around them and themselves behind the wheel. While these kinds of drivers may grind our gears, sometimes, they make us laugh. Instead of getting angry at awful drivers, some people decided to get revenge in the funniest ways possible. In this article, we have compiled 46 ways to take revenge on bad drivers!

Maybe this is a new way of parking

When it comes to parking, some people really act as if they have no idea what the two yellow (or sometimes white) lines mean. It doesn’t mean that you are supposed to park on them — you’re supposed to park between them!

Image courtesy of Giggdy/Reddit

It is crystal clear that this driver missed that memo. Instead of parking like every other human being, they decided to park right on the yellow line, taking not only one but two parking spots! Judging by this sign they put up on the wall, it’s safe to say that this person’s neighbors are not happy. At least they won an award…right?

Wrapped and ready to go!

Now, if you want to get back at someone who parked their car in your designated parking spot, there are many civilized ways of doing that. You can try talking to this person and pointing out that they parked in the wrong place. Or, you can do this…

Image courtesy of Suzie Stone/thetab.com?

Come on! Look at the size of that car. It’s a simple car, just like any other, and it’s definitely not a truck! Why couldn’t this person park on their spot only? No one knows. But, he surely must have regretted it upon seeing his car wrapped in plastic. 

Do you even realize what you’re doing?

No matter where you live, you probably had to learn about traffic signs before you actually started driving. They teach what every sign means in driving school, and, technically, you are supposed to pay attention in this class. Unless you want to wind up like this driver…

Image courtesy of sum33/Reddit

Anyone with half a brain knows that they’re not supposed to park on the striped curbs, but this person thought they were special. Instead of parking in an actual parking spot, they decided to park their car in the no parking zone. And, the people walking by were not happy about it, hence the sarcastic comment on the pavement!

I’m sure you’re never doing this again

For some drivers, it is kind of hard to accept that some people get better parking spots. And, we’re not talking about exclusive parking spots. We are actually talking about accessible parking for people with disabilities and spots for elderly people.

Image courtesy of hhopper/dvorak.org

These parking spots are not privileges that they have. They’re rights. Before you park in a spot that is not meant for you, keep this picture in mind. This driver parked in an accessible spot even though they’re not a person with a disability. Some people got mad and destroyed their car with all those hatchets!

That’s what you get!

So far, we have shown you people who parked their cars in the wrong way, sometimes taking up one additional spot. If you think that these people are annoying, wait until you see the way that this driver parked their car.

Image courtesy of turnonthebrites/Reddit

The owner of this Jeep did not take one additional parking spot — they actually took up four! You can’t see it from this angle, but they’re occupying the two spots in the front and the ones in the back. It’s no wonder they received two boots from the authorities!

Sorry, sir!

While some people like to solve conflicts with good ol’ dialogue, others prefer to take a more aggressive approach. Not physically aggressive, obviously, but scary anyway. Take a look at this note that a bad driver received after parking where they were not supposed to.

Image courtesy of Imgur/OldManStar

All this person did was write a threatening note, but we bet that it was enough to make the lousy driver never park there again. If someone’s been blocking you in the parking lot, let them know that you will get a monster truck to remove their car out of the way!

Okay, you truly deserved this

As we mentioned before, there are lots of traffic signs that drivers need to know. However, these signs are not all we need — it’s also important that drivers understand and respect other rules. For instance, every good driver knows that you can’t park in front of a fire hydrant.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Boris740

There’s a fundamental reason as to why you can’t block a fire hydrant. If there’s a fire and firefighters need to access it, your car could potentially stall them. This driver chose to ignore this rule, and it’s safe to say that they got exactly what they were asking for when they parked in front of that fire hydrant.

Hope you learned your lesson

Let’s be honest: we all know how drivers in fancy cars can be. Some people tend to think that owning a $150,000 car gives them the right to drive as they please and to park wherever their heart desires. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/WTFbeast

This person, for instance, drove all the way to the grocery store and decided to park their Mercedes just like that. We can’t tell exactly how many parking spots they’re taking up, but it sure is more than what they needed. Judging by how messed up that car looks, we suppose that other customers did not have it!

Wait…are you sure that’s a good idea?

Sometimes, getting back at bad drivers who parked in the worst way possible can be quite funny. However, we are unsure about some of the pranks we’ve seen. This next one, for instance, seems a tad bit questionable, to say the least.

Image courtesy of scribol.com

When someone parks their car in your parking spot, it can be rather frustrating. The one thing you want the most is for that car to magically disappear, right? So, why would you put chains through that car’s wheels? Sure, this is quite the punishment, but it also means that the other driver will take even longer to get their car out of your parking spot!

You might as well go viral!

If you stop to think about it, there’s something in common in all the pictures we have revealed to you thus far. And no, we’re not talking about the fact that lots of people parked their cars horribly. We are actually referring to the aggressiveness in these pictures.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

It’s pretty obvious that other drivers were mad at the bad drivers, but there’s another way to approach these situations. Instead of threatening people or damaging their cars, you could always make light of the whole thing. Just print a message like this guy did and go about your day!

How do you feel about that?

When you park your car over the line instead of between the lines, you may go about your day as if nothing happened. Well, technically, nothing did happen. But how would you feel if the line suddenly moved and your car was beneath it and not over it?

Image courtesy of jalopnik.com

We may have sounded a bit weird before, but you surely understand now what we meant after looking at the picture above. When this person parked their car, the line was under the car. When they came back, somebody had stuck yellow tape over their car. Hopefully, they’ll learn their lesson!

Good luck getting out of there!

If someone parked in an inappropriate location and you want to get back at them, here is an idea. This idea doesn’t involve damaging another person’s property, nor does it involve being funny. You’ll be making a statement, plain and simple!

Image courtesy of timetobreak.com

Did someone park their fancy SUV in front of the parking lot exit? Teach them a lesson by blocking their car using two large (and very heavy) dumpsters. They may not feel remorse about parking where they shouldn’t have parked, but they certainly will have to get their hands dirty to get out of this sticky situation!

So friendly it may actually work

As we mentioned before, you can always try to be the bigger person and not unleash your anger at that bad driver in your life. Instead, what you can do is be friendly to them — so friendly that they’ll actually feel bad for messing with you.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

When this person saw that a driver had parked so horrible that they were taking up two spots, they decided to write them a note. Instead of being angry, they were kind and funny in a sarcastic way. We bet that this person made sure never to park their car in two spots again!

Hope you learn your lesson now!

It’s hard to decipher whether some people are just a little too dumb or if they feel a little bit too entitled. What are we talking about? Drivers who try to squeeze their compact cars in the smallest spaces possible, obviously.

Image courtesy of m3r41ck/Reddit

This driver tried to be smart and parked where they were not supposed to. However, they never expected that other drivers would take this personally and make sure they end up regretting this decision. Let’s all hope that this driver learned a lesson after seeing their car trapped in this “box!”

Picasso was here!

Revenge is a dish best served cold — or that’s what the people say. This proverb means that, sometimes, it is best to wait until you can get perfect revenge, but that’s not always the case when it comes to getting back at bad drivers.

Image courtesy of boredbug.com

When people found that this driver had parked their car in a “no parking” spot, they took matters into their own hands. Instead of waiting to get revenge, they simply opened a bunch of paint cans and showered this car in yellow, red, and blue paint. We can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to get that cleaned up!

So you do need me to draw it for you

Do you know that feeling when someone is being too slow to understand something, and we jokingly ask, “Do you need me to draw it for you?” While this is a rhetorical question, sometimes, we do need to draw things for slow people.

Image courtesy of pr1nceshawn.tumblr.com

For instance, this person was about to leave for work when they spotted a car parked right in front of their driveway. Now, why would anyone park their car in someone else’s driveway? This bad driver did this so many times that the owner of the house decided to draw some parking instructions for this person!

Just…don’t do it again, okay?

If you want to avoid getting in trouble with your neighbors or with your colleagues, you can easily do that by simply not being a bad driver. If you park your car in a questionable way, you’ll be at the receiving end of notes like this one.

Image courtesy of pr1nceshawn.tumblr.com

Now, judging by the way they wrote this note, you can totally tell that this person was mad. The aggressive tone says it all! And the fact that they were angry at this other person’s parking skills on top of being mad at their own grammar just makes this note hilarious!

Now that’s evil!

If you have a tiny car, you know very well how people like making jokes about them. You have probably heard a bunch of them at this point, and you’re probably tired of these jokes. Still, they’re not nearly as bad as having people do this to your tiny car.

Image courtesy of elconfidencial.com

Look, we get it that this driver parked their tiny car, which can basically fit anywhere, in two spots. But did they need to do the driver this dirty? Moving their car is one thing, but tipping it over as if it were a toy car is simply hilarious — we mean, it’s just evil!

At least you have a party decoration now?

If you’re looking for ideas on how to prank your friend who is a bad driver, here’s a perfect one. Instead of destroying their car like many people on this list have done, you can simply do something fun like give them an award.

Image courtesy of iLLBen/Reddit

If you didn’t know the context of this image, you would think that the owner of this car just won something nice. Tired of the way their colleague always parked his car, these people decided to pull this prank on him. They littered their car with all those party decorations and printed an award for him.

We hope that’s chocolate!

When we think of bad drivers, it’s kind of funny to realize how they feel so entitled to parking spots and “no parking” spots. If no one has parked their car in a specific spot, what makes them think that they can park there?

Image courtesy of birminghammail.co.uk

Judging by the appearance of the sticky brown smears on the hood of this vehicle, it looks like someone felt like getting creative. This situation is equal parts humorous and creative, not to mention the person who wrote it must have licked their finger with pure satisfaction afterward.

That’s a bit offensive, sir!

Some people are such bad drivers that it feels like they are driving with their eyes closed. They can’t seem to stay in their lane, and they can’t seem to be able to park their car in one single spot. When this person parked in two spots, they came back to find this message on their window.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Well, we don’t even have to explain to you who Helen Keller was. All we are going to say is that this message is quite offensive, especially to Ms. Keller, who was a really important figure in her community. She would never be a bad driver like this person!

Hand them a fake ticket!

Nobody likes to get a parking ticket. Well, at least that’s what we think. Who would enjoy having to pay fine after fine, anyway? Now, imagine how scared you would be to come back to your car and find this violation notice.

Image courtesy of diaforetiko.gr

Luckily for him, it wasn’t an actual parking ticket. It was just a note that someone wrote after seeing the way that this guy parked his car. He took up so much space (that could have fit another car) that this other person just couldn’t let them get away with it. We wonder if anything from the last paragraph ended up happening to this guy!

Here’s a spot just for you, Your Majesty!

We have said it before, and we will say it loud and clear again: some drivers are egotistical people, plain and simple. We are confident that you will not disagree with us unless you are one of those egotistical drivers yourself!

Image courtesy of Imgur/warmyourbeans

We certainly hope that you are not the type of driver that parks their car like the guy did in the picture. Come on. There were no cars hindering the way for this person to park their car — so why would they park like this? It does look like they thought there was an exclusive parking spot just for them!

Good luck getting out of there!

Although we don’t know the actual reason behind it, it seems like most bad drivers decide to show off their awful driving skills in the parking lot of grocery stores. These drivers either park in accessible parking spots, or they park in two different spots.

Image courtesy of SomethingSurprising/Blogspot

This person took up too much space when parking their car. They occupied their spot and the spot in front of them. When they came back from grocery shopping, they were surprised to see that someone had used lots of shopping carts to trap their car inside a circle. We can totally tell it’ll take them a while to get out of there!

Trashy, just like your parking skills

If you know that you are not supposed to park on a certain spot, why would you ignore that and park anyway? For instance, we all know we are not supposed to park our cars in front of someone’s driveway, and we’re not supposed to park in front of dumpsters.

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

Do you know why you shouldn’t park in front of dumpsters? It’s because you will be making the work of garbage collectors harder than it should be. How are they supposed to collect the garbage when there’s a car blocking the way? We’re certain that you don’t want that to happen to your car, do you?

This is hilarious

Everyone hates bad drivers. But what if we told you that humans are not the only ones despise these less-than-skilled drivers? That’s right. It seems like the universe doesn’t like them either. Don’t know what we mean? Check out this picture…

Image courtesy of Imgur/mubeenazam007

Here’s what’s going on in this picture. After a rainstorm, the trees on that street were ripped from the ground. Fortunately, the trees didn’t hit their cars for the drivers who had parked in the appropriate parking spots. However, for the one driver who parked where he shouldn’t have, he got what was coming for him!

You asked for it, dude!

If the name of the place is a car parking lot, why would you try to park any other type of vehicle there? Everyone knows that bikes and motorcycles have their own parking lots. When this guy decided to ignore that, he got exactly what he asked for.

Image courtesy of Reddit/likeon

Who in their right mind occupies an entire parking spot (meant for a car) with their bike? If you look closely at the bottom image, you’ll catch a glimpse of the bike on top of that tree. It’s easy to guess what happened: someone wanted to park their car, but the bike was blocking the way, so they threw it away and calmly parked their car!

Why, though?

When there is a bad driver in the parking lot, it’s not that hard to guess that they are either the worst driver or they’re simply too egotistical to care if the way they’re parking is making other people’s lives difficult.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

But, what to say when there are six bad drivers in the same parking lot at the same time? Look at the size of that empty lot. Even if the white car was parked in an awful way, there was no need for the other drivers to do that just to teach the driver a lesson. 

How do you feel about that?

If someone is a horrible driver on the streets, why wouldn’t they be a bad driver at home as well? What we mean by that is, if someone parks their car in the worst way possible when they’re away, they’ll also park horribly at home.

Image courtesy of Imgur/youandmeandrainbows

Look, we get it that it is your driveway. But the path doesn’t actually belong to you, did you know that? This person apparently didn’t care that the way they parked meant that people would have to swerve to keep walking that way. But this guy didn’t mind, as he would simply slide across the hood.

This is how you get your message across!

When you try to park your car in a random spot, and there’s another car blocking the way, it is quite upsetting. But when you want to park your car in your exclusive spot, and there’s already a car there, the feeling multiplies by ten.

Image courtesy of Imgur/eldowns

No matter how bad a driver you are, you should know better than to park in someone else’s spot. Some people may take a more aggressive approach and damage your car. But this guy was lucky that all he got was a threat from the potato clan — we’re sure he never parked on this person’s spot again!

We would love to see you getting out of this one!

We may have shown you some of the craziest things that people did to bad drivers, but nothing compares to this one. While other people prefer to damage the car of the person who parked in a horrible way, this one chose to damage their car as well.

Image courtesy of net.hr

Sure, this is an excellent way of getting back at a bad driver. With that white car parked under it, it’s nearly impossible for the red car to leave that parking lot. But is getting revenge on someone who did an awful parking job worth destroying your own car? Looks like the answer is yes!

Nice pic, though!

Doing a bad parking job is not exclusive to parking in two spots at the same time or blocking someone’s driveway. If you park your car far from the curb, you are also a bad driver, and other people may want to get back at you.

Image courtesy of Imgur/chemistrydoc

How do you even park that far from the curb and think it’s okay, anyway? This red car is practically in the middle of the street (and probably blocking the way for cars trying to drive by), and its owner just left it there! Well, at least they got this photo and this “best parking job ever” ribbon!

Oh, the irony!

Being a bad driver (and doing horrible parking jobs) is not exclusive to us mere mortals. Cops and other law enforcement officers can also be bad drivers, and we are here to prove that. This next picture is hilarious, mainly because of the irony.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

How hilarious is it that a parking enforcement officer got a ticket for parking in a “no parking” zone? This is so funny that it looks like something you would only see in a sitcom. One thing is for sure: no one had the courage to try and get back at this lousy driver!

How long did it take to get this done?

Do you want to get back at a driver that has been annoying you? If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, you can simply write them a note. Pick the tone (Friendly? Sarcastic? Aggressive?), write it down, and send it to the bad driver. 

Image courtesy of skaties.lv

Now, if you have a lot of time available to pull pranks, you can do what you are seeing in the picture. Buy miles of plastic wrap and take an hour or two to attach a dumpster to the bad driver’s car!

You better have a scissor in your car!

Let’s imagine the following situation: you get to the grocery store and, much to your dismay, the parking lot is full. Luckily, you see an empty spot — the only empty spot in this lot! When you get there, you find out that you can’t park there because someone is hogging it.

Image courtesy of filipe272003/Imgur

Now, that’s an annoying situation. If you ever find yourself in one of those, here is an idea. Don’t damage this car that is taking up your parking spot. In case the owner catches you, you’ll have to pay to get their car fixed. Instead, you can simply zip-tie a shopping cart to it and watch the driver’s despair from a distance!

What’s up with all those weapons?

Remember that car that got attacked by half a dozen pickaxes just because its owner parked where they should not have parked? Well, here is the follow-up to that story. When this person parked half a mile away from the curb, they should’ve known that they wouldn’t get away with it.

Image courtesy of delfi.lv

And they didn’t. Someone saw the way that this car was parked and decided to take matters into their own hands. Why did this person even have an ax just waiting to be thrown at that car? We’re sure that this driver is never parking like that again — but, hey, we’re not endorsing this behavior!

If you get some help, you can do this.

Call a couple of friends or maybe a few passersby (they all love doing this kind of stuff) and try to get as many trash cans as possible. Then, you just have to place them around the car strategically, and your job as an avenger is done!

Image courtesy of People’s Daily China/YouTube

It is unclear whether this is a one-person job or if many people contributed to this revenge. But, we have to admit that this is one of the most hilarious revenge tactics on this list. It’s not harmful, and it gets the point across perfectly.

Is this clear enough for you?

There are many advantages to living in an apartment building, but we can say that parking is certainly not one of them. Not only do you have to pay extra to have an exclusive parking spot, but you also have to deal with people who don’t understand the concept of exclusive.

Image courtesy of Imgur/yadinguslover

If you are the one who is paying for that parking spot, then you should be the only one allowed to park there. Apparently, the driver of this truck missed that memo and parked on someone else’s exclusive spot. The owner of the spot was exhausted and had no energy to argue anymore — so they simply left that permanent note on the side of the truck!

Was this in Canada?

At this point, you know very well how you can react to bad drivers. You can either try to patiently tell them that they parked where they shouldn’t have parked, or you could take an aggressive approach and cause damage to their car as many people do.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

Well, it seems that this particular group of people decided to be polite to the bad driver. Instead of cursing the driver or damaging their car, these people simply left notes on the windshield, but they weren’t just any notes. These notes are really polite — so we’re guessing that this must have happened in Canada!

Bad driver jail!

If a bad driver is giving you a bad time with their parking skills and you want to get back at them, here is a lovely idea. In case you encounter a bad driver at the parking lot of a grocery store, you can try to do this…

Image courtesy of El Comercio

It obviously requires time and energy to pull this off, but if you’re really motivated to get back at a horrible driver, we believe that you have the power to do this. Grab several carts, put them around the car, and go on about your day, knowing that this driver will at least reconsider their parking skills!

Because you’re so special.

No matter how hard we may try to come up with an explanation for bad parking jobs, it is actually quite difficult to tell why people do this. Are some people really that bad behind the wheel that they can’t put their car between two yellow lines?

Image courtesy of brilio.net

Had there been another car blocking the way, we would have tried to understand why this driver parked their truck like that. But, it is pretty clear that the spot next to it is unoccupied, so there’s no explanation as to why they parked like they owned the place. Maybe they really do think that they’re special.

Okay, no need to scare me like this!

Are you currently dealing with a bad driver in your life? Sometimes, being friendly and polite to these drivers doesn’t work, and they continue parking where they shouldn’t without an ounce of remorse. If you are running out of ideas on dealing with them, here’s something to consider…

Image courtesy of lifebuzz.com

Write them a note using a menacing tone! It’s not like you are actually going to do something to the driver or to their car. You’re just scaring them into not parking on your spot anymore. Like whoever wrote this note, you can exaggerate a tad bit and make them believe you’re this scary person!

Make them laugh!

Are you not the kind of person who would like to write a menacing note to that lousy driver in your building? Or maybe you’re not the person who would throw an ax on their car? In this case, you can try the oldest trick in the book: make them laugh!

Image courtesy of diaforetiko.gr

If violence or aggressiveness doesn’t cut it for you, you can use comedy in your favor. Write this bad driver a funny note like this one in the picture and wait to see if the bad driver will stop parking in your spot. If it doesn’t work, keep upping your joke game until it does!

Dumb and Dumber?

The following picture is genuinely making us question this world that we live in. Coming across one bad driver is unpleasant enough, but spotting two bad drivers in the same place? You would probably think that you were getting pranked.

Image courtesy of Reddit/SavageSylvester

If we had seen this scene in person, we certainly would have thought that this was a prank. The driver of that white Corvette did a pretty lousy job parking his sports car, but the person driving that Jeep managed to be an even worse driver. If this was their idea of getting back at a bad driver, they probably shouldn’t have done anything in the first place!

Revenge mission at the supermarket

From Corvettes and Jeeps, now we have a Mercedes. Have you ever had to rush to the supermarket to buy one thing you mistakenly forgot to include on your previous shopping errand? Now, imagine getting there and finding there’s only one space left, but you can’t use it because someone double-parked.

Image courtesy of TikTok/ johnnymarocco

The owner of this Benz found themselves in hot soup when angry customers decided to join hands on a revenge mission. Aside from the colorful insults drawn on the tarmac, shoppers surrounded the car with trolleys from the store. A video of the whole debacle was even put up on social media!

Didn’t know we had royalty in the neighborhood!

To end this article on a brilliant (or maybe not so brilliant) note, here is a lousy driver that was not informed that one car should only take up one parking spot. If you know someone who often does this, you can leave them a simple note like this…

Image courtesy of brilio.net

Don’t waste your time writing a long note, and don’t get in trouble with the law by damaging their car. Just get a piece of chalk and write down something sarcastic. Maybe if you embarrass them, they will stop taking up two parking spaces!