Spark-Plugs Flew When Some Mechanics Had To Find The Source Of That Noise

By Aakash M July 19, 2022

Cars have brought about a massive change to the lives of most people since the moment they were invented, and vehicles still have a significant impact on those who rely on them to commute to work daily. Therefore, it is true that many of us wouldn’t be able to live conveniently without them. If you have owned a car, dream of owning a car, or even know about cars, you must know how much we depend on them. Car owners need to see mechanics every once in a while to keep the car functioning properly. Now, many of us think that mechanics have boring jobs. Honestly, what we are about to show you will make you question everything you know about the work they do. The images here were taken by mechanics solving exciting and complicated problems that they came across while trying to fix various cars. So, sit back and enjoy while we present to you 45 times mechanics geared things up for solving extraordinary problems.

Buy a car if you can take good care of it

We wonder what went through the mechanic’s mind or what could go through any mechanic’s mind after looking at this mess inside an engine. What’s worse is that the vehicle owner doesn’t feel like he should change the engine oil, despite the condition.

Image Credits: WeaknessBulky4520 / Reddit

On top of that, the owner said that it’s a way for repair shops to charge more money. Dear sir, we suggest that you consider selling this car if you don’t want to repair it. It is a machine that needs maintenance, and the mechanic doesn’t need to tell you twice.

Look closely

If you look back at things and compare them with how they are, you would easily note how quickly cars have advanced in terms of their features. Modern vehicles have cutting-edge features that nobody would’ve imagined 20 years ago that such elements would ever exist.

Image Credits: TJ_THE_HUMAN / Reddit

Looking at this image, we must say that it’s a pretty neat way to address your problem. Also, there isn’t any point in having a heater when the owner can’t open the vents. The solution is right next to your problem.

Carelessness on point

Parents always tell their children not to eat anything in their car. It makes total sense because one, they are trying to teach them manners. Two, children are clumsy eaters. Three, they have immense love and appreciation for their car.

Image Credits: KamaroMike / Reddit

It looks like this person didn’t listen to his parents. Or, his parents never told him not to eat in a car. Sadly, it seems like this person uses his car as a trash bin where he dumps the leftovers. So, a cockroach army took control. As a result, he had to dry-clean his car.

Good day at work

Here’s the thing. Car enthusiasts love buying sports cars because they have a lot of spunk to them. It almost feels like it is a moment away from flying into the air, or better yet, sending the driver flying from his seat.

Image Credits: jessnuts79 / Reddit

If you have a Dodge Challenger, then come on! What’s the fun if you don’t drive it fast (but safe). It is quite a popular car, as we all know. This is an image of a pure-bred racecar, and those rear tires are fly! It must have been an excellent day for the mechanic! 

Oils are Expensive

After looking at a good day at work, let’s take a look at what is possibly a bad day at work for a mechanic. Take a look at this image of a car that came in for an oil change. Here is what pain in a mechanic’s life looks like.

Image Credits: greenturnedblue / Reddit

The mechanic pulled the sump plug above the tray and emptied the old oil. Then, he put the new synthetic oil in it. Note that the oil was expensive. Sadly, the plug wasn’t there. If it is getting too technical for you, let us say that a prestigious bottle of oil was wasted!

Cat saviors

Mechanics were working while this car owner arrived in the shop for help and told them that the cat was stuck in a dashboard. It could be a scary incident for some, but it is also quite cute and hilarious.

Image Credits: bmxstar1468 / Reddit

Also, when you think about it, you might start to wonder how did the cat even get stuck in the dashboard? It did happen, irrespective of how awkward it may sound. However, the owner was panicking, yet, the mechanics kept calm and saved the kitty.

Great artistically minded mechanic

The customer and the car owner came to a mechanic, and they asked for a mirror cap for this car. That’s all that happened. But, the owner never knew that the person he was talking to was a pretty clever artist.

Image Credits: GambitsReturn / Reddit

This image looks like an illusion. The mechanic replaced the cap and surprised the person with a custom handmade painting. From its looks, it is a painting of a Pterodactyl fossil. Kudos to the artist for doing such a great job!

Natural Anti-Theft System

Looking at this image, one thing is clear. There is danger behind his car. He dropped his car off at the mechanic’s and asked them to change the truck’s oil. However, they found something extraordinary instead; something they don’t see every day.

Image Credits: Igotaspotatlukins / Reddit

They saw a giant beehive behind the vehicle, which we are also pointing at. But it’s not something the owner is unaware of! He must have used it to protect his belongings from being stolen. That’s a tremendous anti-theft system.

House party

This car seems to be running on rat power instead of horsepower. Sorry for the joke, but it’s pretty relevant since when we talk about the power of a car, the unit is horsepower! Take a look at this image!

Image Credits: Kisamaa / Reddit

It seems like these rats have a party going on. Apparently, the vehicle owner came complaining because his car wouldn’t run. The mechanic then popped the hood to see what was going on. Looks like they crashed a rat-house party.

He’s one of us

Mechanics often handle many heavy vehicle parts with ease while repairing them. It’s a part of their job to keep them safe, but what you are about to see here isn’t a part of their job. Yet, they did so well!

Image Credits: schaeflife / Reddit

It looks like this squirrel had a lot of demands. He obviously didn’t need money, but he needed some nuts to eat. The mechanics are clever because they make the squirrel go into the small corners of the car and do the job in exchange for nuts.

Moments before disaster

Let’s all stop everything and adore this prestigious moment: Behold, the birth of a tire. Michelin must be a proud father. This task must also have been quite tiring. We must say that this image does look kind of photoshopped.

Image Credits: themrfritzz / Reddit

However, it isn’t photoshopped. This look of the tire resulted from a lot of air pressure that was pumped into it. This photo was taken when it was just about to burst. Yet, we aren’t entirely sure about what happened. But it’s pretty cool!

Clever hack

This image might be pretty strange and uncanny for many people because why would anybody in their right mind place a piece of wood on the center console of a car? It makes the car look dirty. Yet, if you are mechanics or geniuses, you’d understand the reason behind this thing.

Image Credits: PDX_drifter / Reddit

If you can’t decode what’s happening, let us make things easy for you. This piece of wood is a DIY phone holder. The owner might have thought that he didn’t need to spend a lot of money on these things, and thankfully, he came to a wise mechanic who solved his problem. 

Another one

Some people have a lot of street smarts, while others have knowledge in other areas. That’s how it works. But, sometimes, we wonder how people come up with ideas that lack any thought! Take a look at this image to relate with us!

Image Credits: CentipedeZERO / Reddit

This person made a DIY phone holder, just like the one earlier, but this invention isn’t that wise. Although it isn’t the highest possibility, what would he do when the airbags deploy? The airbag would launch the phone to his face. Where is the damage prevention?

Clutch problems

Although driving cars with automatic transmission is peaceful and hassle-free, the real petrolheads know that driving cars with manual transmission is the real deal. The joy is simply unmatched. Driving with a stick gives a massive amount of pleasure and control at the same time.

Image Credits: Smokewrench802 / Reddit

But, as we said, only the real petrolheads know. Those who can’t use the gear stick should consider sticking to AT cars. If you can’t use it, we’d suggest the same to you, or else you might end up changing the clutch six times in a month, just like this person.


What are the first thoughts coming to your mind when you look at this picture? What caused this incident? Was it a lightsaber, or something else, perhaps? Whatever it is, it has caused a lot of damage to both doors.

Image Credits: Boston-Corbett / Reddit

Well, let’s break it to you. What happened was that this person left his car in the rain and the water collected on the sunroof. Sadly, when the sun flashed on it, the glass turned into a magnifying glass as it converged the light. Thus, this is the horrifying result. 

Don’t take matters into your hands

A lady entered a repair shop with a pretty typical problem one fine day. The lady was complaining about the car’s rear end because it rattled a lot. She also mentioned that the light wasn’t working well. Pretty normal.

Image Credits: GMCSierra18 / Reddit

But, the mechanics had a good laugh upon seeing the back of the car. They asked why there were bulbs inside the car’s tail lamp. To this question, the lady replied that she tried changing them but couldn’t get them out. Thus, the job should be left to the pros.

Waiting to pounce

We all have immense love for animals, but it looks like this person took attachment to the next level. This person loves his cat so much that he took his cat to work. We have one wholesome owner-pet combination.

Image Credits: LumenGA / Reddit

The cat indeed enjoyed the scenery and the whole vibe because it must have been in the same environment for such a long period. But, just look at the image. Cat owners know that face. She’s waiting to hit the road and start running around.

Tractor shenanigans

Farming is indeed a very prestigious but challenging job. You have to take care of so many aspects to ensure that your crop grows appropriately, or else you’ll have to deal with huge losses. But, just like any other job, there are times when you can have a lot of fun.

Image Credits: tiremonkey1 / Reddit

It looks like the tractor driver thought of testing the capability of his vehicle. We don’t know how this whole thing happened, but a tractor burnout seems to look pretty cool. Just thinking about it seems pretty great. Let’s leave it at that.

Big brain time

Here is what humans can achieve when they use their brains to the fullest extent. Modern problems indeed need modern solutions, and here is an example of this. We have no words except that this whole thing is downright hilarious.

Image Credits: Darth-Boogerus / Reddit

This person showed his true potential by solving the problem that almost every car owner has with wheel caps. Because of this solution, there is no need to take out the wheel cap and refill it whenever tires need air. Great job, buddy.

Ice cube

People living in the west are probably used to snowfall and its impact on their commute. But, there can also be times when mother nature can surprise everybody. If you can’t believe it, have a look at this image.

Image Credits: BoogerChute / Reddit

This tire is full of ice cubes, and it can’t be intentional. Here’s what happened. The tire was outside in the snow when it got filled with water. It froze overnight resulting in ice cubes. Sadly, the repair costs will be a bit more than usual since we can predict that the tires are definitely ruined.


Here is an interesting incident. A customer went to a repair shop to find the mechanics chilling out. He then complained that his car wasn’t working correctly. The customers went to see what was wrong, and they freaked out when they popped the hood.

Image Credits: jittychitty / Reddit

You wouldn’t be able to understand this disaster if you didn’t know much about cars. It is the valve where the engine piston moves. There is a lot of damage to this valve, and we are glad nothing unfortunate happened. The damage is primarily because of reckless driving.

Hefty bill

This shop owner was just about to close his shop. He was getting ready to turn off the lights when he realized that his phone was inside the office. When he came into the shop to check where his phone was, this is what he saw.

Image Credits: dksgo / Reddit

We seriously can’t imagine how the owner never saw it earlier because it’s a huge car in that position. It can’t possibly miss the human eye. Yet, it cost the owner a lot, and the reason behind this situation was that an intern raised the rack inattentively and ran away after the accident. 

“Meaty” tires

Take a look at this picture. We don’t know how or where it came from, but we can definitely say it is pretty interesting to find out what happened here. This customer went into a repair shop and said that the tire had a lot of “meat” on it.

Image Credits: Cristhekid / Reddit

Yeah, unless they’re referring to beef jerky, there’s nothing “meaty” about these old tires. Sure, they still have plenty of rubber, but peeking out is the steel belt. If this was a functioning, safe tire, you wouldn’t be able to see anything but the rubber.

Rusty situation

This image will be pretty tough to look at, so viewer discretion is advised. We wouldn’t ever want this to happen to any ride, be it yours or not. If you love cars, get ready to see the bad side of owning one (or not taking proper care of it).

Image Credits: Ev3d11 / Reddit

The fuel pump takes the gas from the tank and sends it to the engine so the car can run. This image is of a rusted engine. We wouldn’t wish a rusted engine for our worst enemies. You must know that a huge bill is coming for you whenever this is the case.


Here are four different screws with nothing extraordinary about them. They obviously don’t belong here, but let us tell you something. These screws are from the same part of a car, but they are still used in different ways and look worn out!

Image Credits: Max_1995 / Reddit

It happened because they might’ve been in the wrong position, thus making the others not work as they should. This can cause a massacre for the part to which they belong. But it was a pretty easy fix, so it isn’t a serious thing. But, it eats up a considerable chunk of the mechanic’s time.

It could’ve died out

A car has a lot of complexities in it, and here is a surprising fact to prove it. It has more than thirty thousand parts, including different nuts and screws that work together to make the car run efficiently. It is the biggest reason why timely service checks are essential for a car.

Image Credits: Adventurous_Limit_78/Reddit

However, we believe that the owner didn’t take this fact seriously, and therefore, you can see what happened to his car. If you can’t, then let us tell you. The lower control arm is rusted and just a few miles away from breaking into ton of fragments.

Squirrel problems

We couldn’t understand what was happening here when we first looked at this image. However, we looked closer, and we saw a squirrel party going on, just like the rat party above. It seems like they were having a BBQ session in the motor.

Image Credits: defiant888 / Reddit

Although squirrels are cute, they’re menaces in some areas because they bite through the soft insulation of homes only to get into the house. Therefore, you should always keep checking out the engine bay to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen.

Shaving time

Let us just say that this picture is from a place that is not a car shop. It looks likes it’s in a parking lot. However, let’s divert our attention to the image and not the location since this person parked his truck under the sun and went into Walmart to shop.

Image Credits: Sigvauld / Reddit

He missed a key detail. He forgot the spray foam bottle for shaving on the dashboard. As a result, the temperature and the heat destroyed the bottle. It exploded into pieces, making the foam spread all over the dash and windshield.

Old age problems

This image looks like a regular shopping trip unless you change your angle of perception. Here’s what happened. A customer went into a repair shop complaining that his suspension bottomed out even though the load isn’t that heavy, so he thought.

Image Credits: ToWeLsRuLe / Reddit

Although it looks too much, the mechanic said that the person was right. The age of the car degraded the suspension and the shockers. Therefore, it bottomed out. When cars age, their spring capacity reduces, resulting in such situations.

It’s dangling

We can’t stop laughing at this image. Let us tell you what’s going on here. It isn’t what you think it is. Instead, it’s a truck accessory that the truck owner put in a pretty sneaky place. We salute the photographer for the weird angle.

Image Credits: JHammerstix / Reddit

Most truck drivers put them on the hitch. However, we think that it could be a prank from one of the driver’s friends, because, just look at it! But, it could also have real usage. However, we’ll leave it to your imagination.

What even?

This image was taken in New Zealand, where the owner jacked his truck up pretty high, mostly because he likes its look. However, it also looks like it took a lot to make it reach these heights, and we honestly wonder if it was worth the effort.

Image Credits: Amockeryofthecistern / Reddit

We can understand indifferent opinions after looking at this picture, but one thing is constant. Any mechanic or person who loves cars would never recommend pulling off something like this. We know how popular lowriders are, but honestly, this car isn’t one, and it honestly harms the vehicle.

Bad class

Take a look at the marvelous Mercedes E Class, which is pretty famous among the elite who are chauffeured in these while enjoying the comfort of these expensive cars. But, the way this car has been maintained makes it low-class and not E Class.

Image Credits: whapitah2021 / Reddit

The owner must’ve taken this beauty for granted. He took his vehicle to repair, where the first thing that the mechanic did was take a picture of the whole situation. The car was full of sauce packets, wrappers, and other things that you find in a trash can.


We know how essential tires are since they are the main components responsible for the car’s movement. Obviously, we need the engine, but this fact definitely means that you should always take care of the tires, no matter what.

Image Credits: AlphaQtwyce / Reddit

The owner bought these wheels from eBay, and the seller said that it would fit the car nicely, but take a look at this image. It must have been pretty embarrassing for the owner. Always take care of the tires!

Love for the job

Most people hate the 9-5, yet they are in it because of the pay, which is a handsome amount for some, and for others, it is necessary. But, there are some careers where workers love doing what they do.

Image Credits: Carsonfire90 / Reddit

This image is the ideal example of what we were just saying. The amount of love this guy had for motors literally made him hug them tight. It’s pretty awkward for one, but it’s also so wholesome! The mechanic also put shoes on the intake pipes.

Rubbery times

Aircrafts are ginormous. That’s nothing new. And if you want to keep them in the air, you need tires with a lot of pressure. However, things still get out of control. Therefore, the equipment is constantly tested, so it runs properly.

Image Credits: goldenknight77 / Reddit

This image was taken after the pilot landed his aircraft with the brakes on. By only looking at the picture, we can say that there must have been a lot of rubber on the track. But it’s pretty impressive just from the picture.

Game over

If you love cars, you know that every part runs with the help of one tech unit, the ECU. For those who don’t know, it’s similar to how our brain helps us function. Comparing these two, we can say that the whole car will be impacted when there are ECU problems.

Image Credits: Kingtripz / Reddit

This picture is from a 4WD car where the owner wanted to go off-roading. He took his vehicle for an off-roading adventure, where he put it through a pretty deep puddle, and that’s it. The car wouldn’t start. And when the mechanics checked the ECU, you can see what they found in the image.

Major Leaks!

A customer was complaining that his car was overheating. He also suspected some minor coolant leaks. Although these are the right areas to assume that something is wrong, we guess the intensity is inaccurate. It’s not so minor. The coolant controls the engine temperature.

Image Credits: wo_throttle / Reddit

Then, the mechanics opened the hood and searched to see what was wrong when they found what you see in the picture. The coolant holder had literally exploded, leading to some pretty severe leaks, which were everything but minor.

Ease it up

We go to repair shops to get our car fixed. But, this person came to the shop to make his vehicle shiny. It’s all right, but we assume that he never thought this would happen to him. Read on to learn about his unfortunate situation.

Image Credits: VolcomMan08 / Reddit

This guy went into the shop and didn’t stop at all, which you might have guessed significantly increased the repair bill. Here’s a lesson, kids. Be careful when you go to the mechanic next time because the bill could sky-rocket pretty quickly.

Double meaning

This image is not only an image. It is meme-material. We know that many of you might have understood it instantly. But, for those who didn’t quite get it, consider having a closer look at the odometer to figure it out.

Image Credits: franklybutthurt / Reddit

It is more of a joke that a teen or a college student would crack, but it’s still pretty hilarious. The number is also the passcode of many people! You are a pretty innocent person if you still can’t understand it, and in that case, we’d like to keep it that way.

Bluntly honest

We know how interesting the life of a car mechanic is, but after taking a look at this image, things just got better. Nobody can imagine something like this being written on the repair receipt. What does the customer have to do with where the mechanic went, though?

Image Credits: thaatpoppunkguy / Reddit

This incident took place in Florida, and it looks like the police took the mechanic to a jail in the middle of a job. However, the company’s honesty is appreciated. But on second thought, we wonder if this amount of detail was necessary.

Ripped tires are the new thing

Mechanics do have to face some challenging situations, as we all know. It gets fun at times, but any car lover can understand the pain behind this picture. If it’s your own car, then the pain is exponentiated to infinity.

Image Credits: unstealthypanda / Reddit

We can indeed see how the tire’s treads are slit open, and even the rim is visible from here. The only possible and imaginable reason for this mishap is that a sharp object might have run through the tire, cause to pierce it and split open.

No caption needed

There have been some times where we cannot find a way to get out of a jam. This person’s brake lights snitched on him while he was about to go out. It looks like he found a not-so-modern solution to a modern problem.

Image Credits: Boosted3232 / Reddit

However, brake lights or no brake lights, he still went on his merry way in his damaged car. He simply used white paper and wrote the message on it so that people could be alerted. We hope it worked for him, even though it’s spelled wrong.

New and Improved

Here is the new Swiss frame, which is considerably lighter than the other frames in cars. Well, it’s pretty much useless. The person decided to consider weight as a serious factor and opted for the 15% lighter Swiss frame.

Image Credits: Tha_Tinman_ / Reddit

The mechanics also learned how easily an insect can damage your car. The termites ended up munching on the car’s so-called light frame. We don’t know how it happened, and it’s pretty alarming if termites have resorted to eating metal.

A couple of months or years?

Don’t imagine things, and don’t draw assumptions or conclusions at first glance. It is pretty surprising, but this liquid from the car’s bottom is the car’s engine oil. According to the customer, it hadn’t been changed in a few months.

Image Credits: International_Law755 / Reddit

However, you need to know how he drove during these past few months because, from the looks of it, it feels like the oil hasn’t been changed in at least two years. Again, we are saying this sentence: If you’re thinking of buying a car, also learn to take care of it.

Unfortunate accident

This weird picture is from New Jersey, where a mechanic had to tow this car to his shop. It was pretty confusing. But, the confusion wasn’t because he didn’t know what was up with the car since that’s obvious. 

Image Credits: idrathernotdothat / Reddit

A drill was lodged in the windshield, which is pretty confusing. It isn’t a gory murder, nor is it a car used on a movie shooting a gory murder scene. The customer was driving on the freeway holding the drill in his hands. He crashed, and it landed in its new home. Pretty unfortunate.