Dislikable Airline Passengers That We Hope To Never Sit Next To On Our Next Flight

By Abigail S

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Many of us will agree that traveling is already a stressful affair. We don’t need anyone or anything making an anxiety-inducing experience even worse. But sometimes, we have no control over what happens during our journey. It’s one thing to have a flight delayed, or a train canceled. There are institutions already in place where we can gladly complain and maybe even get a refund. But when a passenger acts out or misbehaves on the journey, there’s really nothing you can do but sit through it. This happens so often that a group called ‘Passenger Shaming’ on Instagram can’t help but share nightmare situations caused by rude passengers. You will find stories from creaming children to somebody putting frozen chicken wings through security. Let’s climb aboard and get into some of these horrific travel tales.

Monkey on board

Flights do allow pets on board in the cabin. They just need to be accounted for. This is for people who may need emotional support animals. So it’s definitely not uncommon, and as long as these animals behave, it’s usually fine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This monkey is acting out, though. Yes, you are seeing a freaking monkey on a plane! He’s playing around with the overhead lights. Or maybe he’s trying to call a flight attendant to ask for some banana or peanuts. Whoever brought this monkey needs to get it under control.

Eye mask?

The mask mandate requires passengers to wear a mask while onboard their flights. It’s a safety precaution to minimize any virus transmission. But what happens when you need to get some shut-eye when the person closest to the window refuses to shut it?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This guy’s solution is to use his mask as an eye mask. It’s not exactly the best thing to do health-wise, but he doesn’t care. In doing this, he’s risking exposure to sickness. He’s also risking transmitting the virus to other people. He could have just asked for a separate eye mask.

Trashed lavatory

There’s nothing worse than an airplane lavatory. It’s a claustrophobic person’s worst nightmare. There’s virtually no space, your movements are limited, and for some reason, they’re always running out of toilet paper. But we’ve never seen one quite like this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Our question is, is this a result of just one passenger, or did all this trash accumulate, and no one from the cabin crew bothered to clean it up? It looks like a fight broke out in the lavatory. Maybe this was the aftermath of that monkey we saw before.

DIY hammock

There’s not that much legroom available on airplanes. Even if you’re in the very front row, your legs are bound to cramp up at some point. Some people fix this by walking down the aisles when the seatbelt sign is off. And others do this instead.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

In any other circumstance, this would probably be a genius idea. But what’s so dangerous about this is that this person’s legs are now in the way of the emergency exit. This must be a safety risk. The flight attendant won’t be able to access this door if need be.

Killing time

People entertain themselves with different things on particularly long flights to kill time. Some bring a book to read, and others try to get a little work done on their laptop. The in-flight entertainment systems are there to keep people occupied.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This guy has a different idea of in-flight entertainment. Is that a stick and poke tattoo he’s working on? If so, we’re just wondering how he got that through security. This is definitely a creative way to kill time, and it’s impressive what he managed to achieve before the plane touched down.

A desperate need to lie down

The lack of legroom and the straight-backed passenger seats on airplanes are enough to make your entire body cramp up. Sometimes, you want to recline your seat, but because you’re nice, you don’t want the person behind you to feel uncomfortable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Apparently, this guy has it figured out. As long as this happened while the seatbelt sign was off, it was probably fine? But also, there is no one sitting in the seat behind him, and he could have just reclined his seat back all the way!

On-board makeup service

Sometimes, you have to immediately go to an event once your flight lands. In instances like this, you’re usually already dressed for the occasion on the plane. You might even do your makeup before you get off. But, it’s a little challenging to put on falsies high up in the sky.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Yup, you would need some assistance so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Isn’t this what best friends are for? They are always there at just the right moment to help you look the ‘most fly’ when you step off the plane.

Wake me up

Frequently when you’re asleep during flights, the flight attendant will skip you when they’re serving the meals, snacks, and drinks. This is probably out of courtesy, as they assume you need the rest more than what they’re offering. But this means you miss out on meals and will be hungry when you wake up.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This lady is actually pretty smart to wear this tag. Okay, maybe she could have placed it a little better than on her travel pillow. But at least the stewards now know that she doesn’t mind being woken up.

Drying out socks

We can’t even begin to imagine what happened on this flight that warrants this man hanging up his crusty socks on the airplane window. Maybe he accidentally got them wet in the toilet and wanted to dry them out?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We’re pretty sure most flights will provide you socks if you are desperate, so we don’t see the need in doing this. This guy is just lucky that it was daylight outside. But even then, the cabin is usually so cold that we’re not sure his socks would have even dried.

Airport Mowgli

We understand that children can be difficult to control sometimes. They tend to cause a scene and make things complicated when you’re traveling. But we’re honestly not sure if what this kid is doing is something to shame or be impressed by.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

It’s pretty impressive that this kid managed to climb that high up the beam. There aren’t any notches there that he can cling to for support, so imagine his upper body strength! Most men only dream of being able to do that.

Swiping food

Airplane meals are pretty substandard, and sometimes, you find yourself wanting more after you’ve finished. Despite the tray usually containing an appetizer, main meal, and dessert, sometimes, it’s just not enough. So, what do you do when you’re still hungry?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The correct answer would be to flag down a flight attendant to ask for snacks or another meal because there could be an extra one. But this kid had a better idea. The person behind them didn’t finish their fruits, so why let them go to waste? 

Foot massage

Cramps are inevitable on long flights, and when this happens, you gotta do what you gotta do… including having the person in front of you massage your foot. Honestly, as long as you know the person in front of you, this is totally fine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We’d like to believe that this woman is related to this guy in some way. We hardly think any rational person would be comfortable giving a stranger on a plane a foot massage! Whatever works for this guy, though.

Too lazy

This is why you probably should start wiping down everything in the vicinity of your airplane seat with antibacterial wipes. People are treating planes like their own home, and not in a good way. Just look at this person controlling their screen with their toes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Sure, this person can afford a plane ticket, but that doesn’t mean they know how to act on board. It looks like they’re pretty uncivilized — one foot up on the wall and one foot navigating the touch screen. It’s really upsetting! What’s so hard about sitting up and using your hand?

Impromptu nail bar

Remember the girls who were doing their makeup on the plane? And the guy who was tattooing himself during the landing? Well, it looks like this next lady belongs in a group with those people. Here she is doing her nails.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

It looks like she’s putting on press-on gel nails. We guess she also has an event to attend right after she lands. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s definitely not something to be shamed for. We do applaud her dedication!

Frozen chicken wings

We’re not clear on the rules for bringing raw food on a flight. Even if it’s allowed, we’re pretty sure you need to properly store it in an airtight Tupperware, at least. On the other hand, this passenger doesn’t think that’s necessary.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

First of all, this block of wings is frozen now, but it won’t be for long. Second, who would want to eat these wings knowing they’ve been through security at the airport and on surfaces that so many dirty bags and suitcase wheels have touched?

Desperate for a stretch

If there’s anything we realize from this series of posts, it’s that people have very creative ways to stretch on a flight. We’ve seen the usual stretching in the aisle and stretching out in the empty seats next to you. But this is a new technique.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We can only imagine how low this old lady is in her seat to be able to stretch her legs out that far. Surely this isn’t safe for her. There is no way she’s using her seatbelt in this position. If there is turbulence, she would be flung out of her seat!

Full on seafood spread

This photo looks almost unreal. We’re not sure how this could happen on a flight, but it looks like it sure did! These people are enjoying a full-on seafood spread on the plane! Just look at all those lobsters!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

How was this even allowed on the flight? Those two trays of food alone would have stunk up the entire cabin. It must have been a nuisance for the other passengers to have to sit through. Also, how did they manage to board the flight in the first place?


We’ve already seen one man drying out his socks on the plane window. Now, another nightmare passenger shows us another way to air out socks on a plane: the overhead air vents. We’re not sure which method is worse.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

If the socks were sweaty, then drying them out with the air vents will just distribute the smell everywhere! The entire cabin will reek of sweaty feet, and no one wants that. We’d take the smell of seafood over smelly feet on a plane any day.

Aggressive littering

This is by far the worst thing we’ve seen on this list. On long-haul flights, the cabin crew will occasionally walk through the cabin to collect any trash, but you have to hand it to them. This person doesn’t even bother.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

The floor in front of him looks like a landfill! It’s disgusting. What’s so hard about handing trash to the flight attendants when they come with trash bags? It’s literally part of their job. There’s absolutely no reason why your floor should be that littered.

Poor kid

The old lady from a few photos stretched her legs upwards. Someone else stretched out on the floor. Another person stretched out in a makeshift hammock. Now, this person chose to invade others’ personal space by stretching their legs onto the seat in front of them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This kid is not amused with the toes sticking out from the side of his seat. He’s practically begging his parents to let him switch seats or get this person to stop stretching like this. Poor kid. He just wants to watch his cartoons in peace!

Needing privacy

Being on a flight means that your seat neighbors are privy to your every move. They can see you when you sleep, eat, or cry at the films you watch. It’s always useful to have a bit of privacy, but on a plane, it’s just nonexistent.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

But of course, some people are resourceful and can create a privacy bubble for themselves when needed. This passenger put up blankets on both sides of his seat so that he can exist in the aircraft in peace. It’s actually an ingenious idea!

No shoes, just gloves

Have you ever seen something so bizarre you’re not sure whether to laugh or be freaked out? Yeah, that’s what you’re going to feel once you see this next image. People often take their shoes off on flights, but…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

… Why the gloves? Did this lady actually think that doing this was more sanitary than going barefoot on the carpet? Also, where are her shoes? Also, who in their right mind would walk into an airplane lavatory without shoes on? So many questions!


Long flights can be really boring. You either try to find ways to keep yourself entertained, or you drift in and out of sleep. For children, with their short attention spans and endless curiosity, flights can be pretty dull.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

What all kids want to do is run around, but that’s obviously not possible on a plane. So this kid stood up on the table, which is just as unsafe as running around on an airplane. Why did the parents allow this?

In-flight grooming

Girls aren’t the only ones who partake in beautification routines and self-care on airplanes. Guys can also do their groom themselves on board an aircraft. Still don’t believe us? Check out this guy in first class shaving his own head.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This is definitely a first. We hope he’s got newspaper or a plastic bag down there where all the shaved hair can fall. Otherwise, the poor cabin crew would have to sweep up all that hair off of the carpet! That’s near impossible.

So many things going on

There are so many things going on in this picture. Firstly, let’s talk about the makeshift eye mask this guy is using. It looks like he’s used his boarding passes to shield his eyes from the light, but it can’t be comfortable to have paper sticking to your face.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Also, does anyone notice that the person next to him, presumably his wife, is lying down on top of him? He has his legs over her legs, and he’s got his arm around her. This cannot be comfortable for anyone involved.

Giant boarding pass

We struggled to comprehend how bizarre this image is until we read the backstory online. Apparently, this guy was on his way to his bachelor party in Prague, and his friends printed out his boarding pass this big as a joke!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Isn’t that the whole point of a bachelor party — to get blindly drunk and shame the groom to some degree? We’re willing to bet that this boarding pass is just the first in a series of pranks that this group of guys planned.


You know those couples in their honeymoon stages that just can’t take their eyes and hands off each other? This is probably what happens when they’re separated on a flight. They find ways to still be in each other’s space.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This is probably ideal for both parties. She gets to stretch her legs and still have her boyfriend somewhat cuddling her. He gets to partially cuddle his girlfriend, too. The party that’s at a disadvantage is everyone else on the plane that has to see it.

Casually shucking

Airlines do well to ensure that you have everything you need onboard such as meals, drinks, snacks, blankets, safety equipment, and entertainment. You really don’t have to do much or bring many items on board other than yourself and your belongings.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We’re guessing that the services that the airline provides aren’t enough for this lady here. She brought a whole ear of corn and casually shucked it during the flight! We wonder what she did with it next. Eat it raw?

Short girl perks

A lot of people dream of being taller than they actually are, but when it comes to flights, sometimes shorter is better. Shorter people have much more legroom, and when they need to, they can stretch out their legs like this.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

On the contrary, taller people usually need to sit in the aisle seat, which means they can’t lean their head on the window when they sleep. They also have much less leg space and wouldn’t be able to stretch out this way.

Selfish travelers

The stress of traveling is heightened during this pandemic. People are constantly worried that going anywhere is going to put them at higher risk of catching covid. The least we can do as human beings is to be considerate and think of others.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

If you’re feeling unwell, don’t get on a plane. If you have covid, don’t leave the house! These people are putting so many lives at risk out of their own selfishness. What is so hard about staying home and isolating until you’re cleared to leave?

Kicked out

Airlines impose strict rules and protocols, especially when it comes to takeoff and landing. The cabin crew and the ground crew have worked so hard to ensure the safety and security of all passengers, so the least we can do is follow instructions.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

What is so difficult about turning your phone off for 15 minutes as the plane takes off? What was so important that this man had to disobey orders and put other passengers at risk? Clearly, the flight attendant was not having any of it. She dropped the mic at the end there.

Golden standard

Traveling is less stressful when you’re with someone. It can also be a test of your relationship with that person. The stresses of traveling can take a toll and cause a strain on relationships, but not for this couple.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Now, this is true love! Standing up for the entirety of a six-hour flight just so his wife could sleep and stretch out is king behavior. We love to see it! How sweet and selfless is this man? Boys, take note.

Cat baby

Looking at this photo, you would think that this lady was feeding her toddler. But nope, that’s not her child. It’s her cat! It’s sitting in its own seat and appears to be watching something on an iPad to keep entertained.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This lady is hand-feeding the cat too! She must really love this cat if she’s treating it like her own child and not a pet. Meanwhile, the cat has no idea what’s going on and can’t even appreciate that she’s being hand-fed on a flight.

Victim of a leaky shrimp bag

Yes, you read that right. This person is the victim of a leaking bag full of shrimp (which we assume was frozen) that the owner placed in the overhead compartment of a plane cabin. Read the full post to fully understand the situation…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Why would someone feel the need to bring a cooler bag full of shrimps on a flight? Will there not be any shrimps available where they’re going? Are these special shrimps that they can’t find anywhere else? Why must they inconvenience other people?

Sewing session

We’ve seen people do their makeup, nails, and tattoos on a flight. Now, get ready to see someone sewing. And we’re not talking about knitting or the ol’ manual needle and thread method either. We’re talking about a full-on sewing machine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This person literally brought a sewing machine on the flight. We’re not sure how that big ol’ thing made it through security. We’re also not sure how they’re operating it without electricity. But it looks like they’re making themselves a shirt. This is way too bizarre to even comment on!

A casual walk

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the wing of a plane? Have you ever found yourself staring out the window thinking, “It’d be nice to be out there?” Well, this lady felt the need to take a casual stroll on the wing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Apparently, the plane was delayed right before taking off, and this lady just decided to go for a walk… on the wings! We weren’t aware this was a possibility, and we don’t know why nobody else jumped at the chance!

Literal personal bubble

If you’re paranoid about traveling during these harsh times but still need or want to fly somewhere, maybe it’s time to invest in one of these. We’re not sure what this is called, but we know that it can possibly reduce the risk of contagion.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We’re not sure why this photo made it to the Passenger Shaming page. This person is just trying to travel safely. Sure, this method is a little unconventional and a little less aesthetically pleasing, but it’s still very safe.

Bed time for baby

Children can get restless on flights and have trouble sleeping. But rest is important for them, especially on long flights. Some parents let their kids sleep on their laps, and others use the empty seat next to them as a bed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This person lets the child sleep on the floor, which is a less than smart thing to do to your child. It’s unsafe, and the child doesn’t have a seatbelt on and will definitely be in the way of the cabin crew. 

Drying out a shoe

The only thing worse than someone drying out their sweaty socks on the overhead vents is someone drying out their stinky shoes on the overhead vents. Again, we have to ask, why do people think it’s okay to do this?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

First of all, what happened to your shoe that you had to air it out there? Second of all, even if it was just a stink problem, you taking off your shoes is already stinking up the cabin. You don’t have to air it out for everyone!

Who needs a trash bag?

In case you are also one of the people ignorant of this fact, we will enlighten you. Did you know that garbage bags are provided on the flight? In fact, every person has their very own bag, so they don’t have to share. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Seems like this person either did not know or didn’t care because they preferred to use the pouch as their trash bin. What makes this even more disgusting is that the paper bag for trash is right in front of him and is fluorescent pink. There’s no missing it!

Anything for curls

When you’re rushing to catch a flight, there’s no time for luxuries. You just have to put on some clothes, tie your running shoes and make your way out the door. You can worry about the rest later—like when you have time to kill on your long flight.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

We have seen people doing their nails and others shaving their heads on a flight. Now we have someone curling their hair. How does that even work? Where did she even plug it in? Why is she so desperate to curl her hair? We have so many questions.

Forgotten bras

There is no greater feeling than getting home after a long stressful day and finally taking off your bra. Everyone woman will tell you; bras are torture devices, and freeing yourself from their unrelenting grip is a truly amazing feeling.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

So, as much as we empathize with this lady, we don’t understand why she left her bra in the public restroom. Perhaps she forgot to take it after her doing her business. We can only imagine how embarrassed she’ll be when she realizes her mistake.

Snakes on a plane

If you don’t know what this is, then we can imagine that you would be quite creeped out. It looks like worms or snakes that have slithered their way onto a plane. Hold on; we think we’ve watched a movie about this!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

But no, these aren’t worms or snakes. These are two hair extensions that are typically braided onto a woman’s head. They seem to have fallen off during the flight. This is a reminder to always check your seat when leaving a plane for anything you might have left behind—including your hair.

Nutty behavior

At first glance, you might think there is nothing untoward going on here. It just looks like a woman catching up on work and minding her business. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see another example of someone not caring about the people around them or the people cleaning up after them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

This woman is happily enjoying her nut snack. However, instead of chucking the shells into a trash bag, she is spitting them onto the floor. Honestly, we have all devolved as a species. There is no other explanation for this mess.

Body bag

Just like the bubble-bound woman we saw earlier, this person is most probably trying to travel safely in these trying times. But she just didn’t have the same facilities, so she had to make do with what she had — a giant transparent trash bag.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@passengershaming

Anything to cover herself up. We just hope she can actually breathe under there because it looks like there’s not much circulation going on, especially if she also has a mask on. We hope she doesn’t fall asleep because that would for sure be dangerous!