There Is A T-Shirt For Every Occasion, As Proved By Some “Creative” Folks

By Sachin P May 17, 2022

Isn’t it great to come across an online advertisement that contains exactly what you’re looking for? It feels as if the product was created specifically for you, or at the very least, appropriately marketed to you. This is when the Reddit community r/TargetedShirts comes in handy. Users have shared screenshots and real-life interactions with t-shirts featuring unusual slogans that somehow perfectly describe a situation. Were you born in July and love cats but hate bananas? Guess what; there’s probably a shirt just for you! For some reason, these shirts often have a negative undertone, whether direct or not. Here are 35+ t-shirts that made us laugh out loud and question society. So sit back, relax and see what t-shirt with the most unbelievably wacky slogan suits you.

Nice try, Larnie!

Ok pops! Enough with the ruse. We bet you are hiding a secret. You must be related to either Bernie Sanders or Larry David. There is no denying what is quite apparent and in your face like this, sir!

harleyyydd888 / Reddit

Just look at the facial structure. The placement of the spectacles! That expression on his face, for Christ’s sake! That’s either classic Bernie or Larry. We lean more towards Bernie because, as we said earlier, based on the expression. What a resemblance!


Never would we ever dare to underestimate anyone who a) watches NCIS or b) was born in February. Now, don’t go on about those who c) watch NCIS and were born in February. Those are the ones to keep an eye on.

BigAssPizzaPocket / Reddit

We can see that someone purchased this shirt from a Value Village based on the tag. This is a second-hand thrift shop that resells clothing for a fraction of the price. You never know what gems you will discover at one of these shops.


Oh, we would wear this in a heartbeat. Why might you ask? Well, first of all, how can you ask why? It’s bussin’, it’s hip, and it’s radical. Also, it’s a sweatshirt with an adorable cat-themed print in the middle.

nadineleee / Reddit

That ticks all the boxes available. So, this is OP’s father, and her mother sent this image. As it is evident, this hipster dad made this sweatshirt himself. What a guy! Plus, what cute names! Especially Tubby the cat! How suitable!


Whoa, it’s Sonic! The speeding hedgehog is back! The last two sonic movies were outstanding, and we have to thank the fans who raised their voice to change the sonic design. It went from an abomination to the best cinematic version of Sonic.

mielmami / Reddit

Also, if bullying is happening in your school, increase active adult supervision. When bullying occurs, intervene immediately, regularly, reasonably, and properly. Devote class time to instilling bullying awareness and knowledge in kids, including avoidance, mediation, and notification. That’s how it’s overcome.


A solar year is the length it takes for our planet to rotate around the Sun in 365.25 days. A calendar year is frequently rounded to 365 days. Every four years, we add another day to the calendar to compensate for the absent fractional day.

Mannymurstein / Reddit

So, as a joke, people born on the 29th of February are said that it takes four years for them to be one year older than they currently are, against the conventional norm. Congrats, older man! Your next drink is on us!

Why so serious?

Oy vey! Those birth month shirts that go on and on about the virtues and qualities of your star sign. If you believe in astrology, the chances are high that you own one of them. Hey, it’s your decision, and you have every right!

thodges314 / Reddit

One of the reasons people create t-shirts with their birth month is that everybody in the world has a birth month, so it makes perfect sense. Well, unless you are from a culture that does not heed the Gregorian calendar.

Right on, right on!

Now, this is ingenious! This t-shirt, right here! It sets boundaries for otherwise thick people who are unclear about the notion of personal space. Especially when it comes to a pregnant lady. It is quite evident she is expecting her bump.


Why do you all get to touch the bump to see if it’s real? When did she give her consent? It’s not like touching the wounds of Jesus when he appeared to the disciples to know it is true. She’s pregnant; it’s evident. Congratulate and disperse!


Now, when it comes to logos, this does take the cake. We can for sure tell that this was designed with zeal and passion for the mycological club. It sounds like an entertaining club to join, but what is mycology?

Plutonium-Lore / Reddit

Mycology is the study of fungi. So this is a club dedicated to finding, collecting, and recording fungi found on nature trails. Why there’s a three-toed sloth in the logo? Well, because of how slow they will be moving, we think? Otherwise, you’ll miss the fungi!

Hecking confuse

This t-shirt slogan covers a pretty specific niche now, doesn’t it? You can see that this guy “wrestles horror movies and pugs born in September” if you focus on the lack of punctuation. How he can do that is beyond us.

unclekody / Reddit

Maybe he meant wrestling and horror movies (see why the oxford comma is important, kids?). Like that movie See no Evil with Kane? Plus, what’s with his grudge toward pugs? Is this why Billy Joel Armstrong won’t wake up in September?


Since their inception nearly a century ago, the Boston Terrier has become a popular dog. Originally bred as fighting dogs, they’ve evolved into kind, devoted pets with tuxedo-like patterns that have given them the moniker “American Gentleman.” How apt and cute!

rancidcum / Reddit

Boston Terriers are affectionate and devoted dogs who have a great relationship with everyone in the family. They are happy to live in any type of home environment, even condominiums. So, no wonder this lady feels empowered by the presence of her darlings. They take outstanding care of their mistress.

Proper banger

Dang! That really is a good song with an outstanding video to go with it! We distinctly remember when it came out, 23 years to this day. Carlos Santana is a real God of Guitars! Man has some unbelievable talent which he showcases pretty well.

Koraxtheghoul / Reddit

Then there’s Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. If the band’s name rings a bell, it’s because you guys have heard their hit single “Unwell.” Man, the late nineties and the early 2000s were some really great times, music-wise. Keep rocking on, sir.

Hip sloth

Whenever individuals hear the phrase “dabbing,” they may think of the dancing technique that is believed to have started in the Atlanta rap culture and was publicized by NFL quarterback Cam Newton, who branded “the dab” his distinct touchdown reaction.

Hyper_ZX / Reddit

It appears like someone is sneezing into the bend of their elbow. Plus, look at this t-shirt right here. This three-toed sloth is dabbing. And look how health-conscious it is, even though it is an animal! It’s wearing a mask. Something most of us don’t even practice! Happy birthday, bud!

Polly knows what’s up

This looks quite unique and particular. Was he a pirate in a past life? Also, this begs the question, why did pirates like parrots so much? Parrots can be trained to not only perch on your shoulders but also converse.

piss-sink / Reddit

So, you can picture how tedious it has been to spend your free time on a pirate ship; what were you supposed to do? The bright and chatty parrots were seen as a source of amusement and enjoyment. No wonder humans quickly bonded with these feathered creatures.

Long live! Hail!

We really tend to overlook what our mothers and wives go through when they have chosen to become housewives. Most of the time, they do a thankless job, supplying their household and ensuring that everyone is well-fed and safe.


Sometimes, they manage to juggle a budding career in between and make sure everything runs smoothly. So, calling them ninjas would not only be suitable, it’s warranted because they are. These ladies should be appreciated and supported every day. That’s the least we can do.


The eyes have been blacked out to ensure privacy, but from what’s visible on his mustache…could it be? It kind of looks like Jeff Bridges when he was working on the movie True Grit. That was some fantastic facial hair.

Kostrom / Reddit

Now, continuing from the previous post, like our strong mothers and wives, our fathers and husbands also should be appreciated. Especially this guy right here. A daughter that is a special needs teacher? What an addition to an already noble profession. Carpe diem!

What are you attempting to state?

What. is. with. the. excessive. use. of. full. stops.? Using correct punctuation is an excellent habit to keep. But that seems like it is not the point here. If you pay close attention, you can see that the initials spell out something…

Lilslyslapper / Reddit

Yeah, the initials spell out ASS1. Like it is some codename. Unless the wearer of this t-shirt is of Assyrian descent and belongs to a secret unit or something, we see no sense in it. But 1999 was a good year when it came to movies, though.

Drummer boy goes marching on…

Passion is a great asset for a drummer. You’ll have to put in a lot of practice time to improve your skills, and while it may be difficult at times, your love will carry you forward. Drummers are better at controlling their motor functions and have more agility.

BuridansAscot / Reddit

According to research, they are good at things that need steady hands and can react rapidly. So yeah, in a way, a t-shirt like this is highly warranted. Because as we explained above, it takes real skill to become a drummer and a band member.


Cool Math Games is an interactive online site where children and adolescents can play HTML as well as Flash internet browser games. Cool Math Games was founded in 1997 by Coolmath LLC, with the tagline “Where logic and thinking meet fun and games.”

maiaiam / Reddit

According to the administrators, the site has a policy of only hosting non-violent and instructive games. So, it’s adorable that this sibling knows what their sister likes. Now pranks like this, we endorse wholeheartedly. Also, we hope that the sister actually wore this.

We stand on this hill

Sometimes, it only takes a small additional push in the right direction to get things going. It often starts with women who can empower their children to do anything or any career they want. In this very specific case, welding.

fear445 / Reddit

We wonder just how many welder moms are interested in this particular shirt. It is a relatively niche market, we assume. Nonetheless, we are happy for this welder and his mom and their lovely supportive relationship.

Oh that’s why

When we casually say, “wear your heart on your sleeve,” it means that we are expressing our private feelings honestly and transparently. But why do we “wear” our feelings? And why is there a sleeve? Well, let’s have a look.

Amybo82 / Reddit

Well, the phrase has its origins in medieval jousting. Knights would wear a piece of clothing given by their beloved on the sleeve, which protected the arm. It’s a show of affection that was quite public. One can argue it stemmed from that.

Real recognize real

We would never, ever underestimate a person who listens to Pink Floyd. Actually, we would celebrate such a person for his excellent taste in music and invite him for a round of drinks. And maybe sing some tunes from THE album.

ben_macca1999 / Reddit

You all must know what we are referring to! We are talking about The Dark Side of the Moon, of course. A legendary album in the likes of Thriller by Michael Jackson. An album that withstands the sands of time. Plus that cover art!


Sailing is an expensive hobby. But if you have the time, money, and the passion to spare without any hassle, then, by all means, it will be a wonderful way to spend your leisure time. Plus, it’s a great way to bond.

d_trump29 / Reddit

A great example of that bonding is seen above, thanks to these t-shirts. Look how cute this father-daughter duo looks together with their cute sailing t-shirts. Plus, the t-shirt the daughter is wearing is actually quite badass if you look at it.

Rock on!

Out of all the t-shirts we have seen in this thread, this is one of the best ones. It is the best because we can rally behind this without any qualm. You can never have too many guitars! Plus, look at that Fender Jaguar!

OK_Compooper / Reddit

The Fender Jaguar originally debuted in 1962 as the company’s top-of-the-line model. It’s simply a revamped Jazzmaster that pays homage to its legendary predecessor. Both devices use a dual-circuit control scheme and an ergonomic “offset waist” body form. What a beauty!

How noble!

So, what’s the story behind this particular t-shirt here? Apparently, it is very heartwarming. This guy just decided to donate his kidney blindly. It means that he didn’t know who would get the kidney; all he knew was that there was a need.

greenirishsaint / Reddit

And this little guy happened to be the one in need. His parents must be proud of him because he decided to track down his donor and present him with this t-shirt. Now, how thoughtful is that gesture? Faith in humanity restored, for now.

Oy vey

This kind of reminds us of that obscure Sly Stallone movie, Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot. Joe’s mother pays him a call after ending his affair with his fiancée. She begins to meddle in everything he does, eventually becoming entangled.

TipperTheMorningToYa / Reddit

Not in a net but in one of his major projects. So why would we dig this up to talk about this t-shirt? There are other ways of showing your love to your child. Sometimes, parents can go a little too far and too extreme.

Be careful of what you put out

Why are there so many fonts on this one t-shirt? It’s so confusing, and we have to warn you folks that this can cause a headache to beware! So, this Landon in question is in his mid-twenties, married to Macey, and with a kid. Congrats?


He probably named her after the princess Zelda (Robin Williams did the same thing with his kid). This t-shirt entails a lot of private information you should not put out in public. This is a straightforward target for social engineering.

Valhalla rising

From what stems this passion for the Viking age? We know it is reinforced these days from the masterpiece of a movie that is The Northman. For one aspect, the Vikings may still teach us the value of facing challenges head-on, risking doing what we want.

Shock_Hazzard / Reddit

Most importantly, not attempting to live forever. Their nihilistic outlook on life was not weakened, and even if death would be beyond their control, the way they confronted it was not. Ergo, this shirt offers a more profound message than it is perceived?

What are the odds indeed?

Now, who sang this in the tune of Don’t Stop Believing. We refer to the Glee cover even though we wholeheartedly love the original 1981 version by Journey. Man, the 80s was a trip. It really was. The decade had some bangers!

chezzietaylor / Reddit

We hope the lady took the midnight train going anywhere to get to Kentucky from Tennessee. Maybe that’s where she met her husband, OP’s father. What are the odds of him being from South Detroit? Life’s a trip! Que, no?

The point?

Personality refers to a person’s distinctive cognitions, emotions, and actions. Your personality is said to emerge from inside a person and remain pretty consistent throughout life. We can see instances in how we describe other people’s characteristics. “She is kind, loving, and a purist,” for example.

SkulpH / Reddit

“They are fiercely protective of their relationships.” Which is what this t-shirt is also trying to state in its own crude way? We don’t know, actually. Frankly, it is a bit of a trippy mess that conceals the overall message.

But why?

The majority of blue cheeses are created with cow’s milk; however, Roquefort is made with ewe’s milk. Penicillium roqueforti spores are put either into the milk or the curd. During 3 to 6 months of maturation, the mold grows in tiny uneven natural openings.

such_dependent / Reddit

That’s what makes blue cheese… Now, what on God’s green earth would prompt a person to ask these three questions in a conversation? We would really like to eavesdrop on that conversation actually. This looks like another thrift shop find.

Math rocks!

And here we have it, yet another t-shirt. This time we have a 22-year-old who is addicted. There is no shame in loving the coolest math game online… It is better than where a drug or alcohol abuse t-shirt!

orthofort / Reddit

Age is really not a factor when it comes to liking math games! They really work on your decision making, on how you approach a problem in a real-life situation. Not to forget how to think logically and to think out of the box.

The last one, I promise!

Okay, we honestly don’t know what cussing has in relation to this guy being a cat person. We hope he would not cuss and shout at your furry little friends. Even when they try to eat plastic, knowing there’s a perfect tin of tuna available.

bsurfn2day / Reddit

All other times, you would be whispering sweet nothings to their cute ears, cuddling them like tiny pillows. It’s always best to have some companionship at your home. But also make sure to keep a clean house with all that fluff. Hard, but it is advised.

Getting along

Remember that scene with Steve Buscemi, where he goes, “How do you do, fellow kids?” He’s wearing an AC/DC t-shirt and carrying a skateboard over his shoulder while having his cap on backward. It’s used as a meme for adults, primarily.

hallowbeeb / Reddit

Adults often try to appropriate someone else that is younger while embracing all the current trends in a way that looks a bit ridiculous. There is no law stating that you have to act your age. Be free! Do what you want but be sensible as well.

90s vibe

Terri Minsky created Lizzie McGuire, an American comedy television show that debuted on Disney Channel on January 12, 2001. The cast includes Hilary Duff as Lizzie, a teenage girl who deals with personal and social concerns, and an animated counterpart of Lizzie, performed by Duff.

Cattreddit / Reddit

She delivers monologues to portray Lizzie’s innermost emotions and thoughts. That and dolphins were quite the things in the 90s. We are not referring to the Miami Dolphins, although they had a very noticeable season in the 90s, come to think of it.

FICO would be proud

A credit score is a numerical representation of a person’s solvency based on an examination of their credit history. It is a low-cost alternative to other types of underwriting for consumer loans. Credit scores are used by financial institutions such as banks.

IronicMerman / Reddit

Also, credit card firms assess the risk of loaning money to clients. So, in a way, it is a thing to be boasting about. In these uncertain days, being viable financially is something you can put on a t-shirt. How about that?

What’s all this about?

The taming of wild animals marks a significant turning point in human history. Up to 40 animal species have indeed been tamed during human history, with the majority of them continuing to contribute to agriculture production as livestock today.

mod_mad / Reddit

The chicken is among the most widely domesticated animals; it’s cultivated both for its eggs and meat, and is said to have originated as a red junglefowl hybrid. No wonder this guy is going crazy over the chickens. If this was about cats, we could relate.


Living with one kidney is doable, but some lifestyle modifications are required. It is also possible to live without kidneys, but you would need dialysis and extensive therapy for the long haul. That is why this is akin to a sacrifice.

BeanMachine0 / Reddit

You just heed the call of help from a stranger you have never met. All based on the fact that it relies on a shred of humanity to help someone really in need. This is why we think that this is just awesome.

Rock on!

Matt Sanders, James Sullivan, and Matt Wendt founded Avenged Sevenfold in March 1999 in Huntington Beach, California. Even though they are not a band affiliated with any religion, Sanders wanted to be called an allusion to Cain and Abel’s biblical account.


Which is mentioned in Genesis 4:24. That’s the most metal thing we can even imagine a band of this caliber ends up doing. Also, kudos to this woman for having a really good taste when it comes to music, in general.