40 Multi-Talented Women Who Are More Impressive Than The Cars They Fix

By Aakash M

We love watching those fantastic transformations on car TV shows. But, you know, seeing the beautiful women starring in these shows is amazing. It’s even better than watching a freshly restored motor hum along the road. These women are really talented. They could be classy car collectors, or they could be mechanics. Irrespective of what they do, they always distract us. It’s good that they have their social media handles since it enables us to take a look at their lives when they’re not on TV. Let us tell you that not only are these women really beautiful, but they’re also experts in the automotive and other technical industries. Well, if you don’t believe us, consider having a look at these images.

Cheyenne Ruther

This lady was only 25 when she first appeared on Vegas Rat Rods. Cheyenne was also a Fort Saskatchewan SK Body Shop apprentice as a teen. Maybe that’s where she got her experience from. These days, she’s too busy as a co-host for a show called Backyard Ballistics.

Image source: Rat.bratz/Instagram

Other than taking a keen interest in automobiles, Cheyenne is also an actress and model. She started professional modeling at the age of 15, and she says that all those years of dedication have made her thrive in the industry.

Cristy Lee

From the looks of it, it feels as if Cristy Lee has everything that she needs to become a model, but many of us know her because of her appearance on the show All Girls Garage. She’s a huge automobile enthusiast who has hosted many car auctions.

Image source: Cristylee09/Instagram

What’s interesting is that Cristy doesn’t talk too much about her personal life. In fact, she doesn’t walk at all about her personal life. We don’t even know anything about her relationship status! She’s that private about it. Well, it’s a good decision.

Lisa Bett

This woman is multi-talented. She sure is an automobile enthusiast. Again, if you have a look at her Instagram, you’ll get to know a lot about Lisa’s love for cars. But, she has more skills as well. Also, she’s really beautiful!

Image source: Carsbyelsa/Instagram

She is a music artist who also has her YouTube music videos. Next, as mentioned, she has an Instagram page about cars. It’s not over yet. Lisa has also had a career as a fashion model. Could it get any better? We’re impressed.

Christie Brimberry

Many of you might recognize Christie Brimberry from Fast N’ Loud, as she starred in so many episodes of the show. Back then, she had short hair and a pretty enthusiastic persona. Christie has some profound knowledge about restoring cars.

Image source: GasMonkeyGarage/Twitter

Earlier in her career, she had a really bad time when she had cancer. It’s good that she won the war against cancer at age 44. After that, she didn’t look back, and she has always looked amazing. What an inspiring story!

Lorraine McKiniry

Although it’s a backstage photo, Lorraine McKiniry looks equally stunning. She’s a TV personality and also a journalist. Brands like Jaguar and Ferrari have also used her as a spokesperson. That, you guys, is another really inspiring story. Have a look.

Image source: franklinteng/Flickr

Also, thanks to her beautiful looks and talent, she got opportunities to leave the automotive industry as well. She has modeled and spoken for many luxury brands. She has done that for many huge brands in the jewelry and luxury niche.

Helen Stanley

For the people who have seen Goblin Works Garage, you must know Helen Stanley, as she was the designer who helped her clients make their custom classic car dreams come true. But, for Helen, it’s more about an art piece than a car.

Image source: joe_hayhow_photography/Instagram

It’s okay if you guys didn’t guess that Helen started working in a different industry and switched and applied her creativity in the world of automotive. As of now, she’s a ‘Petrolhead forever’ — somebody who has dedicated their life to motor design.

Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes is the star of Netflix’s Car Masters: Rust to Riches. Take a look at this image. Isn’t she one of the most glamorous ladies in the automobile industry? Not only is she the co-host of the show, but she’s also a mechanic who flips and refurbishes old motors.

Image source: Constance_nunes/Instagram

Her Instagram bio reads, “Just a glam girl wrenching in a boy’s world.” Well, to that, we’ll say, “Well said!” It’s no big surprise that this Portuguese mechanic and co-host also works as a part-time model. We are really impressed.

Arianny Celeste

Most of you might recognize Arianny Celeste as one of the co-hosts from Overhaulin’. That’s true, but she has also been a model. She has interviewed and judged many competitions in the past as well. Arianny has also been a UFC ring girl!

Image source: shellyperryphotography/Instagram

Well, Arianny was famous for her looks long before she appeared on Overhaulin’, and she has also been on the judging panel for many Hooters competitions. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get better, she has also been on the famous Joe Rogan Podcast!

Maiken Hagen Vagmo

This young lady is just 21 and is already doing wonders! If you check out her Instagram, we’re sure that you’ll end up becoming a fan of her car. Could you take a guess? You’re almost there. It is…drum roll, please…a black BMW!

Image source: Maikenvagmo/Instagram

She’s from Oslo, and guess which model she drives. Okay, that’s a lot of guessing. We’ll make it easy for you; she’s driving a BMW F22. Maiken has an Instagram family of almost 5,400 followers, and she’s truly very gorgeous!

Emelia Hartford

This woman knows to leverage the power of social media to move ahead and create a loyal fan base. Every week, Emelia puts up a YouTube video of her transforming a done-for-good vehicle into a functioning one! Isn’t that amazing?!

Image source: Ms.emalia/Instagram

Most of you must also recognize her from the Netflix series Fastest Car. If not that, you might have at least come across her YouTube channel that’s focused on supercars. The name of the channel is DailyDrivenExotics. Isn’t she beautiful?

Patrice Banks

Unlike many people you’ll be seeing on this list, Patrice started her career in the corporate world. She had a six-figure salary, and she was an engineer. But, she traded that level of comfort to work for free at a tiny repair shop.

Image source: patricebanks.com

She has come a long way from working for free. Later, Patrice opened up the Girls Auto Clinic in Pennsylvania, and the rest is history. With all of that, Patrice also teaches other women about motor maintenance. What an inspiring lady!

Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra has made quite a name for herself as a glamor model. She achieved some great exposure when she volunteered for a lingerie photoshoot for FHM in 2002. She didn’t stop there since she made waves in the car community as well!

Image source: Vidaguerra/Instagram

She had a show called Livin’ The Low Life in 2008. Although she’s not a huge expert on cars, she can prove to you that one doesn’t need to be an expert on automobiles to have a profound love for automobiles.

Courtney Hansen

When we’re talking about car enthusiasts, this lady is one of the most famous personalities. She gets her mechanical knowledge from Jerry Hansen, her dad, who was a 27-time SCCA national racing champion. But we’re not talking about him. This is all about the talented ladies!

Image source: Courtney_hansen/Instagram

She really knows her way around engines. Also, she is a welding fabricator who specializes in cutting, joining, and shaping the parts of a car. If that’s not enough, she also has had a career as a fashion and fitness model.

Faye Hadley

Faye Hadley is one of the co-hosts of All Girls Garage. Let us tell you one thing; she’s a force to be reckoned with. She also owns a repair shop called Pistons and Pixie Dust. It doesn’t end there. Faye is also a Harvard University graduate.

Image source: Pistonsandpixiedust/Instagram

She earned her psychology degree after being accepted into the college through a scholarship program. Still, Faye decided to leave her academic life in order to pursue what she loves, which was repairing and teaching others about motors. Just amazing!

Allysa Rose

This pretty lady is a co-host on Graveyard Carz. You can guess from the name that it is a reality show focusing on restoring cars. To be precise, it tries to do that for the muscle cars of the ’60s and ’70s. 

Image source: Llyslylys/Instagram

Most of the cars in the show look like they’re beyond repair, but that’s precisely when Allysa shows up and transforms the car. Although she is pretty talented when it comes to these things, she’s also a professional dancer! Multi-talented much?

Adrienne Janic

Although Adrienne Janic is an actress, she appeared on the show Overhaulin’ for a few episodes in 2005 and 2006. Ever since her appearance, people have been petitioning to bring her back. She listened to her fans, and now she’s one of the co-hosts.

Image source: Adriennejanic/Instagram

She also hosted Hot Import Nights in 2008, which was on the Speed Channel. Honestly, she has had a lot more success as a car TV show host than as compared to being an actress, but she has had success in the acting industry as well.

Rachel De Barros

Rachel is a fan favorite of those who watch All Girls Garage. Also, that’s pretty much obvious since she’s funny and intelligent. She has earned the nickname of Gearhead Diva, because she’s been passionate about cars for her whole life.

Image source: Rachel_debarros/Instagram

She’s really beautiful, as you can see, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her passion for cars started when she was a little girl. She started picking about her household items to see how they worked. That’s that, and here she is now.

Jessi Combs

Jessi Combs is a metal fabricator who first appeared on Xtreme 4*4 on Spike TV. Can you guess when that was? Well, it was in 2005. She hosted the show for four years before appearing on Overhaulin’. In 2011, she returned to All Girl Garage.

Image source: thejessicombs/Instagram

Jessi wants to be seen as talented as any other person in the biz. She said that her foot is as heavy as that of a man, if not heavier. If you have seen her on TV, you’ll know that she isn’t lying.

Heather Storm

Heather Storm entered the automobile industry through her love for traveling around. In addition, she used to appear in commercials before she started writing for and producing her own travel show, Drive Yourself Local. That is indeed a very inspiring journey.

Image source: Heatherstormla/Instagram

Heather certainly looks like a social media influencer, but she’s really serious and passionate about cars. If you check out her Instagram, you’ll know how serious she is. She prefers classic cars, although she’s generally crazy about all of them.

Vicki Butler-Henderson

Vicki Butler-Henderson is another beautiful British lady who has been on the racing tracks since the tender age of twelve. Later, she was also a part of the hit car show Top Gear. This was in the late ’90s. After that, she switched to Fifth Fear.

Image source: Vickibutlerhenderson/Instagram

Irrespective of how good she looked, she always steers clear from all modeling gigs or any other TV content that’s unrelated — just cars. In an interview, she thanked her father for opening the door to the motorsport industry for her when she was young.


Aimee here is quite capable of being a social media influencer, although she is a motorhead! If you check her Instagram bio, you’ll find that she has been sponsored by many top automotive brands! Aimee is also a dog lover.

Image source: tmc_637/Instagram

That car, though, is just beautiful. Even those who don’t know much about cars can look at this image and say that it is a blue Dodge Charger GT. Aimee has a really huge Instagram family of almost 42,000, and she has a YouTube channel as well!

Magdalena Drapella

Not only is this lady an automotive enthusiast, but she has had quite a career as a fashion model as well. Magdalena was a finalist in last year’s Miss Polonia Beauty Pageant! It’s the competition where the official ambassador of Poland is selected for the Miss World!

Image source: Drapella_m/Instagram

As you can see, she’s really fond of Mercedes Benz cars, and she drives the classic C124! There is no doubt that Magdalena is drop-dead gorgeous, and so are the cars as well. She has around 3,000 followers on Instagram.

Danica Belle

Danica Belle is an Instagram model who is really fond of cars. She has had quite a modeling career as well. Apart from that, she’s a big-time foodie, too! Danica Belle has a huge Instagram family. She has over 250,000 followers!

Image source: Xdanicabelle/Instagram

She started off in 2016, and Instagram is where she gained her fame. Her first post was that of her dog. It was an Instagram video. She is also on Facebook and Twitter, and guess what, she has a huge TikTok family as well!

That Import Girl!

Well, that’s obviously not her real name, but if you search that phrase online, you’ll get an ocean of results about her! This lady has almost 9,000 followers on Instagram, and she has approximately 75,700 followers on TikTok as well!

Image source: Thatimporgirl/Instagram

If you search a bit more, you will also find her YouTube channel with the same name. You can buy her merchandise as well; her website has some pretty unique hoodies. As for her favorites, the car that she drives is an R33.4 Skyline GTS25T.

Diana Amore

Diana, as you can see, is an Instagram model and automotive enthusiast based in Memphis, Tennessee. She drives an FBO Nissan GTR, and we must say that her photos with cars are just on a whole other level! We’re really impressed.

Image source: Dia.amore/Instagram

While we are writing at this moment, she has precisely 8,995 followers. So, by the time you are reading this, she might have most probably crossed 9,000 followers on Instagram! For that, we congratulate Diana Amore in advance. That’s a big accomplishment!

Mischa Bronkhorst

Could you believe the fact that this beautiful lady is only 20 years old! And guess what — she’s already famous on Instagram and really famous on TikTok! Mischa drives a red Abarth Turismo, as you can see in this image!

Image source: Red_barth/Instagram

Let us tell you that the Abarth Turismo is a fantastic car. It has a powerful engine, incredible mileage, a lot of power and torque, ideal weight and trunk space, and honestly, the list just does not end. It goes on and on.

Kasia Halela Vuorinen

She is a supercar influencer and reviewer based in Dubai. Kasia also has her own Instagram page where she reviews supercars, and that page has 2.4 million followers! As you can see from this image, Kasia’s a really gorgeous lady, too.

Image source: Queenofsupercars/Instagram

Kasia is also the creative director, managing director, and scriptwriter of Easy Go Productions. It’s a full-service agency specializing in photography, web design, and other social media services. Wow! We must say that Kasia is indeed a woman of multiple talents!

Mia Eliel Tatsi

Mia is an automotive enthusiast and a social media agency owner, and with all that said, we must say that she is a successful businesswoman. Her Instagram page has photos of cars and has around 12.8k followers, and it’s quickly growing!

Image source: Miaelieltatsi/Instagram

She has a social media agency that goes by the name of Miaelielvisuals! Mia is the Creative Director of the agency, and she’s also a social media marketing specialist. Her agency has a vast client base in Estonia and is popular in other countries as well!

Nina Weizenecker

Famously known by her Instagram handle name “NinaCarMarie,” Nina Weizenecker is an automotive blogger from Germany. In an interview, Nina said that her dad introduced her to automobiles, and that’s when she became passionate about them. What a sweet backstory!

Image source: enes_kucevic_photography/Instagram

She writes for her website and also for a German magazine named Der Autotester. She has been an essential part of the magazine since 2018. If you’d check her Instagram, you’ll see how much she loves cars! Isn’t she amazing!

Becky Evans

Becky Evans is a British lady who was earlier a content creator on YouTube. Her name over there was The Drift Queen, and her content was about motorsports. You’ll mostly find Becky testing Audi, McLaren, and Jaguar cars on her channel.

Image source: Queenb/Instagram

Since her channel has grown so much and is basically a hit in the car-loving space, it gave her the opportunity to take sponsorships, close brand deals, and basically turn her from a content creator to an influencer. Also, she has an insanely huge car collection.

Jane Le

Jane Le, famously known as Liquidpyro, is an Internet sensation. According to her Instagram bio, she loves driving and eating. Her Instagram is full of her glamorous photos with supercars! She is famous on many places other than just Instagram.

Image source: Jdmjane/Instagram

She has quite a presence on platforms like Reddit, Twitch, and Twitter. Jane has kept her relationship status away from the media. Also, guess what. Jane is a gamer who often conducts live streams! All of these women are multi-talented!

Jovana Baco

Jovana Baco posted this image on her Instagram. Also, her caption was really funny, although it was in Italian, so many of you might not understand. It was, “Quando metti il diesel al posto della benzina e aspetti aiuto.” We’ll translate that for you.

Image source: Jovanabaco/Instagram

Well, it’s a funny caption that refers to how she’s waiting when she accidentally put diesel in her petrol car. Oops, that’s a mistake you wouldn’t wanna make. Not only is she an automotive enthusiast, but she’s also an interior designer and content creator.


Well, we aren’t sure about her real name, but we know for sure that it’s her Instagram name, she’s an automobile enthusiast, and as far as we can infer from that name, she loves Subarus! Well, she picked a good nickname, then.

Image source: spookywrx_/Instagram

She’s really gorgeous. This photo of the model is just one of the many images you’d find on her Instagram, that’s full of images that show how fond she is of cars! She’s also a dog mom, and if you check her highlights, you’ll see the cute doggo as well!


We saw so many beautiful women who were motor enthusiasts. But, we must say that out of all of those, Dezzy has one of the best Instagram feeds. The images and the cars are just dreamy! You should definitely give her Instagram page a visit.

Image source: Dezzymeriei/Instagram

She has an Instagram family of 43,000, and she’s obviously an avid motorhead. The car that you’ll be seeing in most of her Instagram images is a 2022 Toyota GR86 sports car. It’s a beauty and a beast indeed. So cool!

Nadja Nicola

Nadja is a saleswoman and a motorhead. We had a good look at her social media handles, and we could see that she’s a huge fan of BMWs. To be more precise, she herself has a BMW 2 Series car! 

Image source: Nadja_nicola/Instagram

Now that you had a look at this image, you know better. Apart from being an automotive enthusiast and a saleswoman, her Instagram bio reads that she’s always hungry (highly relatable), and she loves tattoos as well. With so many interests, it’s no wonder she’s popular.

Ashley Villaruel

Ashley Villaruel is a motorhead who also has an Instagram page that goes by the name of “gear_ghouly.” She’s from Southern California, and she’s very multi-talented! Ashley is the owner of a wax candle brand! That Mercedes, by the way, is just beautiful.

Image source: capturedbypablo/Instagram

Also, if you check Ashley’s Instagram, you’ll see a really pretty Pink Mercedes, maybe that’s the same one in the picture, but it’s just gorgeous! We really praise the photography skills as well. Her Pink Mercedes has been featured in many places!

Anna Gážiová

Anna is a 24-year-old Slovakian automotive enthusiast who’s also a student of the FMUK in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is also a dog mom, and she has a BMW. Also, by the looks of it, not only is she into cars, but drifting as well!

Image source: ___ancaaa___/Instagram

Well, we don’t think there’s anything better than watching a black BMW drift in perfection. You’ll see a whole set of those videos if you head over to her Instagram and check out her highlights. We just couldn’t stop watching all those drifts!


Tori, like Anna, is also a 24-year-old motorhead. Also, she’s the owner of a half-wrapped Mk2 Audi TT! Isn’t that beautiful now! Wait till you see an image of her. You should seriously check out her Instagram for some crazy car images!

Image source: V21tt_tori/Instagram

Pole dancing is one of Tori’s talents as well. She has a 3,000 follower-Instagram family, and also, wait for it… She represents many brands! From apparel brands to brands that take up custom vinyl orders, she is a really busy woman!

Kelsey Paige

Kelsey Paige is an automotive enthusiast and a digital creator who has a YouTube channel with over 2,000 subscribers. The name of her YouTube channel is Drive MX-5. She posts everything about automobiles on that channel, with a lot of content about Miatas!

Image source: Darkcherrymiata/Instagram

Her Instagram feed is excellent, and she aims to provide helpful modification, repair advice, and how-to’s as well. She drives a 2018 Manual MX-5 Club, which, to be precise, is her third one! The cars on her Instagram are jaw-dropping!


Sabrina is another Instagram model and a car-crazy person. If you check her social media out, not only will her looks distract you, but the cars will as well! Well, let us also tell you that it doesn’t end here.

Image source: currentlydawson/Instagram

She is a business owner as well since she has her own website where you can buy her products, posters, and merchandise! That’s really very inspiring, we must say. She is also sponsored by many brands! This is just amazing.