Can The Failed Subaru Baja Turbo Be A Collectible Classic Car?

By Toby T

The Baja Turbo failed woefully at its launch, and many may be quick to think that it will forever fade into obscurity. However, the signs indicate that the Baja Turbo may have a second chance at glory as a classic car collectible. It is impossible to predict with 100% certainty what car will become a collectible; however, certain factors are usually in place for a vehicle to become a collectible. The Baja Turba possesses these factors.

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Here are the factors that convert a car into a collectible and how the Baja Turbo possesses them.

  1. Rarity

A collectible is usually due to its rarity. Fortunately, because of the massive failure of the car’s launch, the Baja Turbo is pretty rare. Subaru predicted that 24,000 Bajas could be sold each year during its launch. However, Subaru didn’t reach that number until nearly four years later. There was no love for the Baja. Subaru sold only 30,000 Bajas during the car’s brief run. 

  1. Potential to be cool
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A collectible must be perceived as cool. The Baja Turbo may be considered ugly now; however, the design could be perceived as “cool” in a couple of years. Its small truck design helps its chances to break into the “cool kids” group. 

  1. Performance Potential

Even though the base Baja model is not a high-performance king, the five-speed turbocharged Baja models are good enough to help break into the collectibles market.