Best German Machines That Are Vastly Underrated

By Anthony K

It’s no secret that when it comes to the automobile world, Germans have heard more than just a success story, but they have produced the most popular, luxurious, and classy brands time and time again, Frome Audi to Mercedes. We mean, If the German automakers are not among the G.O.A.T., that would be confusing.

If we look at some of the German beast machines, you would realize that some may have been underrated, having had so much performance. Let’s look at some of these machines!


Image courtesy of MeskPhotography/Shutterstock

The V.W. A.L.H. is one of the most classic machines ever made. With the machine having the power to produce up to 800 horsepower. The cast iron exhaust manifold and block are most likely responsible for the engine’s success. They became famous not only because of their dependability but also because of the fuel economy they could attain.


Image courtesy of OlegRi/Shutterstock

When you hear BMW, you associate it with classy and luxurious. To be honest, we think this is one of the most amazing machines the german automakers have ever made. The large V8 (from 3.5 to 4.8 liters) was the pinnacle of BMW’s performance from 1995 to 2005. This engine had a D.O.H.C. system, an aluminum block, and a Bosch Motronic E.C.U. that made tuning a breeze. The lack of sophisticated fuel pump components and timing chains is most likely to blame for these engines’ reliability. However, this is nonetheless one of the most underrated German machines.


When you about legends, think of the VW EA888. This beast machine even won an award for reliability. How mindblowing is that? When it comes to performance, the EA888 is seen to be an intelligent machine of its time. The V.W. group has hence used it for over 20 years now and is making iterations on it to improve it and to make it better.