Barnacle Windshield Blocker: A Convenient Device For Parking Enforcement Officers?

By Stephen M

It is not unusual to see your vehicle wheel clamped for wrong parking or no payment of traffic offense bills. The locking clamp device prevents the vehicle from moving and causes damage to the tires when the driver tries escaping. The traditional wheel clamps are usually big and require much effort from operators.

Photo credit: @aples / Unsplash

But this looks like it’s changing soon with the introduction of the “Barnacle Parking Enforcement.” According to the manufacturer, the new device will reduce the cost and effort of clamping vehicles. It prevents parking violators from escaping charges owed to the meter maid, among others.

This flat immobilization machine uses strong suction cups that stick to the windshield and block the driving view of any offender who tries to escape. What if the offender takes his head out the driver’s side window for a clear view and flees? Well, the Barnacle windshield blocker makes it somehow difficult for recalcitrant drivers to use that option.


The Barnacle parking enforcement has an alarm system that sounds when an arrested car tries to flee the parking spot. Another advantage is its lightness and foldability, which makes it easier for officers to carry and move them around. That aside, it sticks easily to the windshield, with reduces operational stress. The device also has a credit card swipe feature and a keypad option to allow offenders to pay for their tickets on the spot.

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After payment, the device automatically releases even without the presence of the parking enforcer. However, you will have to return the device to a designated point. According to the manufacturer, Barnacle Parking Enforcement, this device has several advantages over traditional locking clamps.