All You Should Know About BMW’s Color-Changing Technology

By Anthony K

Color matching and coordinating may make you want to buy several vehicles of different colors. BMW seeks to make your life easier by developing a color-changing car to match the environment and your attire with the simple push of a button.

Source: BMW Blog

The car’s color-changing technology combines an advanced e-reader screen version (Nook or Kindle) and wrap-like vinyl advertising graphics. The super thin wrap adheres perfectly to the fully electric SUV’s dimensions and is cut with lasers to fit the body panel.

BMW announced that the wrap contains millions of microcapsules having a diameter resembling a single human hair’s thickness. Each tablet has black pigment and white pigment. Applying electricity switches the charge prompting the pigments to switch places and change the vehicle’s color.

BMW introduced the iX Flow’s first version in 2022 as the world’s pioneer color-changing vehicle, but it could only change in two colors. The manufacturer attended the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show with a new version of the technology, featuring 32 colors and 240 individual segments this time.

Creating color-changing skin is laser and labor-intensive. BMW claims the E Ink technology is energy efficient as it draws power during the color change process and doesn’t need the power to maintain the color change.

Source: @jon_koop/Unsplash

The manufacturer also claims that vehicles with this technology are more energy efficient. Changing your color to white or other light colors in the summer helps your car reflect sun rays and keep the car cooler or switch to dark colors to warm the cabin in the winter.

BMW says that the color-changing technology is an in-house project under testing and refinement. They focus on improving panel resistance to damages from road debris and car washes that could render it unusable. The main concern is price-related, but we sure hope they start selling these cars soon!