90 Year Old Receives Spanner As Retirement Gift For Working At Vauxhall For 75 Years

By Anthony K

Are you probably thinking of a Spanner? Like, what were they thinking! The spanner was a symbolism of the legendary history of 90-year old Bryan Webb. At an early age, back in 1956, Bryan started working as a mechanic at Vauxhall.

Image Courtesy of BBC

Some of you can barely keep a job for more than a year before you start complaining of exhaustion. Imagine this Incredible Old man who has worked for the same company for not 1 or 2 years but 75 years back to back without quitting. We need to take lessons from Bryan Webb. The resilience in this man is unheard of, to be honest.

During his retirement, a plaque was also unveiled in his honor. It is the least they could do anyway. The unmatched hard work and loyalty to the company dismayed many, and all they could wish him was a happy and long retirement.

Bryan’s loyalty went above and beyond as he also managed to own several Vauxhall cars stretching seven decades. In 1956 his first was the Vauxhall Velox and several others, which he immersed over the years.

Webb also worked with Baylis Gloucester for 34-years as a warranty administrator. During his retirement, Bryan said that the most significant change he saw during his career was the growth in technology. He hopes that Vauxhall will continue with the growing technology trend with all-electric cars and vans in the coming years.

Image Courtesy of Top Gear

In most cases, we fail to appreciate or even recognize other people’s journeys. But hey! Bryann Web is legendary in loyalty; he would never go unrecognized in the automobile world. After all, he still wears the watch he was given to recognize his 25 years of service in the company. He could have stopped there, but no way he did a whole seven and a half decades.