4 Things To Avoid When Taking Photos Of Your Car

By Anthony K

If you just got a new car or if you love your current car way too much to keep all that love to yourself, you probably want to share pictures of your car on socials.

Source: @davidpeinado/Pexels

However, you don’t want to take sloppy pictures and post them. They’re not going to do justice to your beautiful car, are they? Photographing people and cars may require special techniques to get the best images.

You may avoid the common photography mistakes highlighted below to make your car photos more attractive and professional.

Avoid Busy Backgrounds

Busy backgrounds will likely reduce your car’s beauty by shifting the audience’s focus. Use a longer focal length beyond 120 mm and a wider f-stop to reduce the field’s depth.

Ensure the car is sharp from rear to front and shoot wide enough to minimize the background’s sharpness.

Avoid Parking Lot Lines

Avoid taking car photos in a parking lot with white lines as they may distract and reduce the car’s natural beauty, especially for classic cars.

The stripes are likely to consume more of your time as you do post-shooting retouching. You could make exceptions if there are striking graphics like colorful grids and big arrows.

Avoid Powerlines And Poles

Poles, light towers, and trees growing out of your car can make the images less pleasant. You should also avoid powerlines emerging above your vehicle.

Change your lens’ focal length, change your angle, and consider the environment to reduce distractions in the background to reduce distractions.

Avoid The Treads

Refrain from taking photos of your car with treads facing the camera unless comparing tire treads for your vehicles. Treads are dirty, dull, and full of road grime.

Source: @timmeyer/Unsplash

Keep your tires straight or slightly turned away from the camera to get a clear glimpse of alloy rims for a classy look.

You may use a polarizing filter, strobes in daylight, shoot past sunset, and combine shots for perfect car photos. The above guidelines are also applicable to other images.